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Best SWF Player to Play .SWF Files

    Many of the websites actually work hard on the animations while others on sound effects and games. All this has a reason. This is done to attract the viewers. To gain the attention of the viewers the websites have gone to extreme limits and is crossing that limit as well daily by a small step. Basically, these are the entertainments which use the SWF files. It contains some creative contents and also very interactive features as well which is favored by many users out there. In your day-to-day life, you normally notice out there that you can actually watch the flash videos without being simply connected to the internet. Yes, you are thinking right. You can without the use of the internet watch your favorite flash video without any complexity and without any interruption. Through the use of SWF files, it becomes very easy and simple to use the SWF games and animations and also during the web surfing. But after all this, the playback is even more challenging.

    Some of the players don’t support SWF format in any case. There are fans outside who actually get crazy about such things as it gives them access to something outstanding. This also helps you to avoid annoying ads. To play such files of SWF you need to use the web browser at all cost.  Not only web browser but also standalone SWF player or even the SWF converter will also help you to get through the complications and we definitely not recommend to use it. We have listed some of the best SWF players. Usually .swf file player is not supported by Windows 10.


    Need and importance?

    This is to a high level very portable and has a very great kind of replacement program. These programs are for those devices that no longer have the proprietary flash players inside them. There is an external flash player which allows you to access and play the games on offline mode and is highly portable. You can as a user can’t even imagine how important this is in our day-to-day lives or what is the need for this? This is complex free and there is no interruption in between.

    Some of the best free SWF players are listed below and which you can refer any time as per your needs and requirements.


    1. SWF Player

    swf player software windows

    This kind of SWF player allows you to watch your favorite flash videos. And this can happen without an internet connection. All this is made possible by the SWF player. This can be counted under the list of best SWF player for Windows. It also allows playing the flash videos as the ads. The file used for the SWF is very small and easy to install. The installation process is very quick and simple. Being a portable tool adds to the uniqueness of the SWF player. Though there are some drawbacks as well. It has a user interface which is very complex and ugly. This is only used to play the SWF files without any kind of complications. It has less number of features and only a few functions to actually with. Being highly portable and there is also a great replacement program for such devices who don’t support flash players anymore. It contains an external flash player which is useful for playing the videos at the offline mode.

    Platform: Windows

    2. MOV Player

    mov player

    This is so flexible that there is no subscription fee required at all to download this player called as MOV player. Also, the commands are definitely very straightforward and clear as well to understand. Being advantageous it has some of the disadvantages too. Video editing for the advanced level is not supported and not available in this player. Also, it has a problem with interpreting a certain kind of media files. This is very simple and easy to use. it is streamlined as well.

    Platform: Windows

    3. Sport Video Player

    Sport Video Player

    This is a free Windows software and a regular one as well. It belongs to the Video software category with many subcategory players. It can also be counted in the list of best SWF player for windows. Windows 95 and above versions support this player called as Sports Video Player. You can also download it in English. It is being updated as soon as the level up version is introduced. It has many downloads since 2011. And many installations as well. This Sports Video Player is a very lightweight software and takes very less storage than the average program. It is a very popular and famous program in many countries like the United States, Brazil, and India.

    Platform: Windows

    4. Voddler


    This is a kind of player which can help in the watching the commercial kind of movies all for free. It has the contents of a decent selection of documentaries and films. Though it has a drawback. It only works in some of the limited regions and not all at the moment. It is basically a browser-based film streaming service. It allows you to watch films on your PC as well. It very fast and has stable streaming. It actually has very awesome audio and video quality. The content available on this is a bit dated. Sometimes you will suffer also. Films will fail to start especially from the web. Though its selection of films is a decent catalog of content isn’t.

    Platform: Windows

    5. Adobe Flash Player

    adobe flash player

    It is the best SWF player as it is a browser plug-in which allows you to play any kind of flash videos and games and animations as well in SWF, FLV, and F4V. though it can crash any time and any moment most often. It has updating issues as well frequently. You can play for free all the SWF videos, games and pictures. It also supports 3D graphics and HD videos. It is also compatible with many devices like PC, tablets, Mac, smartphones and much more. It’s a habit of stability problem occasionally.

    Platform: Windows, Mac

    6. SWF Player flash fileviewer

    swf flash viewer android

    This player is the best free SWF player. It can also be called as a .swf file player. There is no difficulty while playing this. You just need to install the Adobe Flash Player Plugin before using such type of player. It can without can complication play the SWF file. This can be counted under the list of best SWF player for Android. It also has the feature of zoom in and zoom out and support the play/stops controller. Fullscreen is also supported with many advanced settings. Also has the multi-touch virtual keypad and hence supporting virtual mouse as well. The list doesn’t stop here rather it also supports the Gmail file attach and honeycomb device too.

    Platform: Android

    7. SWF flash player

    swf player for android

    The SWF flash viewer helps in playing your flash files from your own SD-card with a very simple player. The best part is that you don’t need to install the Flash Player Plugin or any other plugin t basically use this app to play your SWF flash files. This is the best free player but supports ads as well. The ads may contain in the notification tray or the home screen.

    Platform: Android

    8. Puffin Web Browser

    puffin web browser for swf

    The Puffin Web Browser is a browsing mobile app which offers the cloud kind protection for the safe browsing. It allows you to update regularly the Flash Player and helps in managing the bandwidth. Though it only works only in the United States and doesn’t actually play well with the mobile devices. It has no problem handling the flash based games and this makes it fun to play the quick flash based games. All this is done on the mobile device.


    Platform: Android, Mac

    9. YouPlayer


    It plays YouTube videos while you can visit other websites also. Managing of playlists is also possible with this player called as YouPlayer. Though, Windows may be too small for it. And again for the search result, it has to open a new tab to give the results. It is a kind of Firefox add-on that would enable you to play the YouTube music and song list on your sidebar. And this creates an advantage. Hence, there is no need for you to stay on YouTube to play videos from that and hence can continue browsing different websites and also enjoying your taste of favorite music as well.

    Platform: Windows, Mac

    10. Photon Flash Player

    Photon Flash Player & Browser

    Photon Flash Player supports not only flash games but flash videos and websites as well. You can browse any time natively whenever you want to or need any kind of Flash support. You can also see Photon for free but ads are included. Also, there is a paid version as well which is based purchase yearly premium pass to remove the ads for one year at least.  It supports unlimited tab and has an intelligent URL bar. Not only this but you can play and browse as well the video plus live TV and that full screen easily. Private browsing is supported which allows you to erase the history of browse with every session. You can bookmark as well and that with folder support. It is the best SWF player for the Android devices and has availability of full Flash player plugin built-in support. You love this player even more after you hear that there is a blocker for both ads and pop up as well. It also acts as a VPN service for browsing and unblocks the services and makes it secure and safe. There is dynamic bandwidth adjustment as well with the availability of different modes which allows you to optimize your experience to a great level. There are in total three modes of navigation.

    Platform: Android



    Coming to the conclusion, hope that we got you through till the end of this article and also hope you found your SWF player as per your needs and requirements. So don’t waste your time. What are you thinking? Go now and download them right away for experiencing the best players.