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9 Best PlayStation Portable Emulators

    Starting with the term, PlayStation Portable Emulator which is defined as a is a handheld game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is a seventh generation application which primarily competed with Nintendo DS. Advancement of the handheld was reported amid E3 2003, and it was divulged on May 11, 2004, at a Sony public interview before the sony’s next E3. The CPU has 333 MHz MIPS R4000 and a memory of 32 MB (PSP-1000); 64 MB (2000, 3000, Go, E1000). The PlayStation Portable was the amazing and powerful console when launched. It was the competitor who had actually almost won with the Nintendo video console.

    It additionally includes a network with the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Windows, Mac, different PSPs, and the Internet. It is the main handheld support to utilize an optical circle organizes, Universal Media Disk (UMD), as its essential storage medium. The PlayStation Portable was met with the positive gathering by most computer game pundits. The PlayStation Portable sold 76 million units starting at 2012.


    The PSP demos and emulation:

    It was a sudden shock when the PlayStation Portable video console was no more in the market. It was majorly done to focus on the PlayStation Vita.

    PSP had designed and manufactured various demos like Duck In Water, world/ball, Harmonic City and Luga City in late 2004. Fortunately, demos for the commercial PSP games could be still downloaded and booted at once from a simple Memory Stick. Not only this but many older PlayStation games were re-released in the market and can be easily played on the PSP via emulation. Emulation of the PlayStation Portable is actually well-developed. JPCSP was the first emulator discovered in the market which worked quite well without any problems, it ran on Java.

    Now, we’re going to see some of the basic and the Best PlayStation Portable Emulators available in the market:

    1. PPSSPP – PSP Emulator

    PPSSPP - PSP Emulator

    The first and the foremost emulator in the list is PPSSPP – PSP Emulator. In case you’re a resolute PSP fan, and you’ve been needing to take your gaming out and about, at that point look no more remote than PPSSPP Emulator. No doubt, the name is somewhat of a bite, however, this genuinely is an extraordinary application. You’ll have the capacity to play the majority of your most loved PSP recreations in HD, directly on your cell phone. There is the presence of customizable controls, for e.g. tilting sensitivity, so you can conveniently play exactly how you want to. This application is totally free but there is a presence of higher version known as Gold version which is available at $5. In the game, the higher version won’t change the emulator function at all but this will get you developer support.

    Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Linux, Mac OS X.

    2.  PSPlay PSP Emulator

    PSPlay PSP Emulator

    The second application in the list is PSPlay PSP Emulator. So, if you’re really planning to transform your PSP game experience, then PSPlay PSP Emulator will be surely a great choice. The emulator is aesthetically pleasing and even it functions in a good manner. There’s an on-screen controller for simple, quick get wherever you are, or you can connect an outside controller through Bluetooth. The slick thing about PSPlay PSP Emulator is that it was genuinely made for the unwavering PSP client. You can play the majority of your most loved diversions, regardless of where you are, and exploit both the system abilities and spare states. On the off chance that you’ve been going back and forth about attempting an emulator out, this might be an incredible one for you to begin with.

    Platforms: Android.

    3. JPCSP

    Jpcsp emulator

    JPCSP is the next application and one of the most advanced application in the market. It is considered one of the best PlayStation portable emulator. The development of the popular application started back in 2008 and it is, fortunately, still being worked on by a small but active team. The emulator has already reached the topmost speed which is 100% speed on several commercial titles and the performance of the emulator is constantly improving day-by-day. It doesn’t work on every platform but it does works on platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac. JPSCP is written using the language Java. And because of the reason, it uses Java, it is also much slower than PPSSPP. The application needs Java Runtime Environment to be installed.

    Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.

    4. JsPspEmu

    JsPspEmu emulator

    Coming to the next application in the list which is JsPspEmu. It is the emulator written using the Javascript. It works properly with modern browsers. Unfortunately, the first version of the emulator works in a proper manner only on Chrome of both windows as well as Android. Some of the updates which brought major changes in the world of emulators are fixed pspautotests reference path, small fix in GPU dummy driver instancing and lastly Changed mocha reporter from dot to spec. This PlayStation portable emulator is not available on every operating system. And the information regarding the same is very less on the official website and sources.

