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10 Best Discord Emote Servers

    We are Starting with the definition of Discord. So, discord is basically a proprietary freeware Voice over Internet Protocol application and digital distribution platform which is designed for video gaming communities, that specializes in the text, image, video and audio communication between various users in a chat channel. Discord runs almost on every type of devices like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers. As of May 2018, there is a total of 130 million authentic and verified users of the software. Now coming to the second term which is emote. So emote stands for emoticons also called as emojis. So one would surely love using those popular emote while chatting in between video games.


    The features of Discord

    Discord is an application meant for gamers to chat. Discord Application will let you stay connected to every Discord voice and text chat channels even while AFK. It is absolutely perfect for chatting with the teammates, watching who is playing the games online, and catching up on the amazing text conversations you may have missed due to the hectic schedule.

    Some of the salient features are mentioned below:

    1. Voice Chat – You can conveniently join voice channels and chat with your group of people.
    2. Real-time messaging – You can share everything in the chat box.
    3. Push Notifications – This feature won’t allow you to miss any message by chance.
    4. Multiple Server Support – Handle your game chat groups under one chat roof.

    Discord runs on almost every type of operating system starring from Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and Web Browsers.

    Now let us begin with the best Discord Emote Servers:

    1. The Grim Reaper

    The Grim Reaper emote server

    The first and the foremost emote server in our list is The Grim Reaper. The server has the presence of over 50K members. Not only this, but it has total 100 emotes. The features like generic chatting, social channels, text/bot games, events, and many more features are available. There is a different and interesting feature called as Deathpay. What does it mean? It simply means that players will be paid when they kill a user. You can send any messages as that player when they are killed or have killed themselves. The popular games like Idlerpg, Duckhunt and many more are available within the name The Grim Reaper. It is considered one of the best Discord Emote Server. And lastly, you can easily make certain changes like enabling Deathpay, or changing the payment amount.

    2. Blob Emoji

    blob emoji server emote

    The second chat server is Blob Emoji. You might have heard about this emotes as they were once upon a time famous on our loving application, Google. The Blob Emoji Chat server developers are a group of people with lots of enthusiasm who will help you find huge amounts of squishy blobs to use crosswise over Discord. The server will also provide you with 100% guarantee for the proper functioning. If you are planning to use these emojis in other servers, then you will need  Discord Nitro. There are various emotes whose main attention is only Blob type of emojis. So yes, if you were a lover of Blob Emoji found on google, you will surely love even this in the form of a chat server. Thus, Blob Emoji is the best discord emote list server.

    3. Lilium Ent

    Lilium Ent server emote

    Coming to the next chat server which is none other than Lilium Ent. Lilium Ent as the name suggests, the chat server is made by few lesbians. It consists of over 50K members. So, yes you guessed it correct, this server is made and dedicated for purely Girls’ Love with lesbian-themed animation, games, movies, comics and various types of entertainment. There are emotes available in the server related to the same theme. The users of this server surely fall in love with the server as all the members are related to them and there is thus, maintenance of proper love. The information regarding this server is less but yes it is one of the best.

    4. Utopia

    The next emote server in the list is Utopia. There are over 30K members in this discord emote server who happily play games and chat everything related to the games. The emote server provides the user with 65 amazing emotes. The presence of various best chats and fun games that allow you to interact with members makes it one of the popular Discord Emote Server. The one user who trolls now and then get either ignored completely or banned permanently. So yes, the emote server tries its best to maintain a productive environment. You can surely opt for this emote server as the emotes are fully interesting and best.

    5. Frog’s Winter Wonderland

    Frogs Winter Wonderland

    The fifth emote server is Frog’s Winter Wonderland which is now renamed as Frog’s Dreamworld. very fun and nice community with over 36 GLOBAL EMOTES, Giveaways, Popular events, Earnable roles, Best staff, and many more features are available. Wanna know the total members available? So, the total members in this discord emote server is 195,687. And there is total 103 emotes within this chat server. The emotes are absolutely interesting and shows the presence of frog’s face in place of that emoji face. You can join this emote server without any difficulties and have a good time while chatting using the interesting emojis. As there is the presence of global emotes, it is also the one which is included in discord global emote servers list.

    6. ChillZone

    ChillZone emote server on discord

    What does the name suggest you? Gamers while playing games feel a high level of energy within themselves. And when the energy comes to chatting, they feel little relaxed. So ChillZone has a presence of very friendly and enthusiastic members. The total members in this Discord Emote Server are over 50,000. And the number of total emoticons are 62. It is one of the interactive chat server. The information regarding this chat server was found less but yes due to amazing emotes, it made proper entry into the list of discord emote servers. The ChillZone has a presence of active members who love games like heaven and hell.

    7. Melancholy

    Melancholy emote server

    The seventh server in the list is Melancholy. The application is the best depression fighting and anxiety server on the application known as Discord. It is a very friendly community with supportive staff and also 100 sad egg yolk emotes are available. The number is huge, isn’t it? There are over 10,000 members in the server and over 100 interesting emoticons. The emote also have certain words written above their design so to show various feelings. You will surely fall in love with the chat server as the users are too friendly and supportive. They will surely help you fight your depression and enjoy better games. So, you can opt for this application without any concern.

    8. Lulurd’s Hideout

    Lulurds Hideout emote server

    The actual mission of this chat server is to make new companions and chill in your spare time. The chat server generally chills with new individuals so they can feel a piece of the network. The chat server is not limited to this feature. The worldwide acts out, fun exercises and all these things makes the chat server the best one. There are over 60K members in the chat server. And there are over 73 emotes also available. This server is considered as one of the best Discord Emote Server. And the features are too best with friendly users revolving around the chat server.

    9. Gates of Autism

    Gates of Autism emote

    Coming to the ninth application which is Gates of Autism. The gates of autism is a meme server with a lot of amazing and enthusiastic people.  The chat server also shows the presence of 5 global emotes you can use anywhere in the globe on Discord. There are over 50,000 people using this emote server. The number of emote is 108 and the emotes are too interesting to be used. So yes one can surely fall in love with the emote server without facing any error. The users are too interactive and will provide you with a friendly and attractive environment. The users are too fond of playing the games just like you without any complaints.

    10. LTT Official

    LTT Official discord emote server

    The last Discord Emote Server in the list which is LTT official. It is the official link for various channels known as LinusTechTips, TechQuickie, TechLinked etc. The number of users LTT Official will provide you with is 22,463 members and new ones are getting daily added up. This server will prove to be the best server in the upcoming days. The emotes are too less for now. But still, there is a hope for this Emote Server. The number of emoting is 26 for now. No worries, it will soon reach a high number in future and make it arise on number 1 chat server. So yes, if you want your emotes to be limited and members to be more, then you can surely opt for LTT Official.

    As we have seen now, various types of emote servers, it is the time where we should conclude our discussion. Everyone loves gaming. And every gamer even loves interacting with the teammates to create enthusiasm and proper enjoyment. Chatting is the basic thing any discord servers provide. And emotes in today’s world are considered as a thing to show various expressions in online chatting. So, thus, one likes to go for such chat servers which provides emotes.


    Wrapping it up!!!

    In this case, The Grim Reaper is the top choice for every gamer. The Blob Emoji and Utopia are also a sophisticated choice for this purpose. Now, you have to just install the application and start having a look at different emotes the chat server provides you with. The best emote server you find as per your choice, you can conveniently use them without any problem. So what are you waiting for? Start becoming a member of popular Discord Emote Servers.