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9 Best IRC Clients for Linux, Windows, and Mac

    The word IRC stands for Internet Relay chat that has been heard by many but only a few know the actual meaning of the same. It is basically an application layer rule or protocol that enhances communication in the form of text. The communication process occurs in the form of text. Now, what IRC clients mean? IRC customers are PC programs that clients can introduce on their framework or electronic applications running either locally in the program or on outsider server. These customers talk with various visit servers to share messages with other clients. IRC is for the most part intended for gathering correspondence in dialog discussions, called channels, yet in addition permits one-on-one correspondence by means of private messages just as talk and information transfer, including record sharing.


    Advantages of IRC

    Even the smallest thing in the world have certain advantages. And the famous part of technology which is IRC also has them. So, Now, Let us have a look on few advantages:

    1. Internet Relay Chat is decentralized: There is no single organization controlling IRC (as opposed to WhatsApp or Facebook chat or AIM, and so forth.) Therefore, anybody can set up their very own server and use it any way they like.
    2. The channel paradigm with the IRC is very robust: permits for real-time conversation with up to various of people at a single second.
    3. Privacy: The IRC messenger has access levels and high-level channel modes. Let us take an example, If you are a resident of India, you may be banned from the channel of Japan based on your specific IP address or you will require an invitation or a secret code to enter.
    4. Meeting New People all over the globe: The one who owes an IRC Client will surely love to interact with many people at once. So IRC clients enable this feature.

    Now let us see some best IRC clients available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.


    1. Weechat

    weechat irc client

    The first and the foremost IRC Client available in the list is Weechat. It runs very efficiently in various types of platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac. If you are looking for a powerful and fast IRC Client, then you must surely check Weechat. The renown client comes as a “feather-light” (IRC) Chat Client which can be comfortably pulled as per your requirements. There are various uncountable Plugins and Scripts easily available for it. The plugins can also be loaded/unloaded dynamically with fewer difficulties in real-time (to the program). Customization capabilities are one of the abilities of Weechat to increase efficiency and decrease workload. Weechat is completely documented and also an active project.

    Platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac

    2. XChat Azure

    XChat Azure client

    XChat Azure is another incredible, include rich, and simple to utilize IRC customer application on Mac OS X. It is considered as Best IRC Client for Mac. It gives a simple method to associate by means of the IRC arranges on Mac OS X gadgets. It’s absolutely a quality IRC customer application and the one that you should look at on the off chance that you utilize a Mac. The amazing thing is that it is free in cost. Connecting with multiple IRC servers and channels is no more an issue. Because of this feature,  it is easy to have both general and private conversations easily. Additionally, there are many good extra features available such as full robust support, support for file transfers, and many useful keyboard shortcuts. Lastly, XChat Azure is a completely open source application.

    Platforms: Mac

    3. IceChat

    icechat irc

    IceChat is considered as one of the best IRC clients for windows. Why? Because of its exclusive features and as it is available only on Windows without any complications. The application proclaims itself as “The Chat Cool People Use.” And no doubt, it had made itself such successful that the tagline even attracts the majority of the population. It is very easy to use. The steps include just enter a nickname, choose an IRC server to connect to, and you are ready to chat with your friends. IceChat is exceedingly adaptable. It enables you to change everything, including visit text styles, foundation hues, worldwide application subjects, and nickname records. The other standard features you get via this IRC Client is VBS based scripting, multiple servers & channel support, etc.

    Platforms: Windows.

    4. Pidgin

    pidgin irc

    Coming to the next IRC Client known as Pidgin which is one of the Best IRC clients for Linux. Pidgin is convenient to use and absolutely free chat client used by many people across the globe. You can very comfortably connect to famous chat networks like AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, IRC, XMPP, and many more chat networks all at a single second. Wanna hear the exclusive features? Okay! So here we go. Firstly, it supports multiple chat networks. Pidgin is an IRC Client which is highly extensible with the use of plugins. You can also integrate the client with a system tray on GNOME and KDE. Lastly, everyone likes if there is the presence of active development. And the amazing Pidgin is a free software with continuous development.

