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8 Best Free DVD Rippers


    Are you tired of carrying your dozens of collector’s boxes on each trip? Your hands in mittens break all the DVDs that they touch? Look no further, here are the 5 best DVD Ripper software to convert your DVD and Blu-ray to a Windows PC.

    The years have led you to collect dozens of DVDs, which now sit on the shelves of your living room. It is undeniable, interior decoration level, it has a mouth. Only, as well provided as it is, difficult to lug your cinémathèque every trip to step-mom. Two solutions are available to you. You can give up, be a good patriarch, and resign yourself to spending your holidays with your family. But you can also encode all your favorite movies on your trusty PC, and then redo the full Indiana Jones by the pool, feet in the water and a triple-dry whiskey in hand. After all, it’s the holidays.

    The choice is quickly made. Ball in the lead, you go in search of the best DVD ripper software to rip your DVDs on your PC. That is to say, import them on your machine in .avi, .mp4 or even .mkv formats. Obviously, it takes up space on the hard disk, but it’s always more practical than to house your collector’s boxes in the trunk of the Scénic. Be that as it may, do not look, you are at the right place. The editor gives you a topo on the 5 best existing programs to easily rip your DVDs on a Windows machine.

    Rip a DVD: legal or not?

    The story of not putting the Hadopi on your back – although there is not much to fear because of its effectiveness – know that ripping a DVD is completely legal as it is intended for private use. Finally, it is not very interesting, so we will not linger. If, however, the intricacies of French justice in terms of copyright intrigue you, take a look at the DADVSI law of August 2006.

    Best Free DVD Ripper for Windows 10

    The DVD disc can be played in a specific unit. As many prefer to watch videos on their iPhone 8 / 7s / 7 / Plus, iPad Pro and other portable devices, they need to rip the DVD to other compatible formats before transferring them to the device if the device does not have a CD-ROM. In order to copy a DVD to a common format like MP4, we have conducted a survey in which we list the  Best Free DVD Rippers for Windows 10.


    • Part 1. Tips for choosing the best free DVD rippers
    • Part 2. Top 8 Free DVD Ripper for Windows 10


    Part 1. Tips for choosing the best free DVD rippers

    1. Ripping speed

    The faster, the better. A DVD ripper with high speed can help facilitate the extraction process and save more time.

    1. Output Quality

    If you want to enjoy the high-resolution video, you must select a DVD ripper that does not damage the audio track or cause image loss.

    1. Supported output formats

    This is another point. A good DVD ripper should be compatible with the most common output format.

    1. Adjustable configurations

    A DVD ripper with personalization functions like the editing function and the customizable output path is really attractive.


    Part 2. Top 8 Free DVD Ripper for Windows 10

    8. FFmpeg

    ffmpeg-dvd ripper logo

    FFmpeg is an unrestricted open DVD ripper program that runs primarily under the Linx system at the beginning but is available on most operating systems now. Now, systems that include Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and AmigaOS are compatible with FFmpeg. Except for HD video, this program is compatible with the most popular video formats. However, the extraction speed is a bit slow. According to users, the output quality of broken videos is not that bad.


    Get FFmpeg 

    7. VLC

    vlc logo

    VLC is developed and promoted by a non-profit organization that consists of volunteers. This program is a piece of free DVD extraction software that works on Windows, Android, OS X, Ubuntu. It mainly acts as a multimedia player at the beginning. Then, the team has developed more functions to improve it. Now, this program supports many audio and video compression, video conversion, and DVD conversion.

    However, there may be few blocks in the VLC output video. Sometimes, you may lose some images. If you do not mind this, you can use this program to copy videos, since it supports many output formats. If this program can meet your need, you can donate $ 5.00 after using it.


