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10 Best Online IQ Test with Instant & Accurate Results

    Alfred Benit, a psychologist born in France started testing children with different mental capabilities. From the tests, he concluded a way to identify the students who needed some special programs and helps in school.  everybody wants to have an Intelligence quotient ( IQ) of Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking, but are you really that intelligent? the only way to find out that is by taking an IQ test. IQ tests help you to diagnose intellectual disabilities and measure someone’s intellectual potential.


    IQ is made up of certain skills a person has. Skills like logical reasoning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and adaption. Generally, IQ tests consist of verbal and performance sections. You might be wondering how to find your IQ? the answer to this question is by taking some test which consists of standardized questions and topics that calculates how intelligent a person is.  There are many ways you can check your IQ, the traditional pen and paper method, then you can go to some organizations which take tests on their software and let you know the results and then comes the best IQ test online which you can take yourself. IQ tests do not test a person’s intelligence, but it tests how capable a person is to learn new information.


    Why Do people take IQ Tests?

    People at different age groups take IQ tests, right from kindergarten till getting a job in some company, IQ tests or tests which will test your intelligence have become an important part of the process. There are certain criteria’s which an individual should cross in order to be eligible for a course or a job. Young children have to take these tests in order to get admission in kindergarten. As you grow you keep giving different tests, for different purposes.  Now by the result of the IQ test, a person is judged whether he or she will succeed in their careers or work.

    Evaluation of IQ boosts some people with confidence and morale and motivates them to explore and do more such things in their life. For some people, it is a reality check, by which they evaluate themselves and do the required changes which will improve their personality. IQ tests help to identify people best fitted for a certain job or role.

    IQ tests do not measure creativity, musical affinity, motivation and type of non-academic talents.

    Let us see the best online IQ test available to us:


    free iq test site

    Regarded as one of the best IQ tests which give very accurate results.  All Free-IQTest requires you to fill in your gender and date of birth to start the test. The test consists of 20 random questions. The questions are generally based on some general topic which is multiple choice questions and stating whether it is true or false. While taking a test at, there will be a timer running at the top right corner which tracks the time you are taking to complete the task. The result is displayed instantly after the test is completed.  The test on Free-IQTask is divided into 4 parts viz, spatial intelligence, logical reasoning, verbal intelligence, and math.

    2. site is a complete culture fair test which consists of 39 questions. It gives you 40 minutes to complete this 39 questions. IQ provides results instantly at the end. is one of the best IQ tests with instant results.  The results on are most honest and accurate. It tests your general intelligence with pattern recognition and logic based questions. The good thing about the tests on is that there is no registration required or those annoying ads.


    The test on consists of 38 multiple choice questions which are spread on a few pages that test your logical reasoning and intelligence. When you start a test, make sure you complete it as fast as you can, because spending more than 20 seconds on average with each question will negatively affect you in your final score. When you are done giving the test, asks for your name and email id on which your result will be mailed. It is one of the best free IQ tests.

    4. See My Personality

    See My Personality

    This online IQ test website is suitable for kids, teenager, and adults which will them their result after solving the test which consists of unique and original questions. The test on See My personality is a test which requires you to be fast while solving it. To start the test, you need to provide your name, country, age, and gender.  See My personality takes tests which are broken into different parts to test different things which include memory, perception, word comprehension, visual designs, logic related questions, numerical. Before the test begins, instructions are given so that you don’t face any difficulties while you are actually giving the test on See My Personality. You are given an option to save the test at any time and do it some other time.  Once you are the answering all the questions, the results will be shared with you via email. Also, it will be shared with others which can be viewed online. Results give detailed information about which part of your brain is used to work through them. See My Personality is the best online IQ test with accurate results.

    5. FunEducation

    funeducation tests

    FunEducation is a free test premium psychometric exam which measures your cognitive performance in several key areas which include word analysis and spatial reasoning. FunEducations uses your raw IQ level score and applies it to standard deviation which provides your IQ relative to the normal distribution of intelligence. The test on FunEducation has 43 questions with no time limit.  The result of this test is broken into spatial reasoning, word analysis, and fill in the blanks. FunEducation also shows you the wrong answers. The results are shown in a graph with factors like gender, age, nationality and so on. The result is shown to you only after you create an account on FunEducation. It is one of the best IQ tests online.


    free iq test info site has a free test which consists of 20 questions. The result is based on your answers as well as on how quickly you answer your questions  The Result is not shared with anyone on On the left side of the screen, they provide you with IQ test counter and IQ test progress bar which. Once the test Is completed,  you will be given your score, the time you took to finish the test and your status with respect to your score such as Gifted or Severely Challenged. does not let you review your answers. is the best free IQ test with instant results.

    7. Memorado


    Memorado is an IQ Test website which lets you take free tests consisting of 18 multiple choice questions. The options to the questions can be anywhere from two to four. Once the test is completed, you are given your IQ score with a short description below it, such as You are just above average, or that you are in the top 1% of the people. Memorado is called the gym for your brain.  Memorado also allows you to share your results on social media websites like facebook and twitter.

    8. PsychTests


    The tests on PsychTests are bit longer than the tests on other websites. This IQ test has a total of 57 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes. The test on PsychTests is multiple choice questions which consist of questions about everything from spatial relations and logical reasoning to math and language skills. Once the test is completed, you are asked to answer many questions such as gender, age, nation etc for research purpose. If you wish to see the entire detailed report, you will have to pay some amount else you will just get your IQ score and percentile for free.

    9. IQ Test Prep

    IQ Test Prep

    IQ Test Prep is one of the few websites which have two types of tests – 1) long IQ tests. 2) Quick IQ tests.  Long IQ test consists of 50 questions which have a time limit of 12 minutes. Quick IQ tests consist of 25 questions that have to be completed in 6 minutes.  The questions on both types of tests are multiple choice based. IQ Test Prep allows you to go back to previous questions by just clicking the back button. Once the test is completed, it displays your score alongside the average score on that test. IQ Test Prep also shows answers to the questions. It is considered to be one of the best online IQ tests.

    10. Genius Test

    Genius Test

    Genius Tests, just like IQ Test Prep, consist of two types of tests. the first one is a test with 50 questions which has a limit of 12 minutes, and the quick one is a test with 25 questions with 6 minutes time.  Genius Test does not let you go back to your previous questions, so you should be careful while answering. Genius test shows you the result after the test is completed. Along with the score, it also includes what percentile of intelligence you fall under. If you want your detailed result and answers to the questions in the test, you will have to pay. If you buy premium membership on Genius Test, not only you will get the detailed result but also more IQ tests.



    We would like to conclude by saying that IQ tests go a long way in helping someone analyze one’s learning abilities, identify one’s strengths and weaknesses, and gives a fair estimation as to where their intelligent levels lies in comparison to their colleagues and friends. IQ tests assist greatly in choosing your subjects, professions which in turn helps in making a good career.  In this article, we have mentioned some of the best online IQ tests which will be useful for you.