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10 Best Free Genealogy Sites

    Genealogy is a study of family lineage and history. It is also known as family history. It is basically the study of families and the tracing of their lineage and history. A genealogist is a person who uses oral interviews, historical records, genetic analysis, and other records to get information.


    How complex is the process?

    Genealogical research is a complex process that uses historical records and sometimes genetic analysis to demonstrate kinship. There are various free genealogy search websites available.

    How to plan the best free genealogy sites:

    • Purpose of our websites- It includes determining the purpose
    • The content of Genealogy Website
    • Organizing our genealogy websites
    • Designing  
    • Testing and publishing
    • Maintenance


    Here are some best free search genealogy websites:


    1. Family Search

    family search site

    Family Search is the best free genealogy site on the web. It was first launched 1999 and is operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint; the ancestry website lets user search through over 2000 collections and records to find their relatives.

    Its search pages permit some finely grained searches through birth, deaths, marriage and residency records, and it also has a family tree tool that lets you quickly add ancestors you find to own genealogical tree. Overall,

    2. Heritage Quest Online

    Heritage Quest Online is powered by It is rich in unique primary sources, local and family histories, convenient research guides and many more. It has 4.4 billion records. From such records, it delivers an essential collection of genealogical and historical resources.

    The collection consists of the following core data sets:

    • Census collection- It contains millions of records from the national census of countries including Argentina, Netherland, Czech, U.S, etc.
    • Books collection- It contains over thousands of family history, church records, vital records, city and country records and many more.
    • Military Records: It contains over 2 million records. It includes records of military and selected state records. It also includes US Revolutionary War Pension and various other files.
    • Maps and photos: Included Us Indexed Country land ownership.

    We just need to click on Search and scroll over to the records.

    3. Library of Congress

    Library of Congress is a research library. It officially keeps the data and record of the United States. The helpful material includes:

    • United States City Directories- If we know the ancestor lived in a particular city, we can accordingly find his or her address or more information about him.
    • Census Records and Indexes- The library of Congress has published census like 1790 census, selected published information about a person. One can identify and locate them with the help of a librarian.
    • Guides and Manuals-Books, manuals, guides, indexes explain and help a person in genealogical research.
    • Published Genealogies- These are researches done on a particular family which provide local backgrounds information.

    4. Olive Tree Genealogy

    It was launched in 1996 by Lorine. It has around 1900 pages of free genealogical records which help a person to find their ancestors and build their family tree.

    Olive Tree Genealogy includes three steps:

    • Free transcribed genealogy records- There are around 1900 records that look for our family ancestor.
    • Genealogy help files-These files help us to find our ancestors through census records, land records, death records, etc.
    • Genealogy Resource Guide and books- Certain books help people to find their ancestors.

    5. Roots Web

    Root Web is totally free genealogy websites which serve the way in which we can combine the databases of surnames and US locations, mailing lists. It is one of the oldest free genealogy sites and is sponsored by It has millions of pages, and many records are added every day.

    Root Web is the home of thousands of personal genealogy sites. Root Web database includes:

    • Root Web Global Search- this is a kind of surname search engine and the World Connect Project of family trees.
    • Root Web United States- It is useful in searching US vital records, census and any other records.
    • Roots Web Queries- It includes searching queries or posting our own database.
    • Roots Web Meta Search

    6. Access Genealogy

    Access Genealogy is one of the best free genealogy sites on the web. It includes:

    • Census records
    • Military records
    • Cemetery records
    • A number of miscellaneous database for researcher
    • It also includes a healthy supply of Native American source.


    Demerit of Access genealogy is

    • It does not guide on conducting ancestry searches
    • Records of some states are less than for others.

    7. Allen County Public Library

    It helps us to trace our family roots at the country’s second largest genealogy department. The library system consists of 13 branch libraries, and more than 4,500,000 items are circulated.  Various Professional on sites counselors is available to help the researches.

    8. Toni- Canadian Genealogy

    It is operated by the Ontario Genealogy society. The Ontario Name Index is the full form of TONI. It is probably the best free ancestry tool which helps a person to investigate or search their Canadian ancestors.

    It includes:

    • Cemetery index
    • Church photo collection
    • Insurance database
    • Huguenot collection

    The demerit of this website is that it only provides a database on Ontario.

    9. National Archives and Records Administration

    It is the huge record keeper. National Archives and Records Administration is the nation’s record keeper of all documents and material created in the course of business conducted by United Nations Federal government, only 1%-3% are so legal or historical reason that they are kept by us forever.

    The records are made available to us that include:

    • Clues about our family history
    • Need to prove a veteran military service
    • Researching any historical topic

    These records help us in claiming or rights, hold an official accountable for their actions, and document our history. Briefly, NARA allows us to access essential documents of rights of an American citizen.

    10. US Gen Web

    It is among the best genealogy sites available. It is a group of volunteers working together and provides free online genealogy help and information of every US state and country. It was established in 1996 by a group of genealogical research. Several websites are created and maintained by volunteers.

    These websites include:

    • Query boards
    • Listing of local sources
    • States and country records
    • Online genealogy books
    • Research tips, maps,
    • Links to helpful internet resources.


    Wrapping up!

     The genealogies that are created are called conclusion trees.  Some people have very specific reasons for tracing their family tree. Genealogy means different things to different people. Reasons why people search for their ancestors:

    • Validate  family stories
    • Famous People
    • Historical Event
    • Trace medical conditions
    • Trace a family Inheritance
    • Trace land ownership