5 Best GPU Overclocking Software

A graphics card is a hardware component in a computer that contains at least one GPU and other components required for the card to function. The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is the chip on a graphics card that is responsible for the rendering and displaying of images on the screen.

Overclocking is a technique used to boost the performance of a computing device so that it may have a better performance. The need for overclocking is varied. Some may employ overclocking to sustain old machines. Many gamers even use it on state-of-the-art commodities to get them to run at maximum capacity.

Different parts of the computer including the processor, the graphics cards, motherboard chips, and the RAM, are commonly overclocked.


Why do we badly need a GPU?

The GPU is critical for performance and overclocking it must be dealt with care. Unlike before with the Nvidia GPU Boost where a dedicated button would increase clock speed, it is nowadays more of a difficult task. There is quite a few third party software that improve the GPU’s clock speed. It is imperative to choose the right GPU overclocking software.

Some of the amazing benefits of overclocking are as follows:

  • A great improvement in system performance or component that you have tweaked
  • The system runs faster
  • There is an increased smoothness in the flow of the application or the system usage
  • You can run heavy software smoothing without glitches


We have a list of some of the best GPU overclocking software that will help you decide which one is best for your computer.

Best GPU Overclocking Software


1. MSI Afterburner

msi afterburner software

One of the reasons it is on top of the list is because it has been there for a while now. Anyone who has never seen such software will be easily able to understand what is going on as soon as they boot this thing. Meaning that if you’re a newbie, it will still not be a problem.

The current version comes with the option of adjusting your shader, memory clock, fan speed and also allows you to play around with the GPU voltage. One advantage it has over one of the other software on the list is that it supports both Nvidia and AMD processors.

It also provides us with a hardware monitor which displays the performance of your setup, which enables you to track the frame rates and other related parameters during running a heavy game.


2. EVGA Precision XOC

EVGA Precision XOC overclocking software

A big downside to this software that most of the experts point out to is that it supports only the Nvidia Graphics card. Not a big downer though, that one.

It still is very popular among gamers. The use of this software gives them a major boost during gaming.

The ability to adjust the GPU’s clock offset and the memory clock offset are just two of the inclusions in the latest versions. It also supports Microsoft DirectX12 API. To add to these perks, one can optimize the refresh rate and keep up to ten different setups ready at the same time.

The interface is nothing a gamer can’t understand. If you want to switch between setups but not keep on customizing them again and again, this has to be your ideal choice, even though it is not an all-inclusive software.


3. AMD OverDrive

AMD OverDrive software

This one is a part of AMD’s Catalyst software suite. And as you would have guessed from the name, this is a software that supports AMD only. But we would like to point out that they have done a great job with the interface. And, yes, it is getting better every year.

The main indicators that help you to get the best out of your video card – the GPU core clock speed & temperature, memory clock speed, power limit, and the real-time fan speed are all displayed properly. Then there is the heat graph with GPU’s core clock speed on the vertical axis and the corresponding card power limit on the horizontal. Moving your cursor around in the graph will show you the value of the pair in each position.

Both the experts and the newcomers to this field are known to relish using this software.


4. Sapphire TriXX

Sapphire TriXX to overclock gpu

This application was developed by Sapphire to support their series of Radeon video cards. It supports AMD/ATI Graphic Cards only.

The black and white interface is jaw-dropping attractive, and you’re definitely going to stop and appreciate it. It is divided into four sections – Information, Overclocking, Fan Control, Settings.

Three different profiles for three different uses can be set up together. They can include the desired level of clock and fan speed, core voltages, etc.

This utility makes the experts feel good as it gives them the level of detail they love to dive into. Although gamers might love if they include the screen that helps them monitor the performance of the video card in the game.


5. TechPowerUp GPU-Z

techpowerup gpu

The idea behind the development of this software was to satisfy the curiosity of the tech geeks who were keen on knowing the details of the key components of their rig.

The software supports devices with NVIDIA, ATI, Intel Graphics. All the data about the graphics card – version, name, etc. – can be seen.

Also, the key components such as GPU core, fan, load, memory clock speeds, are displayed. So issues such as overheating can be dealt with easily by, say, keeping an eye on the video card clock rate.

The interface is divided into three tabs – Graphics Card, Sensors, Validation. Each of them dedicated to monitoring a specific set of parameters.

The software also allows recording the values of any component at a given instance of time, from which you can later conclude the performance of your system. The detail in which the software spits out information is immense. So it could prove a little too much for the inexperienced users. Hence this one is for those who know what they want and exactly what they are doing when they read that jargon.


Wrapping UP!!!

Although there are many GPU overclocking software available in the market, both free and paid. But while researching, we got to know that the FREE ones don’t work like the way they claim it. So, as a result, we have listed above the best GPU overclocking software for the upcoming year 2019.

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