10 Best Pokemon Go IV Calculators for Android and iPhone

As the configuration of mobiles and tablets keeps on getting better, the apps they run keep getting better. Apps come with more graphics, occupy more memory, and hence, they include more features. And after all, games are just one type of app. And so it is not a surprise that even they are getting better.

Besides the usual categories of games like sports, arcade, and racing, there is something called augmented reality. Augmented reality is the perfect combination of the reality of the world and the virtuality of the game. In such a game you get to enjoy your game with the supplement of the reality of the world you live in.

Such a game that gained popularity soon after its release was Pokemon Go. In this game, the player has to physically travel around from one location to another to Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops, win battles with Pokemon while leveling up in the game. You also get to catch different Pokemon just like Ash, by visiting different locations.


Individual Value (IV)

IV, short for Individual value, is the set of hidden stats that each pokemon you catch or hatch possesses. The three types of stats are – Attack, Defense and Stamina or HP. CP and IV are two different things. One always prefers a Pokemon with high IV and low CP than the other way round.

The same Pokemon can have different IVs at different locations and in different situations. So the Pikachu you found and the one your friend caught may have different IVs. On most occasions they do.

So to see how good a pokemon actually is you need to calculate its IV. And for that, app developers have developed a Pokemon Go IV calculator. These stats are hidden so you can’t possibly calculate them on your own. Here’s our list of the best pokemon go IV calculators for Android and for iPhone as well.


Best Pokemon Go IV Calculators for Android


1. Poker Genie

poke genie safe IV calculator

Many users hail this to be the best Pokemon Go IV Calculator app of all time. With a whopping rating of 4.7 by over 170 thousand users, you can see why.  This is a simple to use, safe and a reliable IV calculator for Pokemon Go players.

All you need to do is activate the overlay of the Poke Genie app on the Pokemon Go app, and it will do all your work for you. You don’t need to register or login on this app to use it. For those devices on which are not compatible, the app takes a screenshot of the Pokemon Go app and display IV results in an overlay window later. And you can revisit the history of IVs since your screen overlays, and screenshots get saved.

2. Calcy IV

calcy IV android

This app will show you the IV of a particular pokemon as soon as you spot it even before you throw a ball to catch it. The app works independently without any interaction with any other app. No registration, sign up, or login is required. You can use the app while playing Pokemon Go and you need not to exit the game. In addition to calculating IV, Calcy IV also calculates the DPS and the performance of your attack-moves. Reviews of over 50k users on Google Play is proof that this app will be of genuine help to a hardcore Pokemon Go player.

3. Go IV

GoIV (IV Calculator)

This is an open source app that calculates the IV of a Pokemon for you. This ad-free app is completely safe for your phone. After you do a few one-time-only setups after you start the app for the very first time, and give the app a few permissions, you are good to go. With over 50k installations, a good number of users trust it to be the best Pokemon Go IV calculator for Android and prefer this app over others. Finally, if you are a tech geek and you need to play around with the code, the source code link is available in their app description on the play store for you.

4. IV Calculator For Pokemon Go

iv calculator for pokemon go

This is yet another app for calculating Pokemon IVs on the Pokemon Go app. It can calculate the IVs of all the 2nd gen Pokemon and of all the 151 Pokemon that can be found in the game, or shall I say, in your surrounding. This tiny app which occupies just over 7MB of your mobile’s memory will give you the right IV reading of any Pokemon after you enter your trainer level, the CP and HP, adjust the arch. That is all you need to do to set up the app initially.

5. IV Go

IV GO (get IV for pokemon)

The app’s reviews on the play store speak volumes of the quality of the app. Out of the 103K ratings it has received, 101K of them are five-star ratings. So it is no miracle that it is rated as highly as 4.7. The simplicity of this app and the ease of use is what has made such a well-known app. You need to input the name, CP, HP and, the dust of the Pokemon to obtain its IV. Not only do you get to know the IV of the Pokemon you just found but also the maximum IV of that particular Pokemon across the world and the range in which all of its IV values lie.

6. Evolution CP and IV Calculator

evolution cp & IV calculator for pokemon gen 4

There are more than 1,000,000 players who have used this app so far in over 110 countries. This app, or rather this toolkit, includes a lot more than just an IV calculator. It packs a collection of the following features – Lucky Egg Calculator, Level Rewards, Hatch Egg, Weaknesses, CP calculator. The users of this app have only praise for the developers. Although the calculations displayed by this app are only approximations and based on user reports, the developers are continuously taking feedback and trying to improve their results.


Best Pokemon Go IV Calculators for iPhone


7. Poke Assistant For Pokemon Go

poke assistant for pokemon go cp & IV calculator best attacker evolver app

Often times players regret using candies or stardust on Pokemon that are of little or no value to them. Well, that phase ends here. Now, this app is going to help you to figure out the best attacker Pokemon against a particular Pokemon, calculate CP per power-up of a Pokemon, calculate the IV of the Pokemon and do a lot more. This app is not just an IV calculator but an all in one pokemon trainer. Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later, this 6.2 MB app will make you a better player on the Pokemon Go platform instantly.

8. Poke Rater

pokerater iphone

Once active, this app will automatically rate your Pokemon so you will know whether to keep and power it up or not. This app will give you comprehensive information about a Pokemon like IVs, gym rankings, etc. just from the screenshots. You can forecast what the future HP and CP of a particular Pokemon after it will have leveled powered up. That’s not all. If you are too keen about your status in the game, you can export all your collected data into a CSV and analyze it later to get a better grip on the game in the future.

9. Poke Meter

pokemeter for iphone

One of the features of this app called the professor give you advice about whether to catch a Pokemon or not. You can either take the advice or not. This is a powerful all in one tool but a very simple one at the same time. Their calculations to predict match outcomes are based on hundreds of battle simulations so their accuracy is pretty high. From the 153 users that have rated this app, it has earned a 4.7 rating which is pretty high. This app is made by Pokemon fanatics who are always aiming to make it better.

10. Pocket Desk

pocketdex for pokemon goo

This app can be thought of as an essential support app to your Pokemon Go. The app will give you in game IV details such as its Attack, Defense, and Stamina details. You can also see the nearby available raids for you to get the best Pokemons among the players in your region. Not only that, but you can also share the information about the raids with your mates. But why would you wanna do that, right? You can avail the services of its ad-free version by buying the Pro version of the app, which lets you customize app icons.



Wrapping up!!!

This beauty of a game, Pokemon Go, got off to a magnificent start after it hit the free market for Android phones. It had thousands of players hooked in no time. It got a place on the Google play store and the iTunes store sometime after its APK released. It gripped the audience and teens loved the idea of the game, and the number of players increased exponentially.

Just like any other game, the curious minds explored more stuff about this game than the everyday gamers did. They explored new spots, found funny glitches and made all of this information public.

IVs are just one of those things. Some players realized that the value of a Pokemon’s IV is a lot more than its CP. And so they sought a way to find it out. And, don’t worry, the apps developed to find out IVs are completely safe and legal. The apps are not breaking any rules trying to calculate the IV for you. It is completely fair, and anyone and everyone can use a third party app to calculate IV.

IVs give you a better experience of the Pokemon Go game. It helps you to capture better Pokemon than others and become more competitive. So what are you waiting for? These apps will make sure you boast a better collection of pokemon than anyone you know. Install one of them on your phone and start your journey towards becoming the best Pokemon Go player in your region.

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