    Get VLC

    6. HandBrake

    handbarke ripping tool

    HandBrake is an open source video ripper that works on both Mac and Windows. At first, it is developed to copy a DVD movie only. For now, it is not only a DVD converter but also a converter compatible with other formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV and more. However, you can not adjust the extraction speed. And the extraction speed depends mainly on the size of the file. If you are ripping a large file, it can take a long time. Fortunately, the output quality of the videos ripped by HandBrake is fine. Therefore, HandBrake is a suitable ripper for extracting small files.




    Get HandBrake

    5. WinX DVD Ripper

    WinX_DVD_Ripper logo

    WinX DVD Ripper is a professional ripper compatible with movies contained in a DVD and ISO images. Not only can you copy DVDs inserted into your computer to other formats directly, but it also works with folders that contain DVD content.

    To rip DVD with WinX DVD Ripper, you need to import DVD files into the program. Then, the program will read and analyze the contents of the DVD. If the size of the imported file is relatively small, this process does not take long. Files ripped in various formats can be played on most mobile devices. You can also upload them to Facebook.


    Get WinX DVD Ripper

    4. Freemake Video Converter

    Freemake Video Converter

    Freemake Video Converter is a freeware with a clean interface. This program can rip DVDs in a simple way. If you rip DVD files with this program, you will never feel what you should do in the next step.

    To extract DVD files, you must start the software. Then switch to the DVD section and select the unit. Then wait for the disk analysis. After that, choose a video that you want to copy later. If you do not want to rip the entire track, Freemake Video Converter also allows you to selectively trim the segments to extract the part you want only. Free Video Converter provides various output formats, including AVI, MKV, device-specific formats. After selecting the output format, you can click on the “Convert” button to copy the contents of your DVD.

    Freemake Video Converter, however, also has its disadvantages. When you install this program on your computer, you can install some additional potential add-on.

    Get Freemake Video Converter

    3. MakeMKV

    MakeMKV logo

    MakeMKV has a simple interface and no configuration in a mess. This program is similar to other free DVD extraction software in the software market. MakeMKV is not only a DVD ripper but also a blu-ray disc ripper. The program uses the same way to copy both the DVD and the blu-ray disc. However, the function of extracting blu-ray discs is only free when the extractor is in beta version.

    With MakeMKV, you do not need to think too much when copying. To extract a DVD or blu-ray disc, you must open the program> select video elements to copy> select output format> press the “Create MKV” button.


    Get MakeMKV

    2. DVDFab HD Decrypter

    To enjoy the full features of a DVDFab suite registry, you have to pay for it. But the DVD extraction component is free. You can use that feature without registering. When you download and install the software, the trial version will be installed. However, the DVDFab HD Decrypter that has the DVD and blu-ray extraction components remains free forever.

    DVDFab HD Decrypter ONLY allows you to extract discs with full disc or main movie modes. That is, in comparison with other programs, the free version is less versatile. But it still has its place. The free trial version can extract the video from the disk and transfer it to a hard drive without changing its original formats.

    To conclude, the DVDFab HD Decrypter extraction options are limited. But it is still practical when you want to copy a disc as soon as possible.

    Get DVDFab HD Decrypter

    1. TuneFab DVD Ripper

    Tune Fab DVD Ripper is the best DVD Ripper that we can not wait to recommend.

    TuneFab DVD Ripper has a clean and intuitive interface so that users can find the components they want with ease. Based on the most powerful algorithm, TuneFab DVD Ripper calculates fast and completes the extraction task very quickly. Due to the powerful technology and continuous improvements, the program is now very stable. There is no need to worry about sudden closing when an extraction is taking place.

    TuneFab DVD can extract DVD content within steps of 3 – load disk> select output format> extract. When copying, it copies the raw video and then converts the video format. Then, the original version will not be modified or damaged.

    Get TuneFab DVD Ripper

    The rippers that we mentioned above are not compatible with the recording of DVD videos protected by DRM. However, TuneFab DVD can do that. It can help movies to eliminate DRM protection and convert them into common videos.

    Which one do you like the most after reviewing the main 8 DVD rippers? we recommend that you download and try Tune Fab DVD Ripper. It is clean, easy to use and professional.