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Best Hotel Booking Sites (Cheap and Amazing)

    In today’s world, everything is done online. Starting from playing games to shopping online everything requires an internet connection and a mobile phone. So what is bad if we book our hotel rooms online? We know it is more preferable. You can easily get discounts and best deals because of online bookings. Gone are the days when you needed to depend on helping an operator book you an inn or independently visit or call every inn to beware of the room accessibility and taxes. The hotel bookings are a simple walk in today’s time and an extravagant one at that! From minding the surveys to the offices being offered to checking how a slight change in the dates can finish up giving you a chance to snatch a decent arrangement, a great deal numerous entries offer lodging booking at a tick of a catch. We have selected some of the best sites available across the internet for your convenience and betterment.


    The Advantages of Online Booking

    Everything in this world has certain advantages and disadvantages. Even online booking has them. But as the disadvantages are less as compared to the advantages. We will just look at a few advantages.

    1. Hotels offer their lowest rates online: So, we know this fact will be surprising for you. But it is fortunately or unfortunately true. In the globe, any company will offer a higher discount to a client who purchases (or books) early because they give guaranteed income and it helps them regulate their inventory.
    2. Offline have no bargaining power: As the hotels know that the client will have to stay however in their hotel. They never let the clients bargain which leads to higher cost. But as online bookings show many best hotels, so it leads to better bargaining by customers.
    3. Online reviews are important for nice hotels: Lastly, as the clients have the habit to see the reviews and ratings before booking any room in the hotel, it is very important for the hotels to maintain them. A well-reputed hotel will give the best service to maintain that reputation.

    As we have seen some of the basic introduction of online hotel bookings. Let us have a look at some of the best hotel booking sites:


    1. HotelsCombined


    The first and the foremost site available with us is If you are a daily traveler and love to rest in the hotel often, then this site is made for you. You will get the details of every price change occurs in a single hotel of your choice. You can easily view the daily hottest deals available on the site with the help of options present on the main screen of the site. Not only this but you can also access searches along the various devices by just signing in it. If you have made certain wishlists, then you can simply share them with your dearest friends. Various other users find HotelsCombined as a trustworthy and reliable site. So one can freely opt for the best hotel booking site i.e HotelsCombined.

    2. Make My Trip

    Make My Trip

    Everyone might have surely heard about this site and the application. This best site is considered as India’s No.1 travel site to achieve amazing deals on flights, hotels & rail bookings. Make My Trip makes it easy to search information about any hotel in a single second. You can book or reserve a modest room in the hotel of your decision in India and in the world’s best urban areas. The best part about this site is that it can give up to approximately 45% on your every booking. If online booking is difficult for the client, then the client don’t need to worry. The client can conveniently pay for your booking done online at the hotel itself. The client will just have to search the information regarding hotel and book easily. Lastly, it is considered as fast, safe and one of the most secure sites.

    3. Goibibo

    Goibibo site for booking cheap hotels

    Goibibo is the third and one of the best hotel booking website available in the e-world. Goibibo happens to be one of the biggest online hotel booking motors in the nation and is likewise one of the main air totals. They have an alternative of affirmed goStay where the rents are as low as Rs. 999 for multi-day and in the event that you discover a major issue with the inn, they offer a 100 percent unconditional promise for paying the money back. What else you can wish for? Goibibo is a amazing site which permits you to design your complete journey method. You can plan everything starting from booking your hotel to air/rail/road tickets to even opting for tour packages just on Goibibo. Even this site works efficiently without any complications.

    4. site is yet another top hotel booking site present across the e-world. Every hotel is ranked on the basis of friendliness of hotel members, comfort in the room, location of the hotel, facilities provided in specific rooms, the hospitality by staff, value for money, and wifi-quality. We have actually found a ranking of 8.8 and above means the hotel will be too good. The website helps the clients to help them find the perfect rates. The best feature about this website is that it will help you to book the airport taxis and restaurant reservations, in addition to hotels, flights and rental cars. And what about the disadvantages? So, fortunately, there are not many disadvantages. The only drawback present is one can’t get updates about changing rates of hotels. Still it provides many choices to book a hotel.

    5. Agoda

    Agoda.com_ Book Hotels for Cheap

    Agoda is the fifth and yes, one of the cheap hotel booking site. It is majorly because of its fewer rates and higher discounts. If you want to know the reason behind their simple name, it is just without any specific reason. Be that as it may, don’t pass by the abnormal name as they are one of the main entryways that enable you to book the best of settlement amid your movement at an appealing cost. Here as well, you will discover individuals sharing audits of their stays at various lodgings helping you pick the correct one for yourself. They have in excess of 15,000,000 surveys from individuals everywhere throughout the world. Lastly, they assure that the client gets the best rates available across the world.

    6. Expedia

    expedia hotel booking site

    Expedia is enlisted in one of the best hotel booking site available across the digital world. Expedia offers an expansive determination of inns and resorts, both in India and over the world. You can contrast rates from more than 321,000 hotel available on the site and along with it, you will get the best arrangement for your booking. You can channel your pursuit by exact location, by neighborhood, shopping regions, tourist spots and even airplane terminal vicinity. On the website, there is this component by the name of Big Daddy’s Big Deal which enables you to discover incomparable inn deals. At that point, there is Deal Hunter which will enable you to set aside to 70 percent on the off chance that you are reserving your lodging great ahead of time. They have various 72 Hour Sales that expedite you additional funds prevalent goals like Bali, Sydney, and Rome.

    7. Ixigo


    Comparing one thing with another thing and then purchasing the best thing is the tendency of humans. Ixigo will also allow you to compare one hotel with the another and will ultimately help you to book the best hotel as per your need. Ixigo is one of the best hotel booking sites and is also considered as India’s leading travel search marketplace. Starting from the amazing deals for flights and ending up to amazing deals on holiday packages, they provide the best service to their client. You can easily select your hotel based on your travel required – for business, for the honeymoon, hotels that are couple friendly etc. So what are you waiting for? You can even book the rooms from Ixigo site without facing any errors.

    8. TripAdvisor India

    Coming to the next best hotel booking site which is none other than TripAdvisor India. The amazing site allows you to compare and contrast between 200+ best hotels and thereby making you find the cheapest hotel. With a large number of surveys from travelers around the world, at TripAdvisor, you can locate the perfect inn, hotel or bed, and breakfast – whatever suits you best. What’s more, when you are prepared to book, they will check 200+ destinations to discover you the most recent and least lodging costs. We would really suggest you look at them all together in the event that you are arranging a relaxation trip as they have a lot of alternatives recorded that will even enable you to choose the area for your vacation.

    9. Trivago

    The ninth app in the list but first in many hearts is the site Trivago. You might have surely heard the advertisement of the same on the Television screen. The best feature available on the site was you can easily read over 175 million aggregated hotel ratings and more than 19 million pictures which will allow you to find out more about where you’re traveling. You can conveniently find your ideal hotel from different websites and also compare prices from a variety of websites. In case you are thinking about how to book on trivago, the procedure is straightforward. The costs appeared from various lodgings and booking sites. This implies while you choose which hotel best suits your need, the booking procedure itself is finished through the booking destinations (which are connected to their site).


    Wrapping UP!

    Now wrapping up the amazing discussion by a few simple words. Travelling is one of the basic necessities in today’s world. And after the long journey, you need a long rest in the best hotel. We have seen total 9 amazing sites and each and every site have their own specialty. You can go on each and every site available in the list and choose the best one according to your needs. There will be surely fewer complications and better deals while booking the hotels online rather than going for walk-in booking. So ending with it, Keep Traveling!