5 Best Wii U Emulators

This article is all about the Wii U emulator and if you are here to learn more about it and understand it, then you are definitely reading the right article. And if you are a person who has visited casually this article and has no clue about this article then also it is very useful for you guys. Wii U is a one in a kind of emulator which is actually not very popular and famous but still, it is the best-selling. The most shocking news that you hear is that it is one of the best-selling and that in the 21st Century itself.

Wii U is very useful and helpful to those who are aware of it and that it is the video game console. Among all, this is the best-selling, why? I get that you may have this question; this is only due to its stability and regularity which others could not even match or come up to its mark. It has sold almost 13.6 million approx. till date. It comes in the top 10 best selling game consoles. The list goes in the order PlayStation2, Nintendo DS, Game Boy, PlayStation, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Advance and last but not the least definitely PlayStation.

In between the year of 2016, the production of Nintendo went extremely down due to less supply and low production of Wii U and everyone lost hope as Nintendo saw a great downfall and today it is oversold. And that’s how they never gave up and found their place back in the market place. Though, there are not enough third-party people left to support and develop it as well. But the pace is still on and anything can happen at any time.


Need and Importance?

It can work according to the needs and requirements of you and your way how you want it to work and play games. The most important part of the Wii U emulator is that it is used for playing the games. So basically, it is a console which allows you as a user and an audience to play games with the help of Wii U.


1. Cemu

Cemu - Wii U emulator

This emulator can be counted under one of the best Will U emulators for PC. It allows you to run and play games very smoothly without any kind of complications and complexities. It has a lot of abilities to do that others can’t even match its qualities. It allows you to run high definitive games without any interruption and complications. It is very easy and simple to work. It is a very decent emulator without any confusion. It works at a very good and high speed if there is no performance issue with the system machine. It also supports high and good quality graphics. There are many Wii U games like the Rayman Legends, Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros and much more for you guys inside the box when you will start using that emulator.

Platform: Windows

2. Decaf

Decaf emulator for wii u

This emulator called as Decaf is the best Wii U emulator. It is one of the original emulator and the best for the PC supporting Windows. It allows you to run and play games very smoothly and easily without any complications. It has the ability to support so many games by this Decaf emulator. You can simply enjoy all your favorite Wii U games and play it anywhere and anytime. It works on Linux as well with Windows and that smoothly and in a very classic way. It is free of cost and you can use it efficiently. It runs at a very good speed and definitely, the speed depends upon the performance of your machine system. It is a very classy emulator which allows you to enjoys almost all types of games. Video games like Star Wars and the GoldenEye can be played very efficiently without any interruption.

Platform: Windows, Linux

3. Virtual Console

The Virtual Console is also called as VC at times and is very supportive kind of emulator. This Wii U emulator which is called as Virtual Console is very efficient to run and there are not many complications involved in this emulator. It called be said as a home gaming consoles with the portability. You as an audience will love and adore this emulator very much and be much happy with it. It can be counted down in the list of best Wii U emulator. It has a line up which actually consists of some of the titles involved and released originally. Not only titles but also handheld consoles released and worked with. It is a very good emulator with simple and easy kind of interface. It works for the PC which supporting the Windows operating system and works smoothly with it.

Platform: Windows

4. Yabause

This Wii U emulator called as Yabause is very much stable and tested as well. It has very fewer bugs which developers are after it and trying to remove it as soon as possible. It is on the verge of development still and trying hard to be on the top. This Wii U emulator is using the older code only and that due to this older code there are some features which are missing and are necessary too. Though this is not much recommended those can try this Yabause emulator who is interested to know if their game is supported. Even those can also try this emulator who just want to play and that without any fuss. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac operating system as well. It is a bit portable as well. It is basically a Sega Saturn emulator. It also supports ISO file too. If you want to try your hands out on some emulator then definitely this is that one Wii U emulator called as Yabause.

Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

5. Dolphin

dolphin emulator

Basically, Dolphin is sure to come under the list of best Wii U emulator. With trying to be at its best it is also open-source and supports many different and unique features. Features are just awesome and great as well. It is active enough and is still on the verge of development and improvements daily and regularly. Though, it is not perfect and has some issues which are being looked after by the developers. Developers have never actually lost their hopes in this case and also there is a progress report for tracking each and every detail. It provides in-depth and comprehensive details and information. Definitely, after its full progress, you will adore and love it like anything.

Platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac, Android



Coming to the conclusion, as we have listed the best Wii U emulators for you guys so that you can have a smooth and amazing playing games experience. Hope you read the description of each and then only refer to the Wii U emulator as per your needs and requirements. We really hope that you may have a great and awesome experience using these Wii U emulators of the Nintendo.

Hope that using these emulators may bring and introduce a new way to play your games as smoothly and comfortably you can without can kind of complications, interruptions, and complexities.

You can download them from the links provided. So what is keeping you waiting and thinking? Go and start downloading and have the best experience of your life using them for your games.

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