10 Best Plex Plugins you should Install

Basically, Plex works out best for the casual users around. But, the same user will definitely take time to understand that how to set up a plex. And also how to add your media to the same. Plex is more used due to it’s simple as well as a stylish interface which makes it very easy to use. It actually has the ability to handle large storage of media, photos, songs, etc.

It is usually used to stream the downloaded content. But, most of you have no clue that it has even more for you in the box than just stream downloaded content. That notice actually comes when you use plex for a while and really wish for some extra features and functionalities. And that’s when the plugins come into play.

Using plex plugins, it’s easy to watch your shows and series on any device like a TV or on your smartphone devices. It makes the interface even more simple. There are many plex plugins which we can consider, but not all are worth trying. If you are here to be that power user by using the third-part plex tools, then you are in the right place.

We can say that plex is important for playing movies and series, but plex plugins are in the form of zip files which are actually designated for each plex channels. There are a lot of best plex plugins which will be discussed sooner.


Why is it important?

Ask yourself a question, don’t you want your favorite web series easily? Or aren’t you expecting an elegant interface? If yes, then you definitely need plex plugins in your life which makes it easy to use on your smartphones as well.

Plex channels are nothing without plex plugins. It is really important to understand that plex channels won’t run if there no installation of plex plugins. Hence, it is really important and in need as well. You will definitely need this to manage your all personal media contents from anywhere. It makes media available on all your apps on your device. We have actually listed for you some of these which are worth your time. List of best plugins for plex is given below keep reading.

1. Tautulli

Tautulli plugin for plex

It has one of the best functionality that provides the notification feature. It helps you in many useful ways and keeps you updates. With the Plex-library Tautulli is an essential feature especially when sharing with others. It helps in monitoring and tracking the activities. This type of software also has the feature to show statistics in terms of tables and graphs. It has one of the very powerful notification tools. It also helps you to alert other people while adding any media or content to the library. It allows you to use custom scripts and expand its functionality in a very simple and easy way. It also includes all the information in a detailed manner about the program you have watched. It can be considered in the best plex plugins category.

2. WebTools

web tools for plex

It can be said as a collection of the tools for the plex media. It is one of the most commonly used add-ons in terms of plex. It is basically used by several users like you to maintain and organize your data and media in the most efficient manner. Basically, it gets bit difficult and complicated to under the installing of add-on according to the type of operating system in use. It includes subtitle management, logging tools, unmatched media, etc. Not only that but it also includes the popular Unsupported Appstore. It can definitely be said that it is one of the most important plex plugins which is required for the organization of the server and media.

3. Sub Zero

Usually, it is used to manage the environment of the plex media server. It has the feature of handling the subtitles in a very native manner but definitely with some warnings. It allows searching up to 10 individual subtitle provider sites and then the best matching, which is done by seeing the filename and the information of the media of the subtitle file choosing from all. And then downloads it.  There is a specific process for the choosing of the file through the matching algorithm. Also, the downloaded thing gets stored externally, and after that, you can surely change the location of the downloaded file according to your means and needs.

4. Plex2Netflix

This software allows us to check in a very simple way that how much of your media is available from plex to be able to watch on Netflix, but unfortunately, it doesn’t allow to watch Netflix within the plex app. It actually allows an easy way to get detailed information of your existing library with a clear percentage of media that is available. It is really helpful when you want to delete some content due to the shortage of space which actually happened when we try to download many programs on Netflix. Hence, it plays an important part while downloading the media. And every time it will provide you with the percentage of the program is available. It actually contains a database through which the search is going on of the availability of the data.

5. Plex Export

Plex Export can be considered as one of the best plex plugins which can be used for producing an HTML page which can be searched by anyone and very easily. This software also has the feature of filtering through genre, rating, etc. This is definitely the software you need if you want others to see your content on the server without giving them the access to it. This can also be shared publicly and not even giving access to anyone. Even the HTML which is produced contains live filters so the viewers can easily establish what all is available on the page immediately.

6. Plex Sync

Plex sync actually allows to sync watch status between different servers. This is that kind of plugin which automatically and easily syncs to the other servers available at the different locations. It is really helpful for those who have separate servers which are running at different locations. And one of the best features is that your content can be easily synced via both ports and HTTPS efficiently. Also, this has the facility of syncing with different users by easily logging to the same page. If you are looking for a tool which can in simple steps sync between different users then, Plex Sync is one of the best plex plugins for that.

7. TheaterTrailers

Basically, you will need a software like TheaterTrailers especially for the automatic downloading of the YouTube trailers and which helps to actually feature all the upcoming trailers and hence it adds a movie theatre style to a plex setup. Even when you want to replicate your server as the movie-going experience then also such software is really useful. Also, one of the great features is that when the movie is publicly available to the audience, then it automatically deletes the trailer. Basically, it includes trailers of those films whose films have yet not been there on the theatre screens.

8. Transmogrify

Transmogrify is a browser extension, especially Chrome which usually adds a link for viewing the movie trailers, IMDb, etc. It has an amazing feature of server statistics report and also contains the filter for movies and different kinds of shows and series. The extension is also useful in adding the several new links to the interface, examples like a Rotten Tomatoes link. This software is an actual representation of the introduction of various useful and new features when accessed through the web browser rather than through desktop client.


IPTV can be considered as one of the best plex plugins. It is also free software as well. It actually works as watching IPTV in the plex. There are many TV networks that show programs via IPTV channel, and so that you can access those feeds easily. This kind of software supports the on-screen program guides, custom channel logos and much more. To actually add content to it, you will definitely need to get the streaming URL. Makes sure before using IPTV and check for all the details beforehand.

10. Trakt Scrobbler

Trakt Scrobbler is such a type of plugin which actually serves as an automatic machine log to an online profile. Not only it ends here, but it also features functionalities like watchlist and a TV calendar. It automatically logs everything you’ve been watching on your profile. It has to be online. It is like the Last.fm as for the considerations. It is one of the best plex plugins and that the essential ones for keeping the record for what you’ve been watching on your online profile.     It also has customizable watchlist and recommends viewing habits. It even gives the suggestion for a similar type of the services and shows as you watch according to that. It will sync your history between the two apps. TV calendar is one of the most useful features in today’s world.


Wrapping Up!!

Though there was a list of plex plugins, it depends on you, the user that you want it or not. Or which the correct one. Also, studying more about it will only help you to become a better power user and use it in a most efficient way you can. Also, it doesn’t stop here; if you study about plex in detail, you will understand how it helps in virtual reality as well.

So, it is really important to learn about the tricks and tips of the plex and understand and use it in the best way possible. Only, after understanding it in the most proper way you can decide that if you need a plex plugin or not. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out for more and use your brain in the most efficient way.

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