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10 Best Video Player for Android

    Video Streaming these days have become one of the important use of mobile devices with services like Netflix, Hulu, youtube subscriptions. However, there are people who still watch videos on their mobile devices stored in the phone storage. Nowadays, viewing videos is not the most difficult task with different video player applications.

    Android Applications offer the best features when compared to another mobile operating system when it comes to streaming and watching videos. Most of the video player applications are install and play kind of applications which do not need any extra cost.  There will be very few applications which won’t support a certain video format.

    Most of the video player applications are capable of downloading the subtitles on its own and play along with the video. No matter whether the subtitle is a separate file or integrated with movie format, these video playing applications are strong to read and display it.


    Why do you need the Best Video Players for Android?

    Having a best video player application is like getting the getting a burger after starving for more than a day.  Some video player may have a feature which other video player does not have and vice versa. There will always be something or the other missing from those video playing applications. Android smartphones come with default video player, which do not support all the types of videos format or HD videos. If a non-supportive video is played, the application either crashes or screen freezes.  Applications from google play store should at least play premium formats like mkv and blu ray videos without causing any problems. We should be able to play all the formats of videos. Some video player also supports online streaming of videos which are even capable of transferring videos from internal memory to sd card.

    There are a lot of video player applications on google play store, in this article we have tried to pick the best video players.

    Let us see the best video player for android and what are the features they offer:

    1. MX Player

    Mx player best android video player

    If you are an android user, you will be familiar with the name MX Player. It can be said that it is by far the best video player for Android. MX Player was one of the first Android application to include things like hardware decoding; hardware accelerated playback and other similar features. MX player has added some new features to its already long list of features such as gesture control which includes pinch to zoom, subtitle support and even kid lock which will keep your kid on the application only watching his favorite animated movie. MX player is simple to use and provides powerful features. It also gives the user the option of adjusting the aspect ratio of the screen. The only drawback of MX player is that it does not support DTS and AC3 audio.

    2. VLC

    vlc player for android

    Another famous and reliable video player for Android devices is VLC. It has made a good name for itself in a very short time as one of the best video players for Android. VLC has many unique features such as the ability to stream videos if you have the URL. VLC is a versatile all in one media player that will play videos in any format. VLC can play anything and everything from mp3 and mp4 files to MKV and FLAC files. VLC does not require additional plugins for its codecs.  VLC also supports multi-track audio, subtitle support and so on. VLC can also play DVD ISO ’s. VLC is an android app which is developed by passionate volunteers with a complete database, equalizer, and filters.

    3. Video Player

    video player by leopard android

    HD Video player is one of the most simple, easy to understand and use while controlling the video player. Video Player can play most of the multimedia files as well as discs, devices. The video player is one of the dominant video players in android play store which has a lot of features that helps play audio and video both in all the formats. The user interface looks similar to VLC. The video player has the features to swipe left to rewind and swipe right to forward option. Video Player has inbuilt equalizer which allows you to control the base and volume of the file as per your desire. The video player has the option of having multiple subtitles which is one of the highlights of the application.  The video player is the best video player app for Android.

    4. GPlayer

    GPlayer for android

    The highlight of GPlayer is that it can play videos simultaneously. GPlayer has the ability to play videos in windowed mode, allowing the user to create own theme and interface. GPlayer supports almost all the video formats available along with software decoder with subtitle files, the rmvb, WMV and so on.  The user can also play youtube videos or videos from the browser by just entering the URL of the video. Gplayer allows the user to watch up to 6 videos simultaneously. It will make your work more enjoyable when you do it by watching a movie at the same time. GPlayer is one of the best HD video players for Android.

    5. MoboPlayer

    MoboPlayer for android

    If you want to watch videos without any conversion and ad, you should definitely try MoboPlayer which allows you to watch videos anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is download the application and start watching the videos. MoboPlayer almost supports almost all video formats.  MoboPlayer also plays with subtitle files such as SRT, ASS, and SAA subtitles built in MKV, MPV, MOV. MoboPlayer allows a floating window mode, which allows you to use other applications like texting, calling or emailing along the video.

    6. Plex

    plex video player

    If you are looking for a platform to bring your favorite media and streams under one platform, Plex is the platform for you. On Plex, all your favorite video, music libraries are available along with your preferred podcasts, web shows and other videos related to the same from TIDAL. If you have lots and lots of videos but less space, Plex is your answer.  Plex also delivers online news to you. Plex also allows you to record and watch free over the air broadcast TV. Plex can easily be said to be the best free video player for android.

    7. BSPlayer

    bs player free android media player

    BSPlayer is a solid android video player featuring software and hardware decoding to play the most popular video formats. BSPlayer has been around for quite a few time and has continued to be one of the best video free video players for Android. BSplayer has the swipe gesture support which is further enhanced by different skins for the application and lets you customize the interface. BSPlayer allows the user to play the video in a window above another application. Features of BSPlayer include multicore hardware encoding; hardware accelerated playback and support for streaming. BSPlayer also provides subtitle support. The free version has ads been played, but it does have all the features.

    8. KM Player

    km player multi format video player for android

    If you are looking for something similar to MX player, KM player is the application you should use to watch videos on your android device. KM player supports all the video formats including mkv, avi, mp4, mov, webm.KM player comes with extra features like a library viewer and cloud storage support. KM Player includes subtitles, gives you the control of the speed of the video. KM player has a simple and user-friendly interface which is easy to understand. KM player also has the feature to lock the screen when you are viewing something. KM Player also allows the user to watch videos in a windowed mode as well as view content stored in google drive.

    9. Wondershare Player

    Wondershare Player android

    The all-rounder in the world of applications for watching videos. On Wondershare, you can play video from your device as well as discover videos to watch online as well as offline. Wondershare provides with a wide variety of streaming services across the internet. Wondershare allows you to stream videos from sites like YouTube, Hulu, Vevo, ESPN, and many more such sites. You can also view funny videos, inspirational talks and complete episodes of TV and even movies. It also allows you to save the videos to watch if later either online or offline.  Wondershare not only streams videos but is also a complete video player that supports all the major video formats such as mkv, flv, avi to name few. Wondershare also provides with subtitle and DVD folders from your SD card along with DVD menu navigation.

    10. AllCast

    AllCast app android

    Instead of watching the videos on your small screen of your Android device, why not watch it on the TV or your smart TV. AllCast is an android application which is designed to work with such streaming sticks and boxes such as Chromecast, Roku, AppleTV and other similar devices which supports DLNA. By using Allcast, the user can stream videos, photos, and music from local storage as well as cloud storages.  The free version has five minute limit for content whereas the pro version has no limit. The cost of AllCast pro version is $4.99.



    In Conclusion, we would like to say that the video player is an important feature of any Android device for playing videos and movies.  It doesn’t matter what type of device is, the video player applications listed in this article supports almost all the devices. Any Video player should enhance your video experience. We tried our best to mention the best video player for android.

    So what are you waiting for? Go on the Google play store and try out these applications. Please let us know if we missed some video playing application.