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8 Best FTL Mods

    FTL basically stands for ‘faster than light’. The name is somewhat big as compared to the function. Still, FTL is a video game developed by Wayne Holder. The server has created many popular video games in the 1980s and early 1990s. Many of the young generations would be sadly unaware about it. FTL had released an uncountable number of games in his video game. SunDog, Oids, Dungeon master, Dungeon Master II, Dungeon Master Nexus was the part of it. Faster Than Light which is abbreviated as FTL originally came out way back in the year 2012, and I am sure you may want to upgrade the visuals a bit. The best thing about this mods was it keeps on upgrading itself now and then without causing any difficulty. The planets and backgrounds found in the amazing video game keep on varying and improving.


    How to install and use the mods?

    Generally, Mods stand for Modification which is a fan-made in a game which permits it to look somewhat different and new. Mods are not made by official teams. To be frank, they are actually not developed, published, or maintained by any members of the team oft. So how we must install and use the mods?

    It involves two simple processes:

    1. Using Slipstream Mod Manager

    2. Adding Mods to Slipstream

    Slipstream is a fan-made mod administrator for FTL which makes it simple to introduce various mods and control which ones you us when you need to utilize them. It is the go-to technique for utilizing mods with FTL. You will need to download it which will be downloaded in .zip format. The second step is basically the extraction of the zip file. The next step is moving the Slipstream file folder to your FTL folder. For the activation of a mod, you need to run Slipstream, select the mod(s) you want to purposefully use, then click “patch”. Once the programming is actually done, you should be able to run the game conveniently and with new access to the modifications.

    Now let us start the list of the Best FTL mods available:


    1. Captain’s Edition

    When various members come together and put their intelligent brains in one thing, it really leads to something magnificent. This is all that Captain’s Edition can be defined as. It is a collaborative process which introduces a whole new quest line and a tonne of other tweaks. The modification adds various new designs and contents but it tries not to hide the original content. FTL’s design aesthetic is still all time favorite. The diverse array of ships, new distress encounters and the added ability for players to surrender at the beginning of each fight are the new things added in the version. It is the oldest mod available so thus it has only little modifications in it. Concluding the Captain’s Edition, it offers a harsher but richer galaxy to explore, one which is exactly worth your valuable time.

    2. Extended Pursuit Indicator

    What does the name suggest to you? It is an extension of something. So yes it is a great example to show how small things can lead to big changes. The extension basically adds more levels to the Rebel pursuit indicator on the sector map screen, thereby permitting you to more easily gauge how far the fleet will advance after a proper amount of jumps and if it will overtake a certain beacon. If the words confused you, then you must surely install the mods and observe it. Not only this features but it also has a feature which will allow you to make precise i.e correct calculations to near pixel-perfect accuracy and lastly, it is available in a variety of increments. The new levels and the new weapons available in this version keeps users enact and active for a longer period of time. You will also learn and try to develop new tactics to fight with enemies or to safeguard yourself from them.

    3. Descent into Darkness

    The theme of the game made me fall in love with it. It is generally faster than light mods. The theme of the actual mod Descent into Darkness is “They have destroyed your complete life and everything. Now it is your turn to follow an act of revenge” The ups and downs of the mod will surely make you awake. No more beginning the game with a single ship loadout and play the game regularly. So, in this modification of FTL, 72 possible starting combinations are present which are 4x more than the number of default ships in vanilla FTL. If you’re really a game lover and love installing various mods, then make sure this mod should be the last in the list because it has some compatibility issues with other mods. The presence of graphical changes with the loading screens, hanger, and star map all updated to fit in with the mod is what the mod actually includes.

    4. Star Trek Hulls

    Star Trek Hulls is considered as one of the best FTL mod because of the exclusive features the app provides. In this modification, you’ll find top-notch mods for Star Trek ships, mainly from the eras like TNG/DS9/VOY. Every ship pack will provide you with three layouts in one .ftl file. It is really an amazing game since the beginning. But an ability to gun down your enemies in an iconic federation vessel made it better and the different mods within it will make it best. The modifications are actually based on various incarnations of these iconic ships. USS tapestry, ISS Phobos, USS Thunderchild and every other package will make your heart fall for this unnecessary but amazing modifications. The content regarding Star Trek Hulls are less but the reviews make it the best.

    5. HighRes Backgrounds & Planets

    The name suggests everything about the changes. So this modification will involve slightly better backgrounds and better planets with high resolution. And every lover of FTL games knows, there are two bigger mods that enhance FTL graphics with the latest high-res backgrounds and planets which are: – High-res background graphics [V1.0] by Splette

    – Better Planets and Backgrounds 1.3.1 by Sanmonku.

    This both, when mixed together, are capable enough to clear your thoughts and issues regarding the FTL games designs. We are actually learning the mixture of the both. This graphical mod exchanges the actual planets and backgrounds with higher quality versions, trying to stay as close as possible to the original subjects. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with CE, nor with any other mods that modify the background.

    6. My balance Mod

    The sixth mod in our list considered as one of the Best FTL Mod is My Balance Mod. The major function of this modification was to enhance the general amusement encounter by settling balance issues all through the diversion and by adding all the more intriguing choices in the game. Advanced Edition Content is a necessity for this mod to work accurately. The weak weapons available in the list were made relevantly cheaper or otherwise improved. And the best weapons in the game were made more expensive. Bypassing the enemy Defense Drones with Hacking was a cup of tea in earlier days. But this mod made certain changes due to which hacking is almost negligible and thus it is now safe to play. The missiles like humans, Rockmen, and Mantis are cheaper in a rate with the helo of My Balance Mod. What anyone can else wish for? Just install it without any concern.

    7. Normandy SR2

    As elder people say that development is the key to success. But this mod is developed since birth and no further upgrades have arrived until now. Customized interior design is the thing which will attract the majority of girls. Secondly, Gid destruction sequence will help the players to win more easily. There are 14 systems in the FTL. Out of which, because of this mod, all of the mods can be made easily. This ship provides the user with a classic start with two Burst Guns, Schildsand Weapons. It also comes with a basic level 3 hacking system to underline the skills of Board-AI EDI. All various systems can be bought later on. Thus, you can easily add the Mass Effect Normandy SR2 Ship to the game without any error. It has a very amazing interface design to be included in the Best FTL Mod. Yes! I even fell in love with this thing!

    8. FTL Homeworld -Savegame Manager

    The last modification available in our list is known as Savegame Manager in short. Saving the amazing files and trading items between saves is the biggest role of this mod. It seems quite easy but the process is never easy. Spacedock is basically a save manager mod that will allow you to select among various ships by boarding or docking them. This means that if you’re about to complete a game with the Kestrel and suddenly you feel like playing with your Mantis Cruiser, you can easily dock the Kestrel and place your Mantis Cruiser in the game, without having to beat the popular game with the Kestrel or die trying. CargoBay will actually permit the users to trade the wonderful items between ships as well as store them in the spacedock. I know playing is important but without the process of saving the game, everything seems undigested. Lastly, It is actually a standalone program that can be installed anywhere around the globe.


    Final Words

    So wrapping up the discussion with thrill, suspense, and confusion. Thrill and suspense are related to the amazing qualities of games. While confusion is what we have created in your peaceful mind. Every mod is considered as the best ones but there are certain requirements of every human. In this case, the requirement is meant for game lovers. So dear game lovers, you’ll just have to download the process and upgrade it. For clearing the confusion, you can make a list of requirements and wishes. Later, just see their details. If the wishes and their details match up, Congrats! You must actually download it in your life without any silly complication. Keep Playing and Keep rising were the last words I wished to say.