    Platforms: Windows.

    5. Rocket PSP Emulator for PSP Games

    Rocket PSP Emulator for PSP Games

    Rocket PSP Emulator is the god for providing you with amazing features. Regardless of whether you’re simply starting to make sense of emulator and how it functions, or you’ve been around the hedge a couple of times and know precisely what you’re doing, Rocket PSP will be an incredible choice, regardless of what your dimension of ongoing interaction and emulator information is. Your PlayStation Portable Emulator will help you play your old PSP games by transforming it into crisp images which work to rule out fuzziness and weird textures. The audio system of the amazing game is also just superb. The emulator will try its best to make the application new for every second.


    Platform: Android.

    6. Potemkin

    Potemkin emulator

    The sixth application in the list is Potemkin emulator. There are various features of this application. The best feature of this application is that it conveniently plays Puzzle Bobble Pocket JAP. Not only this but it also starts AI Go without facing any issues. Lastly, it also runs various demos from the PSP SDK. The Potemkin mounts ISOs and CSOs. It is also an easy task for this application to mount windows directories. Though, there is no good User interface for this purpose. There is a process going on to make the application support for game-specific patching through UltraHLE-style INI file. The disadvantage of this emulator is there is no VFPU Emulation in this emulator. The PSP kernel is badly simulated which makes many users upset.

    Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X.

    7. PCSP PSP Emulator

    PCSP PSP Emulator

    PCSP PSP Emulator is yet another amazing PlayStation Portable Emulator made for PC or Laptop. It has settings in which you can configure Joystick Controllers and via the configuration tools, you can also take Screenshots. Though, it doesn’t run properly and is incompatible with various tools. For e.g. the emulator showed us some issues while playing PSP games downloaded from a website called as which is one of the PSP game ROMs downloading sites. This issue stated that there were some errors or the Game being encrypted. Still, because of the exclusive features, it is considered one of the best emulators.

    Platforms: Windows.

    8. PS2 Emulator- DamonPS2

    PS2 Emulator- DamonPS2

    The eighth application in the list but first in many hearts is the application called as PS2 Emulator- DamonPS2. The PlayStation portable emulator can easily run more than 90% of total PS2 games (with few graphics bugs). Not only this but DamonPS2 emulator is also perfectly compatible with greater than 20% of PS2 games. With the simple to-utilize interface, DamonPS2 Pro PSP Emulator truly is easy to get the hang of directly off the bat. This application underpins NEON acceleration, widescreen diversions, high resolution, etc. In any case, the extremely amazing thing is that this application is continually being refreshed, and there are such a large number of highlights that are as of now in progress for future forms, similar to cheats, outline skips, and a more intuitive gamepad.

    Platforms: Android.

    9. Rapid PSP Emulator

    Rapid PSP Emulator

    The last application in the list is Rapid PSP Emulator. Rapid PSP Emulator can imitate and work any type of PSP game or PSP homebrew you wish. It is one of the best PlayStation Portable Emulator. As the name says, it is rapid and also efficient PSP emulator. It also has support for external game controllers. And the most authentic feature of this amazing emulator is that it supports ISO, CSO and ROM formats as well. The sound effects are too of high-class quality. It has a better user interface which works without any issues and attracts the majority of the population. The emulated games utilize your superb smartphone in the same way and make you feel like you are playing a video game console with a game controller.

    Platforms: Android.



    The discussion which was just enlightening you is now going to end. Yes, we are now closer to the end of the topic. PSP had surely won many hearts. The emulators aren’t functioning less in terms of winning various hearts.

    So closing the discussion, we’ve seen various types of emulators available in the market. Out of which, is considered as the amazing application with. Not only this but are also a remarkable choice for playing PSP. Now it is your turn to enlist your requirements and try to match them with the features of every emulator. As features are different, the best PlayStation Portable emulator will be also different for every user. It is totally your choice to decide which emulator will be the best for you. So what are you waiting for? Start visiting the applications and playing wonderful games on it!