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8 Best Free VPN Services for Netflix

    Ever wished to watch a TV series on Netflix which is not available in your own country? If yes, here’s your solution. By using VPN or virtual private network, allows you to get access to the pages or software which do not have permission to make it live in your country. It routes the traffic between an individual user and a private network. It shares data through a public network by going through a private network which acts as a proxy.

    In case of Netflix, if you ever want to watch something on Netflix when you go on a holiday, you are not allowed to get the access of your Netflix account to watch your country’s tv shows and movies. That is where the concept of VPN comes handy. A VPN unblocks these restrictions and provides full access to your local films and movies.

    Netflix does not provide many contents outside of USA which means many movies from the US are blocked to view in other parts of the world. This is done by reading and tracing your IP (Internet Protocol) Address. This is where VPN comes handy, which provides with random IP and a server of the country you want to access Netflix. It manipulates your IP address which results in the unlocking of the content which is blocked in your country. Even if you are one of them who is trying to use the Netflix Modded version on your mobile device then you should also consider a good VPN for that as well.

    Use of a VPN is not only restricted to this, but it also lets you give access to all other countries Netflix. Meaning you can access Netflix US or Netflix UK, or for a matter of fact any Netflix Catalogue from any part of the world. No more having incomplete series once you get back to your own country once you get hooked on a foreign Netflix Series.

    How to choose the best VPN for Netflix?

    Selecting a VPN is one of the most important steps. You want your VPN to have a lot of servers spread across a large area with a wider range. Another thing to consider is how many concurrent connections a VPN provides. Another thing, which is one of the most important factors is that does it limit your bandwidth or reduces the internet speed. Whether they keep logs of your activity or not is also something to consider

    Let us discuss how to choose the best free VPN for Netflix of a foreign country. Downloading speeds should be the top priority. Streaming of Videos requires a very good Internet Speed. And when you use any VPN, the speed is compromised. Along with this, streaming of HD (or 4K) videos should suffer very less. Usually streaming by using VPN results in a lot of buffering and interruptions. Nobody likes to wait while a very important scene is going on.

    Therefore, let us see the best free VPN for Netflix which will allow you to stream without any fuss.

    1. Hola VPN

    hola vpn for netflix

    Hola VPN is a peer-to-peer network that does a job of a classic VPN. We consider it as the best free VPN for Netflix. It gives access to movies and TV shows which are blocked in your domestic country. If you want to stream something outside your home county, Hola VPN can be something which you can give a try. It is free to use, so you need not to spend those extra bucks to get access to blocked content. Like other VPN, it does not keep track of the data logs. However every coin has two sides, so this is no exception. With all these pros, there are some cons too. It uses user’s bandwidth and makes it available to other users. It exposes to security problems and dangers, which can harm your machine.

    2. TunnelBear

    tunnelbear for netflix

    TunnelBear is the best free VPN to use for Netflix.  Tunnel Bear is one of the most famous free VPN which is used to get access for Netflix. It provides services up to 500Mb per month. It does not allow multiple user policy but follows single user policy. They provide servers in about 20 countries.  It is a secure VPN which does not give your information to the world. It provides security as long as the session is going on. Tunnel Bear does not log the data. Tunnel Bear provides secure network even when you are connected to public Network. It creates a network between your machine or a device with a server which is at some other place. Tunnel Bear protects the transfer of data and keeps your identity and location confidential.  It also makes you feel like you are using the website or services by actually being in that country. Tunnel Bear allows you to enjoy videos smoothly without any interruption. To keep your connection secure, it has two features – VigilantBear and GhostBear.

    If the VPN link suddenly fails, VigilantBear will shut down all the connections and keep it secure.  Whereas GhostsBear manages the incoming and outgoing traffic, which is used to make the VPN look like a normal connection. Tunnel Bear is indeed the best free VPN to use for Netflix.

    3. Keenow

    keenow for netflix

    Keenow is one of the best free VPN for Netflix available. Keenow is technically not a VPN but a SmartDNS. Using a smart DNS service is like a set and forget once you have established a connection. It is not only limited to your PC or laptop but can also be used in Smart TV.  One of the advantages of Keenow over VPN is that it doesn’t route your data through another server the way a VPN works. Being a SmartDNS, it keeps the hackers away who try to sniff your data. When you use Keenow, the internet speed is also not altered. So it feels like you are using your own bandwidth. Keenow is basically faster and more secure than other VPNs. At 720p, it had a bit buffering, but when you use it at 480p, it works as smooth as butter. Keenow is definitely one of the best VPN available when it comes to getting access to Netflix.

    4. Ultrasurf

    ultrasurf as vpn netflix

    One of the best free VPN for Netflix, Ultrasurf is a bit different than other VPN services. It is provided by UltraReach which has its headquarters in the US. At present, it is one of the most famous censorship tool available.  It is a tool which helps to unblock the websites which are blocked in your area as it acts as a proxy. Ultrasurf not only results in faster speed but also does not encrypt the data. It very well does the job for giving you the access for Netflix. It is simple to use and automatically selects a server. It can be used on a computer but not on a mobile device. It gives a little lag and buffering, but which is nothing to worry about as it does the job of giving the access.

    5. HomebrewVPN

    One of the best free VPN to use for Netflix, HomebrewVPN is not so famous, as it does not have its own software or an application. If you want to use homebrewVPN, you will have to set it up manually. It unlocks major websites which stream videos which are restricted to a country no matter in which part of the world you live in. One thing which is considered as a drawback or something due to which you will hesitate using this is that the speed is limited to 512kbps which means you can’t stream HD videos let alone 4k videos, but videos of 480p run smoothly. It works absolutely fine on windows and android but does not work on MacOS.

    6. Windscribe

    windscribe vpn

    Windscribe is a free VPN service that allows you to stream videos on Netflix. Windscribe allots 10GB a month to the user. It gives a lot to the user like if you tweet about it, it will give you 5GB and if you refer it to a friend an extra 1GB. You can get access to servers of only 12 countries.  By downloading the extension, you can use windscribe to get access to blocked videos. After the installation process is completed, just select the country which you want to get the access. There is no buffering or lag when you use windscribe to stream Netflix.

    7. ProtonVPN

    protonvpn for using on netflix

    Proton is comparatively new in the business of VPN. It was founded by the founders of Protonmail. It has pretty good privacy control. It allows you to get access to Netflix without any restrictions on bandwidth. By just installing proton application, you just have to select the location, and then you can use it to access Netflix. Netflix on proton works on low resolution and also the speed is reduced when you use proton. It is very easy to understand.

    8. Opera

    opera browser for netflix

    Opera is one of the oldest working applications in the market and considered as one of the top free VPN for Netflix. It is very popular and needs no introduction. Once you download Opera software, enabling VPN will allow you to access blocked contents. The VPN does not really affect the speed of your connection, but it does not allow to select the server of your choice instead gives you and random server.


    In conclusion, we would like to say that free VPNs cannot compete with paid VPN. Netflix has invested a lot of money in detecting VPNs. One day a VPN may work, but the next day it will show you an error saying “Streaming Error.” Netflix also blacklists VPNs IP which they suspect. Free VPN have their cons, but we have come to the conclusion that if a VPN is providing serving you the purpose of it, which in this case is accessing Netflix, then it is pretty useful.  We hope that the mentioned VPNs will be useful for you and you thoroughly watch Netflix and chill.