14 Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android and iPhone

A great example of how technology has made things easier is the fact that most things can be done with the help of some of the other mobile application. First, we had websites for our smallest of needs, now we have apps. Apps gain popularity faster than websites. There are those who help you to kill time and those that make your life easier. There are also the weird, spooky ones.

We use the GPS locations, via apps like WhatsApp to track our friend’s location. But there are beings, or so some of us believe, which can’t be tracked because of the simple reason that they don’t carry such devices. They go by various names such as ghosts, paranormal beings, spirits, and the list just goes on. If you are also a daredevil on the hunt for such beings, here’s a list that will appeal you.


What Is Ghost Hunting?

Ghost hunting is the activity of trying to find out locations which are thought to be haunted by ghosts. This adventure was or still is supported by the use of various equipment and techniques ranging from people trying to summon them by the use of prayers or chants to the use of compass and EMF (Electromagnetic Field) meter. Now all of this is replaced by phone apps, most of which satisfy all the needs.

Here is our list of best ghost hunting apps you can have on your phone. The reviews for these apps suggest that the accuracy of these things can vary from poor to great. Nevertheless, one can try them out.


Ghost Hunting Apps for Android


1. Ghost Radar Classic

ghost radar app play store

This app that records various readings to detect paranormal activity. And it filters out the false positives. Insignificant bursts of energy are not categorized as paranormal activity. Only something of substance is shown as a paranormal reading. They have included a feature that gives you a voice output when something interesting comes up in your surrounding. It is one of the best ghost hunting apps there is available.


2. Ghost Hunting Tools (Detector)

ghost hunting tools

This ghost hunting tool has an EMF meter, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) detection system, and a well-developed word analysis tool as well. These three factors are taken into consideration together by the app to classify any activity as paranormal or otherwise. That is, the word detector takes into account the readings from the EMF meter and EVP readings to judge the meaning of the audio recorded, and hence help us understand the spirit’s mood or intention.


3. SGK1 – Ghost Hunting Kit

sgk1 ghost hunting kit

The app description on the app store itself claims it to be the “all in one” ghost hunting kit. They have something called the SG3 Spirit Box. It contains over 3000 sound clips which have been recorded from various bands of frequencies. They also allow you to download more sounds. These inclusions might prove useful to you. They certainly have to the creator and some other users according to the app creator. It is one of the best ghost hunting apps for Android phones.




A for the ghost hunter, by a ghost hunter app. An amateur is going to like this app as much as a professional or a researcher. It is an app that can be used to analyze audio clips from the spirits surrounding you. The results obtained are free of any radio interference or phonetic sounds. That means it is free of any false positives.


5. Ghosts

Ghosts app android

This is one of the paranormal apps which uses several sensors to give you a reading on the paranormal activity around you. The magnetosphere gives you audio clues, while the paranormal detector gives you an idea about the level of paranormal activity. A couple of the features available only in the PRO version of the app are the Ghost Finder that lets us locate the focus of energy of the spirits, and the Ghost Camera which converts the sensor reading into the image. They also let you map the exact point of any activity you detect on the Radar Map.


6. Ghost Hunting Camera

ghost hunting camera

Another good free app for detecting ghost activity. It uses a variety of sensors and approximates the magnitude of supernatural activity around you. The app gives you audio and video cues after sensing its surroundings. Even the raw data which is picked up by the app is displayed simultaneously for the experts to read and interpret. The app keeps on improving with the feedback given by the users.


7. Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector

Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector

This app does more than detecting supernatural activity around you. They provide many statistics for you to study such as zodiac sign, type and emotional state of the spirit. It allows you to communicate with the spirit. Through its database of words, the app tries to return the audio after interpreting the signals.



8. SG ARK – Video Ghost Hunting Kit

SG ARK - Video Ghost Hunting Kit

 With this app, you can not only observe activity but also stream your adventures on YouTube. It has an integrated EMF meter and Spirit Box on screen. So you can optimize the app to work for any kind of investigation. You can record the video of your hunt and then later view it to observe things you couldn’t get on the first occasion.


9. Spirit Speak

Spirit Speak app

This app can help to you to do exactly what the name suggests – speak to spirits. And it doesn’t just return pre-recorded audios like the bogus apps. They give you the actual response that is given to you by the spirit you are trying to communicate with. The app scans audios at a rate as low as 6.7 letters per second to 13.3 letters per second. One can’t record and understand such responses in real time. You need to record this audio and go over it later many times to really understand it.

Ghost Hunting Apps for iPhone


10. Ghost Sonar Detector

ghost sonar detector

This is one of the free apps on the iPhone store. This one for both professionals and beginners. It uses various sensors from your device and interprets EVP signal from the audio picked up by the microphone of your device. It is recommended that you use speakers along with the microphone since most of the recording is done by the former. The app keeps on developing as the input and feedback of the users comes in.


11. Ghost Hunter M2

Ghost Hunter M2 for iphone

It currently ranks 161 in entertainment on the app store. Along with the usual EMF and audio detection instrument, it uses Fast Fourier Transform instrument, Spatial Displacement Instrument, and Barometer. Some of these features are available only on iPhone 6 and better phones. Such comprehensive design enables the app to analyze the audio signals in great depth. The Twilight is a feature that uses image filtering algorithms to enhance the images or videos recorded. These things make it one of the best ghost hunting apps for iPhone.


12. Ghost Science

Ghost Science ios app

This paranormal science toolkit is an advanced app which is more suitable for those who have been studying these phenomena for a while. It comes with a Dashboard which presents to you the accelerometer, barometer, and other available tools in the app. It uses an array of your mobile’s sensors to measure and gives you all kind of readings which let you interpret the results. It senses the audio and video readings.



13. Ghost-O-Meter


One of the most simple and uncomplicated apps in this range. It is just like a meter scale, just as the name suggests. The more intense the activity in your region, higher the reading on the app. The needle moves and vibrates aggressively when some activity is detected. There is not much the app tells you. No in-depth readings no audios or videos. Just a needle. The needle points you in the direction. It is recommended that the app is used on iPhones with 3G or better.


14. Ghost Detect Pro

ghost detect pro

This app gives a great in-depth reading and displays the figures and graphs on your screen of the readings it takes. Different graph colors on different axes indicate different things. It allows the microphone to sense even the slightest noise or disturbance. It also has a quantum flux detector. The EVP comes with five different voices. The graph is a big plus since it accommodates many indicators together with different colors.


Wrapping UP!!!

None of the apps give any guarantee about the accuracy of their readings or predictions. Nor do they give any sort of warranty.

A big negative for all of these apps is that none of the things they claim to show have been scientifically proven. And all of the above apps include the disclaimer in their app description saying the same thing.

That doesn’t deter the curious minds, though. Despite all of that, many people strongly believe in such stuff. These apps are used widely by enthusiasts and research personnel to detect ghost activity in their neighborhood. More and more people are trying to add more and more features to the existing apps to get more and more accurate in detecting spooky activity. So install them and get investigating.

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