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10 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

    Windows 7 was and will always be hailed as the best Operating Software Microsoft ever bought out. It comes with abundant security updates and an amazing intelligence it is also packed with a variety of features and has subsequently made the lives of the user a whole lot better. The windows are very well known for its photo viewer which does not have an equal. It was a simple program that let us preview our pictures, adjust the basic alignment of photos and a slideshow to share those memories with our families.

    Everything was running smoothly until the giant Microsoft decided to bring their app on every platform possible. Windows 10 was not spared of this mayhem as well which is why now all the user may have a preference of the older version which was comparatively very user-friendly and did not cause any hassle. Best photo viewer for windows 10 have now become the rage of the time and users are willing to pay any price to get their hands on the best ones. But now, that is the thing of the past as the older version also provided a great preview which is not present in the new ones.

    Photos which is found on the windows is, in reality, a default version of the app, and the user is forced to use it if he does not have any other app which is installed. The app has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some of the users prefer it because of their inclination for onboard editing features, and others do not prefer the app because it is very slow and takes a long time to load.

    Microsoft has come out with a new app called Photos as the photo viewer for Windows 10 which has been launched very recently. This relatively new app is equipped with some amazing features, but it contains a lot of bugs which makes it all the slower than the previous app. It is in this scenario that many of the users want a new and fast image viewer on their desktop. Therefore to meet the expectations of our readers we are going to discuss in this article various alternatives for Windows 10.

    Why is the best photo viewer for windows 10 gaining ground?

    As we all know image viewer or image browser is actually a computer program that can display stored graphical images. It can, therefore, present these images to the viewer in the time of need. It also boasts its graphics file formats. It is this type of software that helps the user to use the image viewer according to his need, this type of software helps the image to be displayed according to properties of the display such as color depth, and color profile. Even if a user uses a full-featured raster graphics editor such as Photoshop or the GIMP or the StylePix which is a very well known form as an image viewer, these do have various editing functionalities which are not needed for just viewing images, and thus makes the application work very slowly. We can also deduce that many have functionalities that editors usually lack, such as stepping through all the images in a directory like for example in a slideshow. Best photo viewer for Windows 10 is something every user is keen on finding so that can use that same app for a long time without having to change continuously.

    Image viewers are very useful and provide the users with maximal flexibility thereby providing a direct view of the directory structure available on a hard disk. Although most image viewers do not provide any kind of automatic organization of pictures they still make up for the deficiency with the help of amazing features. But still, the burden remains on the user to create and maintain their folder structure. Best photo viewer for windows ten though are many in number only a few have gained popularity in recent times. However,  we can still say that some image viewers also have features for organizing images, especially an image database, and hence can also be used as image organizers as well. Windows Photo Viewer (formerly Windows Picture and Fax Viewer) is an image viewer included with the Windows NT family of operating systems. It was very first included with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 under various headings.

    Now let us discuss the various best photo viewer for Windows 10, which though are available in plenty but now many of them have become redundant and are not used anymore. Here in this article, we are going to stress on best free photo viewer for windows 10 and best picture viewer for windows 10.

    Let us, therefore, begin our list of best photo viewer for windows 10:

    1. Apowersoft Photo Viewer

    apowersoft photo viewer

    We should talk about this app if we are talking about the best photo viewer for Windows 10. It has very little CPU occupation. In case a user wants a better view of the image he must use this app. Once you’ve clicked it, the current image will be displayed in full screen.

    If the user wants to edit the image, he needs to click the pen icon on the bottom toolbar, and after that enjoy the features of this app. It has a robust image editor.

    2. FastStone Image Viewer

    faststone image viewer


    We shall now discuss another picture viewer for Windows 10 that is FastStone Image Viewer. This app helps users to view their photos. It is a very fast and reliable app. It helps as image viewer, image browser, image editor and image converter software for Windows users all at the same time. It is free to use and is very easy to use as well.

    It also is equipped with an image editor so users can do some editing as well if they want to. It also supports numerous image formats and thus is gaining popularity in recent times.

    3. IrfanView

    irfanview photo viewer for windows

    Now we will discuss another app called Irfan view which not only works well but also loads up images faster than other paid picture viewers. This app can help a user to view pictures without lags, convert and optimize photos as the user wants, create slideshows, and process image in batches as well. It can also scan images, as well as play music and videos.

    4. XnView

    xnview image viewer for windows 10

    Another image viewer for Windows10 on our list is XnView. This app serves as a photo viewer, organizer and, also as, an image editor.

    It is very flexible, and the images load fair enough without any lags. Just like the previous applications this image viewer also supports batch processing for images conversion, which is very useful in the recent era.

    5. Nomacs

    nomacs for viewing images on windows 10nomacs for viewing images on windows 10

    Nomacs is another viewer on our list and is a free and open source photo viewer with clustered of features and functions. A user can use it on almost every Operating System. It supports all types of image formats including RAW and PSD images.

    It will fit with the requirement of the user. It helps you in increasing the brightness of the images with the help of various tools.

    6. Imagine

    imagine picture viewer

    Imagine is a very fast photo viewer among all. It is freeware and is a third party image viewer. It supports a large number of image formats that one can even think of.

    Both 32bit and 64-bit versions are available in this image viewer. It not only helps the user to create an animation but also to capture the screen.

    7. Windows Photo Viewer

    basic photo viewer from microsoft

    Windows photo viewer is another viewer available in the market is very extensive in its work. It is very well known in the market and users have shown a preference towards it.

    Windows Photo Viewer is a simple application used by users in plenty. It helps load images very fast, which has made it more popular among users.

    8. HoneyView

    honeyview image viewer

    This is a very well loved image viewer which is used throughly among the users. Honey is a third-party image viewer. It does allow the rotation of images and also allows to edit them.

    The users can bookmark the images with this app for later uses. It supports all types of format as well.

    9. ACDSee Ultimate

    acdsee free

    This is a fan favorite image viewer and is very well known among users. It helps to edit images effortlessly and has gain momentum in recent times. It helps to resize and crop images without any trouble.

    It only has a free trial for 30 days, and the paid version is quite exquisite at $109 for the whole package.

    10. QuickLook

    quicklook image viewer windows

    QuickLook is a tool developed for windows keeping Quicklook, a MacOS tool developed by Apple for quick previews of contents of a file quickly. Though it is used a lot, it suffers from various drawbacks such as slow loading.


    We take a lot of pictures almost every day, be it of us, our family, nature or even our food.  But as soon as we store a picture, it turns into a memory. Therefore we must invest in software which is good for viewing and reliving these passed beautiful moments; we should take aid from the Photo Viewer software of our Personal computer which helps us to remember these moments forever. A basic software that lacks some needed features thus this article will solve that problem by suggesting best free photo viewers for windows ten a user can use. That is it is only good enough to view pictures, and not tweak them.

    Therefore, this list will help the users find the best photo viewer for Windows 10.