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10 Best Karaoke Apps for iPhone and Android

    Nowadays, what actually is happening all around the globe is building up of pressure and stress. Even this stress can lead to mental pressure, and you can have some serious effect on this. So, to manage all these people are actually trying and doing different things to take out the most and in a much efficient way and also not taking the mental stress to a high level.

    Basically, people do exercise or meditate, go for a morning and evening walk or even go for a party and the best you can have the karaoke party at your home with friends and family. These things actually work and help to manage the stress. Or even if you like singing but can’t actually buy the instruments and all, as they are too costly, then you have the option of karaoke singing over your simple smartphone device.

    Actually, karaoke singing is nothing but you singing the lyrics which will be displayed on the screen with the original music of your choice in the background. These may vary and be different as there can be images or videos running behind to understand lyrics in a more efficient way. Nowadays, people all around want some kind of convenient pastime which actually doesn’t involve much money, heavy machine, and peace.

    There are some of the best karaoke apps available for not stopping you from anything and from no excuse. There is a list of karaoke apps given for android as well as iPhone.


    Karaoke Apps for Android


    1. Musixmatch Lyrics & Music

    musixmatch lyrics for music

    This is one of the best karaoke apps for Android and the popular one too. It has some really amazing and unique features such that it has in total 20 languages with actually more than 6 million lyrics over this app. You actually don’t need the internet for singing with your friends, that means you can also find the lyrics of your choice even if you are offline and have a good fun time with your friends. And the most amazing feature of this app is even if we don’t know the name of the song still this app searched it for you. And you can share the songs through social media as well. It also has voice filter as well.

    2. Red Karaoke

    red karaoke sing & record

    This is another most famous karaoke singing app for Android devices. There are many jaw-dropping features which you actually cannot ignore. And the best part is all such features is free of cost. This app in terms of modification also allows you to put your own picture in the background and much more to it. Recording and sharing of your video are really easy and fast. You can also adjust the font of the lyrics. This app actually lets you sing 20 complimentary songs per month.

    3. SoundHound

    soundhound music discovery & hands free player

    It has some of the features of the Musixmatch Android Karaoke app; likable to search for the song you want even if you have no clue of the title of the song. And not only that it comes under the list of best karaoke apps for android. This app is also known for the fastest speed in recognizing the music. With music recognition, this app also has the feature of humming recognition and geo-tagging and much more. You will also be able to share your favorites through social media. With again an outstanding feature this app actually allows you to sing along with your favorite music. It detects the song automatically for you, and so there is no need to work hard thinking and to use your energy to get to know about that song.

    4. Poweramp Music Player (trial)

    poweramp music player

    It is considered as one of the best karaoke apps for android having a great music player. Also, it has a customizable music player. It has a 15 day free trial time. It is capable of actually supporting platforms such as mp3,mp4, Ogg, WMA, mpc, etc. This app has features like to provide an optimized graphical equalizer for all the supported formats, presets, mono mixing, balance, and much more. This app actually helps you to customize and control over your list of songs. You will definitely have a great time singing and enjoying this and providing lyrics along with that.

    5. Shazam

    shazam android

    This song is considered as one of those apps where you a search and find the song without knowing the title of the song. It is really easy and fun to use for the new users trying it. This app is available on the Google Play Store on your Android devices. Also, this app has many unique features which include sharing your favorites on socials, watching videos via YouTube, etc. This provides music previews, saves the song and much more to it.


    Best karaoke Apps for iPhone


    6. Smule

    smule the singing app iphone

    Smule is one of the best karaoke apps for iPhone you will ever see. It is really good for iOS users. It actually lets you sing your favorite songs. It is very easy to create your own solo or duet and also this app allows you to group video with some of your favorite singers around the world and hence allows you to self-record your video. It has some of the best features like it updates the app to the latest songs as soon as videos. The best thing about this app is that it allows to group video and self-record your own videos.

    7. Sargam

    sargam sing karaoke songs app iphone

    Sargam is one of best karaoke apps for the iPhone users. It has some amazing features like editing of songs, record your favorites easily, and also the playback quality is really high and good. It has a detection feature for advance vocals which actually clears your voice. It also enhances your voice quality. Also, it is also one of the best apps for collaborating with your friends. It has the feature to do updates with the latest songs. It comes under the most popular and free karaoke apps for iPhone users. It can be used when you want to record your voice of an advanced level. It is really advantageous as it actually clears your voice and helps to add filters to it.

    8. StarMaker Lite

    starmaker lite

    StarMaker Lite is one of the karaoke apps for the iPhone users which has some unique and interesting features like there are different audio effects and can be used to filter your voice. It can be said that it is one of the best and popular singing game app which has some very good and amazing collection of the artist’s voice. It has a feature of about searching for your favorite artist voice. And this app actually helps in many ways. As its amazing outlook is that as many songs you sing the more songs you unlock. And hence it enhances your ability to sing and sing even more. And it has the latest songs and videos. Also, new tracks and songs are released every day, so you get a new song every single day. It has the sharing facility also with your friends, family or on the social media as well. It has easy steps and ways and also with some different and crazy audio effects.

    9. Karaoke by Yokee

    karaoke sing unlimited songskaraoke sing unlimited songs

    Karaoke by Yokee is another amazing karaoke app for all the iPhone users. You can be rest assured about this app as it focuses on some really cool features like that it allows you to sing the song and show some crazy amazing talent of yours of singing and share it with your friends and also on social media. Record and share are really simple and easy in Karaoke by Yokee app. It has an enhanced feature of echo. Also, one best feature of this app is that it is free of cost and you can use the features of this app in every possible way without spending a single penny on it. Also, the database of this app has a very huge and large collection of songs. From different artist to latest and famous songs, everything is available on one single app. It has the feature of little reverb and auto enhanced in the echo is the best feature of this app. Also, you can record your song and add a filter to your song by adding the audio filters available on the app. It allows searching your favorite songs from different artists very easily and in very few steps. You can surely be depended on this app at any time for the karaoke singing.

    10. WeSing!

    wesing your pocker karaoke

    WeSing is one of the best karaoke apps for the iPhone users which has some intelligent and amazing search feature which functions in the most reliable way. You can get your favorite song easily on this app. It is one of the craziest pocket karaoke apps on which you can depend blindly as it has some super sound effects and music editing is made so simple and easy to edit on this very app. It is an amazing app allowing you to sing and record and definitely share with others as well. It updates daily with the latest songs which are done basically either daily or weekly. So it makes it easy for you to get the latest songs and record your song in the more easiest way and with the most craziest filters which are available on this app for free of all cost. You can record your performance daily and be a star by sharing it.



    Finally, we come to a conclusion that definitely we can use karaoke for fun purpose or may it be improving our singing skills. Also, it is such a masterpiece that can help you to improve in many ways. You should also keep in mind that if there are advantages to some things then definitely there are disadvantages also. And if we use these apps of Android and iPhone in the best way possible, then it will be the best thing you can do to improve your skills.

    For the android based apps, you can download it from the Google Play Store available on your smartphone devices as pre-installed. And for the iPhone karaoke apps, you can go on iTunes to download it from there. It is one of the best things that can happen to the people to improve some of there skills and use these karaoke apps for fun and party too.

    So, what are you actually waiting for? Go and start downloading and bring the best artist and a singer from inside and release out all the stress and pain.