Best Unblocked Music Sites (Unblocked Music at School)

Who doesn’t like Unblocked Music especially when you have a lot of free time at school and you nothing to do more than just sitting in a place. Listening to music and enjoy the moment is something which everyone, so you better invest your time and let your ears have that good music from the variety of singers and albums and mix tapes as well.

What is Unblocked Music?

The term Unblocked Music is pretty popular in schools or even in workplaces/offices where you have no freedom to access the internet to browse sites of your own choice. Majority of popular sites which related to Music, games, and movies are blocked by the Internet which you use on your School or offices.

If you have eager to listen to Music in school or any place where the sites you used to listen to music are blocked then instead of browsing or trying to access a particular website for music, you must go for the term “Unblocked Music”. This term can help you because there are various websites that you will get from the searches especially some google sites where you will get some dope music to listen to and lots of other sites as well.


Some Best Unblocked Music Sites

There are variety or lot of sites available which can provide you unblocked music but finding those sites which are really unblocked is kind of hard task. So, here we have listed some of the best unblocked music sites which you can listen to unblocked music at school or even in office.


1. PlaylistSound


At Playlistsound you access to all the popular albums so far, all popular genres and the list of top 50 songs as well. All the songs here are free to play.  Choose a genre which you like such as pop, rock, Jazz, hardcore, electronic and so on. The Top 50 list is really amazing and you will like them for sure. While listening to songs, you can also read lyrics with its lyrics option. You can shuffle songs, toggle queues or repeat your favorite song and play in a loop as long as you want.

Listen on PlaylistSound

2. Grooveshark


Grooveshark is known and popular for Free music streaming. It gives you access to its pretty huge database of songs which has thousands of songs from the variety of categories. You can choose from its genres such as Hip-hop, electronic, Dance, Jazz, Punk and so on. Even if you like 80s songs then you can have them here too. On its homepage it has a huge search bar which is ready to serve the songs of your choice, you just need to search any particular song name and you are good to go.

Listen on Grooveshark

3. Jango

jango radio

Jango is one of the best Internet radio where you can listen to songs for free. The Genre section is pretty awesome which contains categories for everyone. Along with trending songs and variety of song types such as pop, rock, and others, you also get access to 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and 2010’s songs as well. These old songs genres also contain Hits of that time and even Best list of songs at that time.  Jango also provides you this free service on its application for Android, iPhone, and iPad, so you no longer need to find unblocked music sites, all the best music you can enjoy on your mobile device.

Listen on Jango

4. PureVolume


PureVolume gives you access to its songs for free. It has a huge collection of albums and songs which are being popular. You can choose any song and play that right away. You can get all the latest and recent releases here. You can browse any specific artist for listening to his songs. Each song page is really descriptive so you if you choose to listen to a new singer so you will know what you are listening.

Listen on PureVolume

5. YouTube

youtube songs

YouTube is one of the biggest video search engine or the entire internet. It has trillions of videos and thousands of variety of videos. Songs are one of the trending things which attract users to browser youtube and let find the songs they want to listen. Unlike other unblocked music websites where you need to limited sometimes because of their average database of songs, but in this case, you have billions of song videos which you can enjoy and listen to anytime you want for free. There are plenty of Channels on YouTube which are specialized of releasing song videos and even all the popular artist/singers have their own music channels there.

Listen on YouTube

6. Slacker

slacker radio

Slacker is one of the top Internet Radio sites which can be used to listen to Unblocked music at school. It is a Free Internet Radio site, so you don’t have to pay anything in order to listen to some awesome music. Here you will get easy access to songs which are categorized in an easy manner. On a daily basis, it gives you the list of Today’s Hits, Hip-hop Hits, and all the other variety of songs on your service for free.

Listen on Slacker

7. has a some best music which you definitely will try. It gives you a platform to browse music as the way you want. It also provides you live music and even songs which people are listening to at that current time. Also, don’t forget to browse its Top Tracks and Top Artist list and pass the boring time.

Listen on


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