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12 Best Text To Speech Apps for Android and iPhone

    Speech technology has been an integral development part for most of the smartphones that have been developed over time. Well, earlier often voice commands would get messed up and even sometimes come up with a series of obnoxious results which obviously is not expected from an operating system.

    Well, now with the growth in technology and the thrust given to innovation by the developers we have come a long way now, as we have now developed apps that give you the sort of results one expects from it. Well, here is where text to speech apps makes an entry that allows one to command almost every function on the phones with voice.

    With the coming of assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana it is become imperative to have the best of text to speech applications and ensure that the mistakes committed while interpreting the words spoken into the phone are quite limited and give the users a better experience of using the same.

    What are text to speech apps and why do we need them?

    Text to speech apps is used to basically read the text on your screen and give you an easy experience. You can simply relax and listen to the text being read out from your phones. Just imagine a PDF file or an ebook you downloaded from the web. Most of the times the files downloaded from an open source platform are in a small font.

    Well, with text to speech apps which are available for use and are present at our disposal. We don’t really need to strain our eyes out as you read out those tiny letters from your phone which can certainly pain your eyes and leave you confused while navigating through the document.  With more innovation going into developing speech technology, we can be very well assured of a greater breakthrough in the coming years.

    Be it a bright environment or a dark environment; we have text to speech apps now which can read out whatever we want with clarity and at any point in time. While in the Indian context the pronunciation might seem to be a problem and can create confusion sometimes. Now, with the advent of technology, even the accent is being taken care of and gives the users a seamless experience.

    Text to speech apps also is a boon for those who are specially-abled and cannot comprehend the text being shown on their smartphone screens. This is also where these apps come in handy as they are capable of guiding them through the smartphone can get the work done in no time. It is a revolution indeed as it has given almost everyone the opportunity to use and experience smartphones with ease and have an experience which is one of a kind.

    There are many such apps which work towards converting the text to speech on both Android and iPhone. Well, now let us look at some of the text to speech apps which can be easily called amongst the best text to speech app available for the users on both platforms.    

    Now, let us have a look at some of the best text to speech app for Android users that is available on the Play store:

    1. TK Solution-Text to Speech (TTS)

    Text to Speech (TTS) android app

    TTS is one of the leading apps that is available on the Play store and is one of the pioneers in the field of developing text to speech apps. The app comes with a minimalistic design and has a simple approach to it.

    The app with its simple user interface does the job quite well and is also compatible with most of the Android versions that are active in the market. It is really effective and is one of the best text to speech app for android that does it job with proficiency and in an effective manner.

    2. Talk FREE

    Talk FREE - Text to Voice - Read aloud

    Talk FREE is also amongst those apps that come with a minimalistic design, and it comes with an inbuilt text to speech engine. The app also works as a translator as it can convert the text on the phone into various languages. The app is free but comes with ads in it, which can be removed with the payment of a small amount.

    The app though has a simple interface has features that allow the users to modify the speech pattern too. It can be used to change the tone and pitch of the speech. It also gives users the option to share the speech file across all platforms with ease.

    3. Narrator’s Voice

    Narrators Voice

    Narrator’s Voice is not one of the ordinary apps meant for the purpose of converting text to speech. The app developed by Escholha Technologies comes with many customization features that can be used in changing the various aspects of speech.

    The app also allows you to manipulate the voice as per you want and lets the users have fun with various voices which are already inbuilt in the app. Starting from a squeak to the roar of a lion; a user can play around with various options available. Narrator’s Voice is surely one of the best text to speech app that has come out in recent times and is bringing in some great innovations.

    4. Voice Reading

    Voice Reading (Read aloud)

    The Voice Reading a simple app to use and it perfectly fits the bill of being one of the old-school apps that perfectly does that work that it has been downloaded for. Basically, it works like a read-aloud text and can read anything that comes on your home screen with ease.

    The best part of the Voice Reading app is that it hardly consumes any space and is one of the lightest apps in this category and it can also be modified and set to read aloud the text messages on our phone.

    5. Voice Access

    Voice Access android app

    Voice Access is an app developed by Google that is specially manufactured for visually impaired people. It is meticulously designed app that is really stable and is your guiding hand as one navigates through his or her smartphone.

    It is an accessibility service provided by Google that enables you to control the various functions of your device with ease, and all you need is your voice. It is one of those few apps that have actually played an important role in empowering the visually impaired people. Indeed, this is a compelling reason behind that makes it one of the best text to speech app available for the Android users.

    6. @Voice Aloud Reader

    @Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader)

    The app is one of the most preferred apps for text to speech needs. The app can be used across all file formats and is a really powerful app that can be used extensively for reading long texts such as ebooks on your phone with ease.

    The app is simple to use and comes with features that help in bringing in changes to the playback voice. It can be used to increase or decrease the speed of the playback and gives the users quite a fluid experience and is one of those pint-sized apps that is present on the Play store.


    Now, let us look into the text to speech apps that are available for iPhone users:

    7. Text to Speech!

    Text to Speech!

    Text to Speech app is the perfect way that gives life to your text. All you need to do is to type the text on to the text field and the app coverts the text to speech with respect to natural surroundings around.

    The app comes with a lot of customizations in store, which one can use to modify the speech as per the need. It also allows you to choose from a range of narrators with different accents that makes this app really special. Well, these are compelling enough reason that makes it the best text to speech app for iPhone.

    8. NaturalReader

    NaturalReader Text to Speech

    NatureReader is known for the versatility it comes with. The app comes with a modern and classy outlook and comes with an inbuilt browser that enables one to copy links from the webpage onto the text bar, and NaturalReader would read the same out for you.

    It offers you various voice across an array of languages to choose from. The app also allows you to upload text from various online platforms like Dropbox and icloud.

    9. Text to Speech- iSpeech

    text to speech - on iphone

    The app does the required task of converting text to speech with ease and simplicity. The app comes with all the major languages already built-in and is one of the most stable apps created for the purpose of converting text to speech.

    The app comes with a user-friendly interface and offers one high-quality results and allows one to choose from an array of high-quality voices that are available for speech.

    10. Voice Dream Reader

    Voice Dream Reader

    The app as the name suggests is your perfect companion that allows you to read your reading material with ease. Specifically, designed for reading e-books, it offers you great features that make reading e-books easier than ever before.

    It’s not just e-books, but also allows one to read documents which might come in different file formats. The app also allows you to read highlighted portion of the book and makes reading a long text a cake walk for its users.

    11. Talk For Me

    Talk For Me - Text to Speech iphone

    One of the best option that is available to be used by iPhone XS users and offers you a seamless experience. The app comes with a neat and clean interface and is really easy to use.

    There are an array of options to choose from you and also allows the users to add custom phrases to the app that gets stored on the app. The best part of the app is that it is free, but there are hardly any ads which run on the app.

    12. AirRead

    AirRead - Text to speech

    One of the newest apps that are making its way up the ranks among the text to speech apps that are available on the market. AirRead is your reading destination and reads almost anything aloud to you.

    Starting from web pages to e-books, it reads out almost everything out to you and gives the users a seamless experience.

    Wrapping it up!!

    Speech technology has seen a sea change with the growth of digital technology and has now given the users the ease to perform functions on the smartphone and control it by the use of their voice.

    We looked at some of the apps that are available for the Android and iPhone users that gave us an idea about how speech technology is going through a period of innovation and a paradigm change in approach which has made text to speech apps better than ever before to use.