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10 Best Digital Art Software Program

    There are various options available in the market for digital artists these days, which helps artists to utilize their skills to the fullest. The software options for digital artists are numerous this day and are very versatile. We can vouch for the fact that there are many tools available in this era which are not only up to the mark but also has fantastic features.  The tools present in the market are aimed at creating unique designs and pieces of digital art which have the presence of tradition inserted in them to a specific degree. In this article, we are going to talk about the various best digital art software program which is available to the online artist to create their art and make significant contributions to the world of art. This article will help our viewers choose from the best digital art software program available online.

    The best digital art software program is available for Windows and macOS, and this article also contains a few Linux tools as well. There are too many varieties of tools which are available free of cost on the internet, and we can also find a wide range of paid tools as well depending on the circumstance of the user.

    Why is the Best Digital Art Software Program important?

    Let us discuss why the digital art software programs are essential for online artists; this can be elucidated by the fact that art is an integral part of everyday life and most people use art as an escape route from their day to day sufferings. With art, people can not only forget their woes but also find an outlet for their creativity. This, in turn, helps people to establish focus and learn more about life. There are a lot of good digital art programs on the market now available which we will be discussing in this article. Everything said and done we all know art is an excellent form of expression, and great artists have earned immense popularity in this field. It is with the help of art that man finds the exit to his worries and it, in turn, helps man to be inspired. In this article, we are going to discuss the various best digital art software program which artists can use in order to develop their craft.

    Therefore let us being our discussion on the best digital art software program available on the market as well as free digital art programs:

    1. Photoshop

    adobe photoshop cc screenshot

    Photoshop is available on both platforms, that is the Windows as well as macOS. It is priced at about $20.99/£19.97 per month. In all reality, it is a very stable digital art software program. It is mostly available on a subscription basis to its users and it not provided by any third party platform.

    Photoshop is the default application when digital art and graphic design is in question. That is actually because it is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite,  the user can very easily share his data on the app, and he can gain access to all his assets including brushes, images, colors and styles through all his devices. It also houses a massive library of various plugins.

    2. Affinity Designer

    affinity photo for windows

    Affinity designer is an accurate graphic design tool which is rampantly used by artists while using digital art software. It too is supported on both the platforms of Windows and macOS. It averagely costs around $49.99/£48.99. It has great prices to offer. Hence its popularity is spreading among users. But it has a very confusing interface which is not understood by all.

    Affinity Designer is an app which boasts off everything a user could want in a digital art software program. It has everything a user needs to create custom designs and illustrations. With the help of the app Affinity Designer, the user can have precise control over curves, brush stabilization options, advanced blend modes, and best of all: one million+ percent zoom.

    3. Clip Studio Paint


    clip studio paint

    With the app Clip studio paint, the user can draw and paint to his heart’s content. It has features of drawing and painting tool for manga artists as well. It works on the platform of Windows and macOS, and it costs about $49.99/£38 (Pro) / $219/£168 (Ex). This is the most affordable application around, and it also supports cross-platform connections. But this app also has a very confusing platform which cannot be overlooked.

    Clip Studio Paint is gaining massive popularity and is becoming the go-to tool for manga art and comic creation artists. It gives the user the opportunity to create a natural and traditional piece of art that is wrapped up in a digital drawing. Clip Studio Paint provides users with advanced pen pressure detection for natural, realistic-looking pen strokes.

    4. Graphiter

    graphiter for drawing

    This app helps to create very realistic-looking graphite drawings and sketches which are well loved across every platform. It only serves the users on the Windows platforms and is available to them free of cost with any hassle. It provides the user with realistic graphite pencils and is very user-friendly and easy to use.

    Graphite is an intuitive sketching app and has a fantastic display. It tries to reproduce a real-life sketching experience for every user, that too free of cost. It has simple tools like a blending tool, an eraser, and graphite pencils, etc. which are very helpful to the user while painting.

    5. Artweaver 6

    artweaver plus

    It is also a very famous digital art software program with a full-featured painting tool. It is a very amazing tool for learns and beginners. It only works on the Windows platform and is priced at about $41/€39 for the Plus version while the basic version is available free for learners. It also has a vast brush selection, but the only drawback this app faces is its stability issues and frequent crashes. It is also prone to slowdowns at times.

    Artweaver 6 is a full-featured digital art tool and is available in two different types which are the Artweaver Free and Artweaver Plus. It comes loaded with a large selection of preconfigured brushes, which makes it an all-time favorite.

    6. ArtRage 5

    artrage software for digital drawing

    It is a cross-platform digital painting app with practical tools and is pretty well known in the market. It also works only on the Windows and macOS platform. It costs about $79 which is not very expensive. It helps artists paint realistic looking pictures and is an amazing bet for digital painters. The only drawback it suffers from is that it becomes a little slow for larger canvases.

    ArtRage has always been a favorite among the various painters present online. It not only helps users achieve a hint of realism but also allows pictures to get their desired feel of the traditional aspect. It is an incredible application loaded with various tools such as custom brushes, layers, fills, filters, and more.

    7. Krita

    krita software painting editing

    It is a free app which is an open source painting program available to all painters. The platform of its availability is the Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is available free of cost to its users. It also has an intuitive interface and is highly customizable. It is used by a small community of users and does not see a lot of support online.

    Krita it now seems has become the most underrated app as it is probably free and open source painting apps on the market, even though it has been developed for a decade now it still does not command the attention of the market. The app also provides unique brush engines, including a Color Smudge engine, Shape engine, and Particle engine.

    8. TwistedBrush Pro Studio

    TwistedBrush Pro Studio

    This app has more custom brushes than a user can ever need, it runs on the Windows platform and costs about $118.80/£87.77. This app also has an extensive collection of brushes. It is hindered from usage only because it has complex interfaces.

    TwistedBrush comes loaded with more than 9,000 brushes. It also has a variety of tools such as layers, transparency, masks, extensive options for import and export, image filters, and more.

    9. Medibang Paint Pro

    medibang paint

    It is a very lightweight drawing tool which has a digital interface and everything a user needs to illustrate comics with. It works on the platform of Windows and macOS and is available online for free. It is an excellent app for manga artists while its lacuna is that needs more options for brushes.

    If a user is keen to obtain a great, free alternative to Clip Studio Paint, he should start using Medibang Paint Pro. Medibang Paint Pro, which is a lightweight digital drawing tool with a strong focus on creating manga art and comic books. It boasts a total of 800 free pre-made tones and backgrounds that can be used.

    10. Painter 2019

    Corel Painter 2019

    This is an app which single-handedly has blurred the line between digital art and traditional paint apps. It is available on the Windows and macOS platform and costs about $359. It also has a very natural look about it and has been recently updated. But it is also available at a very high price which does not make it lucrative, and it too has a confusing interface.

    Corel’s Painter has been around for a long time, but recently it has seen a massive upgrade. The 2018 version has included a host of improvements and new tools including thick paint, cloning capabilities, texture synthesis, 2.5D texture brushes, and natural-media brushes.


    In conclusion, I would like to say that I mostly focused on the apps which beginners could start out with. The definition of digital art could be very general, and therefore this article strives to answer every question in the minds of our readers in a very logical and realistic manner which is very specific.

    I am very confident that my readers will benefit from this article and it will help them to choose the Best  Digital art software program.