13 Best Samsung Smart TV Apps you Must Have

Nowadays television sets seem to be losing their appeal to audiences with the rise of streaming services that provide streaming of many TV shows, movies and pretty much any entertainment related medium on mobile phones or tablets. At the same time, Smart TVs are “fighting” back with many new added features and integrations of the said streaming services. They are also trying to create a seamless experience that incorporates all related devices as part of a smoothly flowing system that allows users to switch between the use of devices with a negligible amount of interruption.

A smart TV is the marriage of a computer and a regular television set in the sense that your TV can be used as a medium to surf the internet. While a TV cannot completely replace a computer yet, the line between the two is blurring

Smart TVs offer interactive web capabilities and allow streaming of media.

Why Should We Go With Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung smart TVs are one of the best available in the market, while Samsung itself provides one of the best smart TV platforms.  Samsung Smart TVs come with a universal remote that allows users to control all their other related devices like home theatre and gaming consoles.  

Each Samsung smart TV comes with the “Smart Hub” interface. This interface allows you to use many features including the use of a lot of apps ranging from entertainment to productivity. The interface also provides a web browser.

We have prepared a list of the best Samsung Smart TV apps which you should be checking.

Best Samsung Smart TV Apps


1. Smart View App

samsung smart view app

This app lets the user see their phone screen on the TV. The app allows you to use your phone as a remote controller. The app lets you share any devices screen on a Samsung Smart TV. The app also lets you view the SmartHub on your phone or tablet. The app gives direct access to your apps on your phone without interrupting TV playback.  


2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video(APV) is a streaming service offered by Amazon that lets users watch various genres of movies and TV shows, and also exclusive originals offered by Amazon. The Amazon Video app can be downloaded from the SmartHub. Users can log in with their Amazon ID’s and use the app as they would on any other platform.


3. Netflix

Netflix is also a streaming service that offers its users a variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and originals. The app can be found in the apps menu, and users can log in with their ID’s similar to APV and use it to watch what they please.


4. TED

Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Conferences LLC, has it’s an official app available to download on Samsung Smart TVs. The app provides relevant suggestions to users daily. The app is user-friendly, providing easy navigation for playlists and it can be used in 21 languages.


5. YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing website owned by Google, that is free to watch and use. It is one of the most widely used apps on any smartphone and is also the second most used search engine. It’s available on the SmartHub Apps for download. Users can watch their favorite YouTubers on their TV through this app.


6. Vimeo

Vimeo is a website similar to YouTube where content creators upload their videos for viewing. While it costs makers to use it, Vimeo is quality oriented and promotes staff picks. The creators include budding filmmakers, documentarians, and videographers.

The app on the SmartHub is user-friendly and experience oriented, facilitated by easy log-ins, and a daily blast of suggestions of high-quality content.


7. Accuweather

Accuweather’s Android app has incorporated Samsung TVs smart view feature. Users can cast interactive radar and satellite maps from their app to any Samsung Smart TV. Users have more ways of viewing weather and have a certain degree of freedom to personalize it.  


8. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is Sony’s game streaming service. Users can access it through the SmartHub app, gaining access to innumerable PS3 games. The app supports in-game trophies, cloud saves, online play and is compatible with the DualShock4.


9. Spotify

Available for Samsung Smart TV models in and after 2015, Spotify users need to have their device using Spotify connected to the same Wi-Fi network as their Samsung Smart TV. They must then download the app from SmartHub Apps. Users can now play music and podcasts on their TV by choosing the Smart TV as their device from the phone app.


10. Google Play Movies & TV

Users can download this app and sign in with their Google accounts. They can then watch any video purchase that they have made on their TV.

11. Steam Link

Samsung Smart TVs post-2016 have built-in Steam Link functionalities. The app allows users to play games from it and also to view VR games. It uses the same streaming technology as Valve’s Steam Link. The app supports the  Steam Controller, Xbox 360 controller, Xbox One wired controller, and Logitech F510/F710


12. Web Browser

SmartHub App also provides a Web search utility. Users can search for a query on their Samsung Smart TV with Web 2.0 App by Samsung itself.


13. Facebook Video

The Facebook Video app allows users to sign into their Facebook accounts after a one-time authentication and see videos shared by themselves, their friends and pages that they follow. They can also see recommended videos or top videos in their feed.    

There is also a picture-in-picture mode which lets users check their feed while the video plays in a smaller window on the bottom.

Final Words

So all and all, the above ones are the best Samsung Smart TV apps we have got for you that every Samsung user must use in their routine life. And if you have any other app in mind that we might have missed just comment it down below. We’d love to include it as well.

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