    Platforms: Linux

    5. HexChat

    hexchat software

    HexChat is completely based on the phenomena of XChat Azure with some changes along with it. But as XChat is not completely free, this software is completely for both Windows and Unix-like system. Since XChat is open source, it is no doubt legal to copy them. The HexChat client is much scriptable with Lua, Python, and Perl. There are various languages which the Best IRC client supports.  The software is also one of the fully open source which is in active development. So as the days pass, the users start to wish for new updates and this IRC client provides them. HexChat can also connect various networks at a single second with auto connect, join, and identify the feature. Lastly, if the grammar was an issue. Then don’t worry, the HexChat has the feature of Spellcheck, Proxies, SASL, DCC support and many more.

    Platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac

    6. Quassel IRC

    quassel irc

    Coming to the next IRC Client called as Quassel IRC and considered as one of the best IRC client. Quassel IRC is an advanced, cross-stage, disseminated IRC customer, implying that one or more clients can append to and segregate from a centralized system – much like the famous mix of screen and a content-based IRC customer, for example, WeeChat, however graphical. Notwithstanding this remarkable element, the Quassel IRC try to bring a pleasurable, comfortable chatting experience at every single significant stage. It is basically a distributed IRC Chat Client based on the Qt4 framework. Quassel IRC is majorly distributed under the GPL and is absolutely free to download IRC Client. Lastly, the app is also open source IRC client application.

    Platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac

    7. ADIIRC


    The seventh IRC client is ADIIRC which is no doubt first in many hearts. As said everyone likes continuous development so this free IRC client is surely frequently updated, so you get added features in its every new release. A much of solid features make it one of the Best free IRC clients available throughout the technology world. ADIIRC is genuinely simple to utilize IRC Client. A portion of its prominent highlights incorporates double segment UI, numerous server associations, record exchanges, intermediary and SSL support, full message logging, MTS themes, spellchecker, monitor panels, IRCv3 compatible, and much more. You can get themes, scripts, plugins, and translations in addition to its original features. There are Nicklist, Treebar, Windows icons on the main screen leading for your ease.

    Platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac

    8. mIRC

    mirc client

    mIRC is an IRC client which is only meant for windows. Still, it is one of the oldest and most established IRC clients on the internet. The Best IRC client can work with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. It is a little application that takes insignificant seconds to download and introduce. When opened, you will see a speedy advertisement and afterward you should enter a nickname and email address along with your chat server information. Once these steps are followed, you can conveniently start chatting with your friends. mIRC also comes with few servers present in it already installed if the user just wants to browse. The application along with the feature of chat has various other features like file transfers, notifications, scripts and more. The advertisements are an issue and you can easily remove them by paying a few dollars.

    Platforms: Windows

    9. Textual

    textual_ IRC for macOS

    The ninth app in the list known as Textual is basically meant for Mac purpose only. It is one of the famous and leading applications for interacting with IRC chat rooms on Mac OS X. And as this app is just downloaded for mac purpose only, there is no compatibility issue with it. Textual has an amazingly planned multi-section UI having dull and light variations which makes it an unadulterated visual pleasure on Retina gadgets. Textual has been studded with a staggering scope of highlights which makes it appropriate for any dimension of IRC client. There are essential choices like Native Notification Center, Native Fullscreen bolsters, numerous console easy routes, and various other fundamental highlights that make it a quality IRC Client.

    Platforms: Mac


    Wrapping Up!

    As we have seen now various best IRC Clients available throughout the technology world. It comes the time when we need to conclude the things. Everyone loves to chat and we don’t like to chat in such an IRC Client app which won’t give a better interface. So IRC Client should have a better interface, easy to use and most importantly it should not be limited for its features. The features should match your requirements. So it is your function to note down your requirements. And then just try to match them with the features of every IRC client. If the features and requirements match, then no doubt, it is one of the Best IRC client made for you. So ending with it, Keep Chatting and sharing!