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11 Best Sites to Download APK Files

    There used to be a time when CDs of all kinds were popular among teens. One group of friends used to contribute a small amount to buy a 4 in 1 software or movie disc. Those CDs got replaced by pen drives or what we call USB sticks. And now with the amazing internet speeds that internet providers give us and the amazing rentals, we get all the stuff we need on our own systems without having to beg for it to anyone. And the demands of the people are met by the web developers who come up with the ideas which suffice the needs of the people.


    The App Stores

    Then came the age of smartphones. Smartphones not only came with great front and rear cameras, louder than ever speakers, but they also came with some useful apps. Apps ranging from a messaging app to mailing app, the smartphone included everything. Android provided a Play Store for Android users to download apps from. Apple developers gave Apple customers the App Store. But we humans weren’t ready to stop at that, were we?


    Websites to Download APKs

    Of course, with these apps came restrictions for further updates. Android made sure that the user downloaded apps only from their store and nowhere else. That changed very soon. After all, even those apps need a file from which to get installed. So websites started distributing Android Package Kits or APKs which are nothing but setup files for our Android mobile apps. With these, you can install, update an app which is not available on the play store. Also if you want a certain version of an app which is no longer available on play store, you can very well find it on some APK website.

    The award for the price of the best site to download apk files is probably still up for grabs, given the rate at which such websites are growing and improving. But here is our list that may contain the best apk site for you.


    1. APKTurbo

    apkturbo site for apk download

    The homepage of this website displays the recently popular apps among its users. They also have a different section of best games. You can search the app you want to download on their homepage where they have provided a search bar. They have apps ranging over 30+ categories. In addition to that, they have categorized their games into 14 categories. Together they have a huge repository of apps and games for you. Searching an app by its name might be mainstream so on this website you can also search for an app by its package ID.

    2. Android-Apk

    android site

    Their attractive black header contains three links – trending apps, hard to get apps, and top downloads. Whichever apps are grossing as the top free ones that day are included in a list on their homepage too. Some of the APKs which have been updated, are accommodated into another list to the right. The apps which have been recently searched or updated, get tagged by some keyword. These recently used keywords are available for any user to see.

    3. AndroidOut

    androidout site

    The website homepage as an Android look and feel to it. Any android user will feel at home using this website. The first section is the most downloaded section. Few other sections include most downloaded games, most downloaded games of the day, most downloaded apps of the day and so on. All these sections help you to explore new apps and download the popular or new ones. Along with apps and games, the website also publishes the latest news in the field of Android.

    4. AppCake

    appcake android apk download

    On their homepage are randomly arranged apps which have nothing to do with each other. Every page contains a list of 20 apps with thumbnails displaying their icons. The top apps list is also present on every page. They don’t have a search bar which searches exclusively on the website. Their forums contain many topics and members that discuss the concern of app users actively. Also, they have provided a platform for users to exchange games.

    5. Softpedia

    softpedia site

    This website is as popular with computer users as it is with Android users. This is not only the best site to download apk files, but also one of the best for computer files. They have over a million items available for downloads, and over 12 billion downloads have been executed form over that website. So you can imagine why it is regarded as the best site to download apk files. Android is just one of the platforms that they provide apps for. Hundreds of apps and software get updated on this website almost daily.

    6. AndroidAPKsFree

    android apks for free

    The recently updated apps are the first ones you will see on this site, so you can check if you have the latest version of those apps with you. If not you can download it right away. There is a section dedicated to the best apps of the last 24 hours, which will tell you about the recent popularity of the apps. You can also search for the game or app of your choice on the website. They have and FAQ section just in case you have any queries about the APKs.

    7. Apkplaygame


    This website is mainly for the gamers. Game freaks will enjoy exploring this website and finding out about games they probably didn’t know existed. They have all kinds of genres of games – action, adventure, RPG, sport, simulator, arcade, card, and board, etc. You type the name of the game in their search bar, and the APK file will pop up for you just like that. They also show you the news about the upcoming games so that you will be anticipating them.

    8. AppApks

    app apks

    They not only have Android apps but also Windows apps. They have two drop downs on their homepage. One for the top apps which contain four or five of the best ones, and the other one containing categories of apps. They have some of the best android tools and social and communication apps on offer. They have over 20 categories which you can browse to locate the app of your choice. They have also been maintaining a blog archive for over a year and a half.

    9. Freeps site

    One of the most comprehensive and probably the best site to download apk files. They have numerous categories for both Android and iOS, and they also allow you to add a category. Their blog section contains articles about the latest games, best and trending apps and other news about Android. They have a chart list of the top 100 apps. The interface and design of the website are as attractive as they get. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive updates.

    11. ApkPure

    apkpure site

    They have a slideshow running on their homepage which shows you the latest trending and most downloaded apps and games. You can discover new apps on the website by exploring their various sections. You can browse category wise or see their list of latest hot apps and games. They also provide you links of games that are yet to release. You can pre-register for those too. Their blog and discussion page are also active where they publish a lot of stuff related to technology.

    This site is as-as good as it gets. You can finally satisfy your urge to install the apps that couldn’t, for some reason, make it onto the play store.

    Also, you can tinker with the existing apps if you know enough. These listed websites not only give you new apps, but they also give you the existing apps with a little bit of a tweak, if you search for them in the right way. To stay updated with the ongoing trend, you can subscribe to receive regular updates form many of the websites.


    But you need to be sure to test these apps for malware or viruses, as they may carry some. The developer of the app could be unaware of any such occurrence. So make sure you know what you are doing when you are installing an app. So get installing, have fun and tell us which one of these is the best apk download site.