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10 Best Hairstyle Apps for Android and iPhone

    Hair is our first priority when we try to beautify ourself. Not only the topmost part of our body but also the most important part. If hair looks dirty, your whole appearance will get ruin up. But what if the hair looks amazing? Firstly, The opposite gender will attract towards you and secondly, Your confidence level will rise to an accurate level. And who doesn’t likes to hear “Your hair are stylish and you look amazing because of that” Wait! I can really notice the blush on your face. And we can’t afford to go parlor now and then for styling hair and paying lots of bucks. So thus, we try to style our hair at home. Still, we lack in hairstyles. Those hairstyles are provided by few apps available online to help us become fashionable dudes.


    How to recognize if you really require a new hairstyle?

    So this question arises if you are too bored to make yourself look stylish or are afraid of hair damage. But remember, Change is part and parcel of life. So from changing habits to changing hairstyle, simultaneously a big change in your life. The big change is the confidence level which rises to a greater countable extent. Few clues to identify the time for updating yourself has arisen are:

    – You’ve had identical vogue for a long period of time and it’s become well-liked, again.

    – You pull your hair now and then, every day. It’s simply easier.

    – Decorating your hair is a headache.

    – You can describe your color of hair with words like mousy, dull, and lifeless.

    Let us see now a few amazing apps available on Android and iOS for the hairstyle.


    Best Hairstyle Apps For iPhone


    1. ChouChou: Virtual Hair Try-On

    ChouChou Virtual Hair Try-on iphone

    The first and the foremost app in the list is named as ChouChou. The name is somewhat different and even the features are. This app has been originated generally in Tokyo i.e. Japan. You will have to select an image of yours and this app will show different hairstyles. Now just click on the hairstyle to see how that specific hairstyle will look on your image. Isn’t it amazing? The hairstyles are not at all limited. Variety of beautiful styles are available. You can adjust your hair volume and color also in the app. Hairstylist might have surely heard of ‘NORA’. If not then Nora is one of the top hair salons in Tokyo. This app releases sweet and amazing hairstyles of NORA every season. You can quickly switch between various hairstyles. Not only this but sharing and saving the edited image is also quite convenient in this app.

    2. Sturk / Hair Cloud

    Sturk Hair Cloud

    Sturk also named as Hair Cloud is an application providing a collection of various hairstyles in one click. Simulator for beauty parlor! Sounds amazing? So yes! Any beauty needs hair to be at its best level. So we would not give a thought to say this app as Simulator for the beauty parlor. You have to use each pre-stored hairstyles and your original hairstyles from photos by sampling. The means for sampling is simply selecting wherever the hair part is and also the alternative parts are. It sounds complicated, but in reality, it is quite convenient to use. Color and brightness of hair can be too adjusted. This app can also modify hair parts and help in tilting customer’s head to one side which would make the picture look more adorable. The app needs iOS 10.0 or higher version. So the features make this app one of the Best Hairstyle app.

    3. Hair Alert Free

    Hair Alert FREE

    As the name says, the amazing app will provide every basic alert for making your hair shiny and healthy. It generally knows the weather in your area and provides the best suggestions to keep your hair amazing as per the weather. The app divides the local weather into five categories. Each category helps you know the severity of the effect of temperature on your hair. The five alert levels are: If the hair alert level is 1, then it is determined as Great Hair Day. It goes in series like starting from the best level ending to the worst level. The hair alert level 5 is the most hazardous for your hair. Everything seems interesting, isn’t it? So if you just want to know the inter-relation between the temperature and hair, just opt for this application.

    4. Hairstyle Makeover

    Hairstyle Makeover app for iphone

    The fourth and one of the amazing app in the list is Hairstyle Makeover. This app is considered as one of the Best Hairstyle app. The app has very easy and friendly user-interface. You won’t need any labor work to edit your hairstyle and see how does it look on your face. You’ll just need to Load your gorgeous photo. Then choose a hairstyle among various hairstyles available. The third step is to make certain adjustments in the styles to match with your photo. What’s next? There is nothing. You are done with editing your image. Just look at the image and start sharing it with friends to grab their opinions. You can also find hundreds of the highest quality hairstyles, beards and mustaches via the in-app purchases. There are advanced editing tools also available.

