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10 Best Free Home Design Software

    We all love to see what our homes would actually look like whenever we buy a new house and we would love to get a sneak peek into the interiors of our new home and have an experience which mirrors the real-world environment and enables one to get the essence of the new home.

    Not for the owners, but it is also of paramount importance for the interior designers know what the owners would want out of them while carving out the interior and designing the houses as per their tastes and preferences. With technology coming into place, designing of homes is not really a tiring and an otherwise audacious experience at all for many.

    Indeed, it has turned into a great fun experience and users can get a great experience and even get a walk-through of how the homes they would walk into would exactly look like. The days are gone, when only after everything is done, you get an idea of how the house would look like. Technology has made our lives simpler and easier, and now we have computer applications which allow us to lay the footprint of the house with ease and also enables the users to have a better experience and understanding.

    The experience has turned into a more of a two-way experience, in which the designers are also able to get a gist and understand what would define their homes and how exactly it would look like once they decide they move in after the interiors of the house are laid as per the blueprint specified and approved by the client, who is the one who is steering the project and is the financial bone of any of the interior project which is undertaken by the designers who want to create the best possible experience for the owners and give them a curated experience.


    What is a Home Design Software and why do we need such software?

    Home Design Software in simple terms would be a software which can be used by professionals and amateurs to design homes and lay the blueprint that one would be following while designing the home.

    Well, those days are gone where one had to send out huge sums of money just for coming up with the blueprint of the house that would enable the designers to actually start working on the house and come up with results that would impress the clients.

    Well, home designing has been made easier and the process has become simplified than ever before with the coming of best free Home Design Software. Now, we have an array of software to choose from for the purpose of designing our homes.

    Let us look at some of the Home Design software which is reliable and does the work with ease and also gives the users a great experience:

    1. Planner 5D

    planner5d home designing software

    One of the best free home designer software one can come across; Planner 5D is an extensive free room-design tool available in the market. The job to design rooms has been made easier than ever before, it allows the users to work with intricate details and also allows one to work with some of the most stunning graphics.

    Anyone can actually learn to use to software but it does require some effort to explore all its tools and features it has to offer. This program comes with highly detailed and intricate floor plans which helps you to get started with your design and come out with some amazing features.

    Platform: Windows| Mac

    2. Sweet Home 3D

    Sweet Home 3D software

    It’s a comprehensive program that covers almost all aspects of home design and comes with various intricate features too. This software is a boon for Mac users. The software also comes with unlimited customization features to modify your digital design

    The software is by far the best free home design software for Mac that you would come across and it allows even the amateurs to get their game right while designing and gives one an immersive experience and is also one of the best 3D home design software you would come across.

    Platform: Mac

    3. Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

    Roomstyler 3D Home Planner software

    It has emerged to be one of the best free home design software which allows one to work on the 3D designs with ease and also come with quite some great result and it promises to give one the best experience as one goes on designing by using this software.

    The software comes with a simple user interface and it also comes with a unique approach associated with it and allows one to get a grasp of the software with ease and get the entire essence of the software in just a little time. It allows even amateurs to work with ease and comes up with professional looking designs.

    Platform: Windows

    4. Ikea Home Planner tools

    Coming from the house of Ikea, which is a leading name in interior design and has been a driver for quite some time in the design segment of the business. It a free, easy-to-use home planner tools allow you to configure your floor plan, choose from the store’s gallery of furniture and décor. The software is quite stable and is one of the best free home design software that is available for use.

    The software is quite easy to use and anyone with basic technical knowledge can actually manoeuvre around the software and choose their favourite design for their homes which would correspond to their tastes and preferences.

    Platform: Windows| Mac

    5. Ikea Kitchen Planner

    Ikea Kitchen Planner

    A software coming from the house of Ikea again, which is specifically meant for designing our kitchens and giving it the look we would love to see. It is one of the best free designer software for Kitchen that you would come across in the time to come.

    The software is reliable and easy to use and gives the users a smooth experience. it allows you to preview an array of appliances, cabinetry and various other kitchen components all on your computer. The program also gives you an estimate of the money one has to pay for the same.

    Platform: Windows| Mac

    6. Design a Room

    Design a Room

    Armstrong is one of the largest flooring companies and it comes with a 3D virtual program which allows the users to choose from different colour combinations as per the preference of the users, making it one of the best free home design software that one can use to get professional results.

    The software has a lot of flexibility to offer and it allows you to tweak around with various features and pick from an array of styles and it also allows one to play around with various aspects such as colours and textures. It allows one to choose from an array of finishing styles available to come up with the best possible polished results.

    Platform: Windows

    7. Autodesk Homestyler

    autodesk homestyler

    Autodesk is one of the leading professional design programs which is used for designing buildings and has come with one of the best 3D facilities to work with. It offers the users one of the best planning options to ensure that design is efficient.

    This program is a perfect solution for all your professional needs. It comes with an interface which is quite polished and sleek, it allows users to work and experiment with various aspects and come out with interesting results and is easily one of the best free home design software for professional use.

    Platform: Windows| Mac

    8. The Home Renovator

    The allows you to work around with free worksheets which allows you to experiment with various aspects while giving you an efficient experience. One of the leading software that allows you to work on your project and its various features, it is easy to use and is really convenient which makes it one of the best free home design software which one can come across.

    The Home Renovator lets you choose from among various panels, tiles and even ceramics which would add to the overall aesthetic value of your design and gives the users a hands-free experience while even working on complicated designs.

    Platform: Windows

    9. SmartDraw

    smartdraw for home designing

    SmartDraw comes armed with a suite of programs which can use for visual graphics and presentations, which includes plotting project charts and also allows one to work with timelines and coming up with great designs as bring in a professional look to the same.

    This program allows you to design and customize based on your needs and it corresponds to both amateur and professional designers. One can use it to design office spaces, apartment floors and even large spaces. The software with its array of features it has to offer is one of the best free home designer software which offers you quite the best experience.

    Platform: Windows| Mac

    10. HomeByMe


    HomeByMe is a downloadable and open source free room-planning tool that you would come across. It gives the users the flexibility to work around with 2D and 3D spaces at once while designing and it offers you an enhanced experience.

    The programs will allow the users to plan and design the spaces with ease and come out with effective results. It is one of these few programs which is suitable for users of all levels of professionalism, making it one of the best free home design software available.

    Platform: Windows | Mac


    Wrapping it up!!

    We all have a dream of making our perfect home and also creating interiors which would appeal to us and be based on our taste and preferences and fulfils our desire to have that perfect home with the best interiors which would define our home and leave a lasting impression on anyone coming to your home.

    It might seem to be a tedious job at first sight, it was a tedious job indeed where it would require expert interior designers who would draw the interiors frame by frame that would allow them to come up with the blueprint of the house and bring in the interiors as per the need of the clients and take care of the preferences and the desire that is associated with the same.

    While drawing the plan meticulously was the only choice available then, with the coming of technology we have specific software that has been created to cater to home designing and allows even amateurs to work on the software and it allows the professionals to work with ease and create that perfect design for the home. We looked at some of the best free home designer software which is available for the users and gives the best performance.