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12 Best Metronome Apps for iOS and Android

    Metronome apps are the best apps for musicians as they help them to master a piece of music. Using mobile devices, many resources are at our finger which comprises a lot of metronome apps and rhythmic tools. So, here is a list of the best metronome apps for Android and iOS so that you can find the best metronome for your needs. Let that be a basic simulation of a traditional metronome or an advanced metronome tool with customizations – metronome apps are the solutions to all!

    Why Do We Need Metronome Apps?

    Musicians can learn a great deal from it and it makes their practice sessions quicker and easier based on the way they use and choose their metronome app. Picking the right metronome app which suits your choice can prove to be a little bit tricky since the only way to test is only when you use it on your own.

    Although the price is not that costly but given that there are so many apps available, it can prove itself to be a costly affair if you keep buying them one after another. So here we have made you work a little easier by nominating the top 12 best metronome apps for iOS and Android.

    Check out these apps available on Android and iOS:

    1.  Metronome Ϟ

    Metronome Ϟ app

    This is a free app which works only on iOS only. It is marked as the most accurate timing of all available metronome apps because of their time clock regulation technology. This app has a lot to offer. Its key features include slider, finger tap option. By paying $2.99 to upgrade to its Pro version, you can get your hands on custom time signatures, subdivisions and accents with the same basic visual and sound customizations.

    One of its drawbacks is that there are no preselects or advanced tempo customization. It provides you with 8 different tones with a voice option. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best metronome apps for iOS.

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    2.  BPM & Tap Tempo 

    metronome bpm & tempo

    This is an iOS app which totally available for free and has an incredibly simple user interface. It offers the exact functionality of a traditional pendulum metronome. This is a very straightforward app which helps users know what to expect.

    It has no sound customization or visual customization but has a traditional pendulum metronome sound and has a display look to it. Its key features include slider to adjust tempo on metronome pendulum. It also preselects for certain tempos. It can even play in the background when screen is locked.

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    3. Tempo Lite App

    tempo lite app

    Tempo Lite App app for both iOS and Android and is free of cost. This app is really simple which offers basic functionalities of all metronome apps. It has 2 color themes: dark and light. It also provides you with the marking option of classic metronome and Italian tempo. Its key features include 8 time signatures, 6 rhythm patterns.

    It comes with customizable accents and tones and mute function. It has just drawback – it does not offer any subdivisions.

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    4. Tempo App

    tempo app ios

    Costing just $2.99, this is an app for both iOS and Android. This app featured as the “Staff Favourite” by the Apple App store and is counted as one of the most popular of tempo Apps. With different modes, it allows the user to set up the interface for “Basic, Set-list, Practice, and Gig” and you can choose from any one of them depending upon the environment you are in.

    It includes the marking option of a classic metronome and Italian tempo. Theme editor allows you to customize the color theme but this feature is only for iPhone. It has the option of customizable accents and tones of mute functions. This is considered as one of the friendliest apps for all types of musicians and their use cases.

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    5. Tempo Advance App

    tempo advance app

    This app costs $3.99 and works for iOS only. It has lots of customizable and many features are specifically designed for drummers. It has an endless list of rhythm patterns, tempo, presets and time signatures customizations that other metronome apps don’t provide. This app is actually standing up to its “Advance” name and has a more touch-friendly interface and visualization.

    It includes the customizable accents and tones and mute functions. You can adjust your tempo with +/- or a tap tempo or manually type the BPM. Its key feature includes polyrhythm and subdivision modes. It can set the BPM to set increment of time or number of bars.

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    6. Metronome Touch App

    metronome touch app ios

    This app is specifically for iOS only and costs $1.99. This app has a modern and a sleek touch to it and offers the basic functionalities that the other apps offer but has a nice display to it. It is a nice to look at pendulum metronome with some advanced features for presets and multi device use.

    It has 4 different black and white options and displays traditional metronome for all themes. It customizes presets to save favourites. The AirSync feature allows synchronizing pendulums across multiple devices if using iPad, iPhone or iPod simultaneously. You can set the BPM manually or you else the finger tap option is also available. One of the best things about this app is that it allows playing music and metronome at the same time.

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    7. Pro Metronome App

    pro metronome app

    Pro Metronome app is totally free and is supported on both iOS and Android. This is the best metronome app for android that is widely used and highly rated. Every feature available in this is customizable. Using airplay on iOS devices, the app can be displayed on a project or an Apple TV. It has a modern interface, dark theme with visual, vibrate and flash modes.

    It has 13 different tones including a voice option. It has programmable lists which allow you to set presets for each song within a playlist. You can share this list on any platform you like. It has the option to play the music even when the device is locked.

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    8. The Metronome App

    metronome by soundrenner ios

    Supported on both iOS and Android, this app is designed to sync to your wearable and vibrating metronome-the Soundbrenner Plus. It has 2 color themes: dark and light. It can toggle on/off the flash to display the beat.

    It has customizable accents, tones, mute and a voice option. When musicians link their device to app, there are social interactions with other Pulse users. The device vibrates and shows color pulses on the tempo.

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    9. Pulse App

    pulse app

    This app is only supported by iOS only. It has 8 sound options and has only dark theme. Color wheel customization for both upbeats and downbeats is also available. Being incredibly minimalistic, Pulse is a touch only interface designed for the Apple Watch small screen. It also has Bluetooth syncing for iPhone and Apple Watches to connect the devices for multi use.

    It also allows you to make sessions so that teaches and students are all working on the same beat. Oh, did I mention? It is totally free! It provides you with the features of slider wheel or finger tap option to adjust tempo. You can set the BPM for songs and you can save the available tempo too.

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    10. Time Guru


    Time Guru is supported both by iOS and Android and costs just $2.99. It is a unique metronome app developed by guitarist Avi Bortnick. It does all the things you’d expect a metronome to do, but one of its striking features is that the app gives you the ability to selectively – or randomly – mute the sound. This can really help if you decide to find out if you are rushing or dragging. It could also help you to develop a sense of time, rather than becoming reliant on a continuous beat.

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    11. Dr. Betotte

    dr betotte app

    This is the most expensive app with a price of $9.99. But, it’s totally worth it. Most musicians will never use half of what its capable of, but it does all kind of weird and funky rhythms nd allows you to save all these settings for future practice sessions.

    You can also decide to slowly increase the tempo over time, which can come in handy when you want to start working a tricky passage slowly, and gradually get it up to full speed without having to fiddle with the metronome settings between the reps.

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    12. Metronome Plus App

    metronome plus app

    It is a simple, elegant and easy to use metronome app. It’s accurate and loud, includes a tapping feature to gauge tempo and allows for some customizations of meters and customizations. You can also connect it with multiple devices, while keeping the metronome going on in the background.

    It has a beautiful and easy user interface which makes it an amazing experience to use along with the fact that it’s really easy to get a hold of it. Being an attractive metronome app, it stands as one of the best metronome app for iOS.

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    Final Words

    Now that we have sorted out a list for you describing the features of our top 12 best metronome apps for iOS and Android, all you need to do now is to find what suits you the best and buy it. You can only check your feasibility with it once you use it. But with so many choices, I am pretty sure that you are going to find the best metronome app for yourself.