10 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone

Basically, at times it becomes necessary to share the screen with someone else too. Also, it becomes interesting watching movies and shows on a big screen like a TV. We can mirror your Android device to a TV, another mobile device and PC as well. It helps to share both your personal and professional life with another device as well. This way you can be always be connected and work according to the requirements. The availability and accessibility are very simple and easy. Easy access to your documents, files, movies, etc. and hence there is no need of transferring the files when we have screen mirroring apps.

Screen mirroring can also be called as screencasting. You can mirror the contents of your screen to a TV screen. Though this has not actually got its name much in the market, it is the most useful app which we will require in the nearby future soon. Though, screen mirroring is quite an easy process now, at least on Android devices. It is very easy to handle the tasks of mirroring apps. Also, you can also mirror your PC to your smartphone device and vice-versa. Controlling the tasks is a very simple process.

Before the screen mirroring apps, the steps for doing the same process was complex, but an introduction to such apps in your life will definitely make it worth interesting and simple too. You can easily access your data and file on your PC device to which it is mirrored. Also, there are some of the best screen mirroring app for android to tv such as Google Home, Mirroring360, etc. Screen mirroring allows you to easily share encrypted information also between your smartphone and the PC. To such a great extent it is useful we can’t just imagine without using it. Even the technical field is now using such apps for their use. There are some of the best screen mirroring app for android which we have listed below. Also with Android, screen mirroring app for iPhone is also listed which we hope is useful for you.


Need and Importance?

The screen mirroring is the way of actually able to mirror your Android screen, which can be really helpful for giving the presentation, playing games, watching movies and much more. Everything can be viewed on large screen very easily with some of the best screen mirroring apps. This has a big hand in utilizing your technical part here. But, mainly it is used for fun and enjoy purpose. You can stream your videos through another device also, after connecting to it. Mostly, people using such kind of technology is using it for streaming and fun. Though, it has great importance and soon will make its place. Here we have listed some of the best screen mirroring app, which can help you to achieve a lot. These listed apps are definitely to try apps. This will definitely give a new horizon to looking at things differently. It is gaining it’s importance a lot in the technical field. Also, people around are using it for watching movies in their home theatre.


Screen Mirroring App for Android

1. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

We can consider Microsoft Remote Desktop in the list of best screen mirroring app. Android users, this is the best app you can try for mirroring your screen. Also, it works on a different operating system without any complex steps. This app is also best in securing your data, files, and documents while mirroring. This protects data and applications. It is very easy and simple to use. Also, this is a free screen mirroring app. This app has the best feature of providing the multi-touch option. This is the app which actually connects your device and another device very easily. With all the things, you get an additional feature of the streaming of audio and video in this app.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

This screen mirroring app is the best for the Android, and it is owned by Google LLC. It too has an easy process of mirroring your device, and the PC and access become very simple. You can easily access them from any device. Your data remains secured and protected even while accessing the data through another device. It is easy to use. It can be said as an open source platform to mirror your PC on your smartphone device and hence you can access the data easily of your PC on your smartphone. Also, you can set up the access of remote using the Chrome Remote Desktop on your respective PC and hence can mirror through your smartphone and get data of the PC easily.  

3. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror - Mirror&Control

It is very simple and easy to use. It is one of the best screen mirroring app for android users. One can simply use it from the Google Play Store. It allows casting your phone screen to other mobile devices easily. It has some of the amazing and unique features allowing you to adjust the mirrored screen, access apps, photos, videos, files and much more. It helps in streaming videos, photos, movies, etc. Also, it helps in syncing video and audio on multiple mobile devices and accesses them easily. It was useful for streaming videos, movies, apps, etc. on multiple smartphone devices. You can easily connect your device with other devices wirelessly and easily.

4. AirServer Connect

AirServer Connect mirroring app

In this app, the user can easily connect the mobile device on your network. This is one of the best screen mirroring app. For Android users, it is the best app which you can download and use. Screen mirroring in this app is very simple and in few steps. There is a generation of a QR code on your PC when you open the AirServer setting. Click on the scan button when you open the app on your mobile device to connect your mobile with the PC. And after that, automatically it will read the QR code and then mirroring becomes easy when doing this.

5. Google Home

Google Home

Google Home screen mirroring app can be considered as the one of the best screen mirroring app. It is so easy to use and control. Especially controlling your Chromecast from your very own smartphone device. Also, change in settings is also an easy process. Customizing your Chromecast settings like changing the volume or changing the device name, etc. It is so easy to use and is totally a free app for all the android as well as iPhone users. You can get access to music and play or pause whenever you want. You can easily change the volume of the music as well. But, this is only about the audio part, you get access to video also very easily and stream according to you. Customization plays an important part and also it is very easy to work with, in the case of Google Home app.


Screen mirroring apps for iPhone


6. TeamViewer

TeamViewer Remote Control

This app is for the iPhone devices. It is very fast as well as easy to use at the same time. This is an open source screen mirroring app for the iPhone users. This app has the best feature of that it supports multi-monitor so that you can connect your own device with many monitors at the very same time. It also allows you to access your device remotely. It is such a useful app which helps you to get easy support from your clients and friends and help them too. You can access files, folders, documents, etc. remotely and in very easy steps.  

7. VNC viewer

VNC Viewer - Remote Desktop iphone

You won’t believe, but iPhone users have screen mirroring app which is totally password protected called as VNC Viewer and allowed you to access in easy steps your Mac book, windows, Linux computer remotely. Also, you can access it from anywhere and anytime, by sitting and using it. Controlling your PC is now not a matter of time or complex enough, rather controlling and accessing your PC through your smartphone device is very easy nowadays. You should have an account on your smartphone as well as on your pc to access it to sync them. This app actually provides the best feature of encryption from end-to-end user technique and that in a very simple and comfortable way. So your process and file transfer or anything is totally in safe hands.  

8. AnyDesk

AnyDesk app for iphone

It is a kind of a fast app allowing you to control in an easy manner all your files, folders, documents, software and more remotely from anywhere, at any time. By sitting in any corner of the world, you can access your files and all very easily. Accessing your windows, Mac, Linux device from your iOS device becomes easy by using this app. It actually has a technology which secures your data and conversations. It has a kind of ID for accessing your data and keeping it in safe hands. You can access them all using your ID and followed by the password.

9. Samsung Smart View

Samsung Smart View

For the iPhone users, the Samsung Smart View is one of the best screen mirroring app. It actually lets you get the access of your own personalized smart hub on your smartphone device. Searching is very easy and simple. So no complex steps for searching your favorite movies, TV shows, and series. You can stream it anytime and anywhere. You can also turn on your TV in standby mode with some simple steps using your smartphone device. Accessing your favorite sports, games, movies, music and much more on your smartphone with a single click without any kind of interruption.    

10. Mirroring Assist

Mirroring Assist iphone mirroing app

Mirroring Assist is for all kinds of iPhone users. It was developed by Splashtop Inc. Also, this app is called mirroring360. Connecting your smartphone to PC can be done either by QR code or mirroring ID. Also, you must have mirroring360 already on your PC to use it. According to the features it has both the free as well as paid options. With paid definitely, you will get better features and advanced options. You can use according to your needs and importance. Also, helps you to access your smartphone on a big screen like TV and access all your files and folders on your PC.




For the conclusion part, all we can say is that never stop yourself from accessing the new technology. Rather more important is in what way you are using it. We have listed some of the best screen mirroring apps both for the Android as well as for the iPhone users.

Android users can either download it from the link or from the Google Play Store app. Same for the iPhone users, you can either download it from the link or the iTunes Store. So what are you waiting for? Go and explore your new world of technology.

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