    5. Hairstyle Magic Mirror Lite

    Hairstyle Magic Mirror Lite

    The app main motive is to change your look totally so that you can look better in a convenient manner. The app allows you to experiment with a latest and superb class of hairstyles. Not only this but you can also vary the hair color. The collection is not limited up to your gender. Even if you are a boy or a girl, the collection will let your hunger for hairstyle satisfy. The clear interface will attract you. Different hairstyles will make you fall in love with the app. Lastly, Sophisticated facial detection system will let you become an addict of the app. Isn’t the journey making your thoughts burning? The best thing which I observed in this app was 20 memory cells to diagnose yourself with different hairstyles and various colors at once. So thus, it is one of the best hairstyle app.

    Best Hairstyle Apps For Android

    6. Hairstyles and Haircuts

    Hair styles and Haircuts

    Hair Styles and Haircuts, the name says it all. Still, we need to describe the features in little more detail. More than 900 types of haircuts in one app. Incredible, isn’t it? Are they all available in free? Fortunately, yes! There are video tutorials of simple and beautiful hairstyles available in the application. Beams, braids, cascades, etc. all can be made easily via the tutorials available in the catalog. This app is really wonderful and amazing at the same time. There is a section of favorites in the app as the collection is vast. So one cannot conveniently search throughout the app now and then. You can also edit your picture and save in the master section in a beauty salon. The ratings and reviews are too well satisfying.

    7. Virtual Makeover

    Virtual Makeover android

    Virtual Makeover is an app which will beautify your amazing picture to look more ravishing. This app is majorly loved by girls. Why? Because it not only holds hairstyles but also various shades of lipsticks, blush, concealer, foundation, and so much more! There are over 2,000+ real-life shades of cosmetics. You can simply capture a new image or just load previously captured image from gallery and start editing it. The hairstyles and hair colors can be very conveniently changed via this app. You can also adjust the intensity of the image. Basically, this app is not limited up to hairstyle, but includes every sort of thing which you need to glorify. Thus, one can surely opt for this application for an overall makeover.

    8. Style My Hair

    Style My Hair Discover Your Next Look android app

    Style My Hair is the third in the list and is considered to be Best Hairstyle app. Why? Because the best features available in different hairstyle apps are picked up and incorporated in a single app. This app is developed by one of the most popular beauty products owner which is L’Oreal. 3D Hair Color Technology was the most fascinating thing I found in this app. You can easily move around your smooth hairs, flip your hairs and can do many more activities! The blonde and brown shades to reds and coppers, to colorful shades of pinks and purples to what not color the app provides, will give you the confidence to switch the hair colors. Though the ratings aren’t too good still you can download this app only if you need to switch in between the hair colors. You also get a step-by-step tutorial to edit your hairstyle.

    9. Hair Zapp

    hair zapp hairstyle app for android

    Hair Zapp is developed by Style Concept SC KG. It is a renown virtual hairstyler app available on playstore to make a virtual hairstyle on your own device. It is totally free of cost and very easy to use. There is better user-interface available in this app which attracts the major population. The amazing thing found in this app was that you can compare among your favorite hairstyles side by side. You will just have to select your favorite style and upload your perfect image to see whether the hairstyle looks perfect on you or not. The image quality even after editing has higher resolution. If you are really confused among hairstyles, don’t worry you will just have to upload the image. The community will help you in deciding the style.

    10. Updo Styles

    updo styles appupdo styles app

    The last app in the list we have is Updo Styles. The major function of this app to provide the users with Hairstyle ideas for various occasions. The app is made with high quality photos of updo hairstyles. There are various categories available in the app to make your search little bit more simpler. The hairstyle app that is Updo Styles actually tries to find the hairstyle matching your taste and shows your stylist exactly what you want. Unfortunately, the tutorial for those styles aren’t available in the application. As the features are less, the app is less popular among users. But still you can surely give the app a try to make it more popular. Hairstyles are just perfect and awesome in this app.


    Final Words

    So we have seen various hairstyle apps available on the internet. We can conclude from the above discussion that Sturk and Hairstyle Magic Mirror Lite are the best apps available on iTunes. While Hair Styles and Haircut and Style My Hair are the best apps available on our Playstore. Though every app has their own authentic character, still we need to understand and make a choice between them. Don’t let things become further complicated, just see the features of apps and try to match it with your own requirement. If the requirements match with features, just install the app. We are wishing to see the best version of yours via amazing hairstyles!