14 Best Kerbal Space Program Mods

The best Kerbal space program is, in reality, an amazing accomplishment, an adventure which is a rewarding challenge once it is achieved, its storyline revolves around that of space with an alternate reality being a nostalgic part of it.

In the year 2015 it was given the highest recommendation, and ever since then it has made its appearance in all the top lost making it well known throughout the world. Best Kerbal Space Program mods stick around because it has everything one can imagine that makes personal computer gaming the ultimate satisfaction. It has a sense of freedom, creativity, and flexibility all rolled into one.


Why are these mods required?

Naturally, mods make the experience world class which cannot be denied. The best Kerbal Space Program mods always keep on adding a new variety of items to its universe, let us say for example new ships, new parts, and small items to keep Kerbal fun and fresh even after hundreds of hours of rocket science at its best.

If a player is looking for a flying enterprise or for a recreation of NASA’s Apollo rockets or the live version of the International Space Station, the Best Kerbal Space program mods community has been doing it time and time again and also getting astounding results which even the gamers appreciate, it is being done for ages now.

Now of all the work that is available on the segment of space the favorite mod of gamers have become the best Kerbal Space program mods which are now the recent rage of the industry, and have gained tremendous momentum in the recent era and is expected to remain on those lines.

The first mod that we are going to discuss now is in actuality not a mod at all, but in all realism, it is a program.

CKAN is actually an open-source, mod manager. Though Kerbal space program’s mod community has moved all around the world a lot, it was always officially based out of Curse.com, the largest of the mods still now available live basically on the game’s official website and their official forum’s, while other games mostly tend to live on SpaceDock. Nowadays with so many mod sources that are available out there, CKAN is most well known for aggregating files submitted and thereby cross-referencing them in a very organized manner which is very helpful indeed. Kerbal space program mod is numerous and very useful as well. We will be discussing them later in the article.

It makes sure that everything is up to date. CKAN helps to install/uninstalling instantly, and also warns if the various mods are incompatible with each other.  In reality, if a modder has recommended other mods to run along with theirs, CKAN asks if the user would like to install them at the same time. It’s an amazing piece of work although.

In order to add a mod using CKAN, just start by typing the name. There may be a few mods only hosted on Curse or SpaceDock, but mostly all of them are compulsorily included in CKAN.

Let us now discuss various types of the best module for the Kerbal space program, which are as follows:


1. Chatterer

chatterer mod

In space, nobody will be able to hear anyone. You can scream all you want no one is likely to take heed. If a person wants to be heard he must switch on the push to talk button, only then can he be heard. This mod took the real-life audio from the various missions to the moon such as the Apollo 11 missions, mixed it up a little bit, inserted various intriguing audio files to play alongside in the background of the various missions. Scrambled it up a bit, and chopped it into audio files that play in the background of your missions. Combined with some well-placed Quindar tones, this mod gives the impression of a bustling, chaotic mission control center buzzing with messages and cross-talk. Floating weightless in the black of the space feels more real with mission control talking in your ear.

2. Hull came to VDS

The Apollo missions happened before we had any other experience, but Kerbals are much more advanced. The Hullcam VDS mod adds a variety of attachable cameras which enables a person to watch the mission from his side of the spacecraft.

3. Collision FX

This module makes crashes look as real as possible, and it is termed as the most “Kerbal” thing imaginable. Collision FX adds sparks, smoke, screeching tires, and plowing dirt as per the imagination of the player. They have worked at it for years and hence the newest version more real with mission control talking in your ear.

4. RealPlume

RealPlume is made up to include SmokeScreen, a mod that lets the player customize engine effects. RealPlume completely reworks the exhaust and helps the engine get a life of its own.

5. PlanetShine

An orbiting a planet with a colorful atmosphere reflects that color on the spaceship of the player as well. When a ship is in low orbit around a planet, the backside of the ship will be softly illuminated by the planets glow which makes it amazing to look at.

6. Kronal Vessel Viewer

This module basically helps to make blueprints for the spaceship. With the help of this, a player can tinker with his space shuttle.

7. Shuttle challenge mods

Kerbal Space Program is a hard game. If the player wants new ways to make spectacular discoveries, it can be done with the help of this, and this makes it well loved among players.

8. SCANsat

There are numerous planets in the solar system, and this mod focuses on the same. Previous satellite mods focused on scanning and locating resources, but now things have changed drastically, and this app or mod focuses precisely on the satellites which revolve around the solar system.

9. Orbit Portal Technology Space

Kerbal Aircraft Expansion is another excellent part of the pack which is involved with aircraft maintenance and manufacturing. It is a unique mod and supplies planes, parts and other materials.

10. Kerbal Construction Time

The players can “simulate” a ship to see how it flies without waiting for the actual time to construct it. When the player is subsequently happy with the build, they can confirm it.

11. SpaceY

A calculator in the kerbals universe can tell is till when can the supplies survive and thus is an integral mod. NASA now is not really in the business of inspiration anymore. These days, all the exciting space stuff is happening at SpaceY, the privately held Kerbal space agency that bears no resemblance to privately managed space agencies here on Earth. So the players can customize their experience.

12. Umbra Space Industries

Its most famous mod packs are Colonization Systems and Life Support, this combo helps to starve million of Kerbals to starve to death beneath the ruins of their failed colonies. Unlike most one-off mods, the rocket scientists behind Umbra Space Industries have established a cottage industry of mod packs.

13. Near Future Technologies

Near Future’s mods are basically just parts packs, so the players have to be innovative to assemble them together. Research and development are an integral part of the module. Though these kids with do not give the star wars a run for their money they will still get you to Mars.

14. Kerbal Alarm Clock

The players can set the alarm for ideal interplanetary launch windows, letting you fast-forward until it’s the right time of year for a trip to Duna.

Set alarms for certain parts of your orbit, for other crafts passing nearby, for crossing orbits, and others. You can even tie into a strange alternate universe, a planet called “Earth,” and set alarms based on the local time.


Final Words

The gaming industry has come a long way ever since its inception. With the advent of new devices and a 24×7 connectivity, the gaming industry is only going to go places. It’s not unusual to witness a new game being released almost every day. Almost all famous games have numerous mods which are usually fan made. These mods not only enhance the user gaming experience but also provide that cutting edge to the game. The mods we have discussed about will surely add to the awesomeness of the amazing game that Kerbal Space Program is. Happy Gaming!

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