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12 Best CIV 5 MODS you must download

    All gamers in the world are aware of the Civilization series of video games. Civilization 5 is a series of a video game. It basically involves many features like maps, ethnical diversity, and prehistoric era. This is entirely a new game engine. It has many features which are added with each expansion thereafter.  It has various features and also has a collection of mods which make it popular.

    What exactly is Civilization 5 Mod?

    Civilization 5 mod is the series of video games which is concerned with civilization. It includes cities, growth, and its culture complexity over time. Civ 5 makes the gameplay super fun. It has unique features that make it even more popular.

    Here is the list of top 12 Best Civilization 5 mods:

    1. Really Advanced Setup

    really advanced setup civ5

    Really Advanced Setup mod is the best Civ 5 mod. This game is available on Steam Workshop. It allows the players to have better control over the game from the beginning.  This allows a person with a better gaming mood, and significant change can be seen.

    It can be activated online by downloading and installing it. If there is some civilization which we don’t want to use, we just need to deactivate them simply. Another feature of this Civ 5 is the wonderful terrains and natural wonders and so on. It offers a tweak to the Civilization 5 video games. If a person does not want to use this Civilization, he or she can simply deactivate it.

    2. R.E.D Modpack

    R.e.d modpack

    R.E.D Modpack is one of best game and weirdest part of Civ 5 mod. Such kind of mod enhances the graphics of the Civilization V game.

    Even though they are not close to the reality, but still it looks better. This mod offers various changes in the diversity of units. There are lots of graphical changes while using this mod. Rescaling is the most apparent changes in this mod. R.E.D Modpack keeps itself updated and always works to improve each civilization. It has many multiple figures. It is important to delete the previous version of the mod otherwise the VFS may cause bugs. One needs to finish the game before updating in order to save game compatibility.

    3. Ethnic Units

    Ethnic Units civ v

    Ethnic Units mod is one of the best Civ 5 mods. It is also the original Civilization V video game. R.E.D Modpack is an inspiration for Ethnic Units.

    Ethnic Units overrides the current style and experiments and adds ethnic style to existing units. It can be considered as a unique feature of Civ 5 mod part from others.

    This Civ 5 mod keeps itself updated. It is a maintained mod and works smoothly from the time it was released. A new ethnicity gets added to this mod with every update. One can easily access its updated version.

    5. Revolution Modpack

    Revolution Modpack

    Revolution Modpack contains four different mods. It aims towards adding stability value to each city based on global happiness and the relation towards the city. The culture here does not mean social policy. The culture here means spreading from cities.

    One can install it by clicking into the “subscribe” button and go back in the game, in the mod section. After this, it gets downloaded on its own. Once it is downloaded, we need to click the checkbox to access it or to enable it. For enabling it, we need to first enable two required mods- Cultural diffusion and Advanced Custom setup screen

    6. InfoAddict


    InfoAddict is an information provider Civ 5 mod. It provides a visual illustration of more information and helps the player to go a long way. It totally changes the perception of the game.

    After this, the main screen will appear, and we will be able to choose from 3 different panels where we can view historical data for each empire. This also has the feature of a graph. One can see the graph whenever he or he wants it to see.

    InfoAddict adds a button which allows the player about when a leader proposes a trade. This mod further saves the data and information displayed on the screen. This only works only after Info Addict has been downloaded and enabled.

    7. Prehistoric Era Reborn

    prehistoric era reborn civ mod V

    Prehistoric Era is one of the best mods for Civ 5. It is also called as gameplay and total conversion mod. It is that Civ 5 mod which can just tweak the original game. This kind of mod can change the gameplay and put a player back in the prehistoric era by adding a new era to the game.

    It has various features like fire, gathering tools and many more. It also includes resources like berries, fire eating, and berserker caveman and many more. If a person wants to try a primitive lifestyle rather than the ancient one, then he or she should try this mod.

    Prehistoric Era is one of the best civ five mods that add prehistoric era with 200 years of human history. These mods allow the player to experience a lot of gaming experience.

    8. R.E.D Xtreme

    R.E.D Xtreme

    R.E.D Xtreme has similar graphics mod like R.E.D mod pack. Its benefit is that it offers even more rescaling features. These features enhance the graphic a lot. We can consider it as an add-on to R.E.D mod pack. On considering R.E.D mod pack as an add-on, it must be made sure that we have it installed before we try and install the Xtreme mod pack or else it will not work.

    9. City Limits

    City Limits mod

    The city limits mod permits the user to know the potential boundaries or borders to every city an urban landscape. City Limits is a mod that has to do with the boundaries of different cities in the game.

    This mod comes under the category of utilities and interfaces tweak as it adds more options to the existing Civilization V video games. In a game such as Civilization 5, we will be able to see the boundaries while opening the city view or by clicking on the units of a particular city. This can be used for a better game strategy with this additional information.

    10. PerfectWorld3


    PerfectWorld3 is one of the best Civ 5 mods. It comes in the category of utilities tweak. In this, utility and interface tweak are only possible because of this mod. This mod provides with us an extra option for a map.

    The map shown or displayed in the mod is user-friendly. The map has landforms created using manipulation of Perlin noise. A person can see well-formed rivers in the maps along with accurate drainage path.

    The PerfectWorld3 is a mod which works very smoothly and is the best Civ 5 mod. It provides the various geographical view of Civilization 5 mod.

    11. A Mod of Ice and Fire

    a mod of ice and fire

    A Mod of Ice and Fire is another best Civ 5 mod. This mod can be considered as total conversion and gameplay mod. Its features include custom maps with various scenarios. It has various traits, special units or buildings.

    There are certain difficulties when we try to select our house to play. But rather than this, it runs smoothly. Gods and King’s expansion is required in this mod in order to work. Hence, it is the best little fiction world for Civilization 5 mod.

    12. Faster Aircraft Animation

    faster aircraft animation

    This mod features exactly what its name indicates. It simply requires a simple tweak for its functioning. Its main feature allows the player to speed up the aircraft to twice its normal speed. Basically, this mod speeds up aircraft combats animation. Following your download, all you are required to do in order to enable Faster Aircraft Animations is slightly modify the downloaded file and you are good to go.


    Final Words!

    With the entire list above, we end with the best Civ5 mods. It is important to know that there are a large number of alternatives available out there. It is really very difficult to find the finest of all.

    Civilization 5 mod is the series of video games which is concerned with civilization. It includes cities, growth, its culture complexity over time.