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14 Best Cartoon Yourself Apps for Android and iPhone

    Some fear while some enjoy in the process of becoming a caricature. Caricature or cartooning is the ability to morph one face into a funny character. Cartooning involves converting a wonderful personality to a basic, oversimplified and ugly version.

    The process of becoming a cartoon is not easy because you never see it coming and you don’t know the exact moment at which it happens. It involves a cartoon artist who will take a prominent feature of the subject and exaggerate or distort them. It involves the transformation of a character who began as a multi-dimensional, authentic, and therefore interesting person has become two-dimensional and dull. One ends up with characters so ridiculous as to be unbelievable.

    What cartooning leads to?

    In the 21st century, everyone runs behind money. And this makes them forget happiness. Eventually, a human becomes machine lacking happiness and emotions. First of all, cartooning leads to a smile on many faces. A person who is better in making cartoons gets a job.  

    Cartooning leads to formation memes also. And as we know the memes have become a part of our life. One meme makes a thousand people smile. And those smiles are priceless.

    Many times, cartooning the pic can lead to a big issue if the pic used is of any politician or any film star. Many disputes and arguments have too aroused in society because of cartoons. It can also cause a fight between two countries if the cartoon made is of national level interference. Still, what matters is happiness in our life. And for that, we need to have a few apps which should be compatible and awesome.


    Best Cartoon Yourself App For iPhone

    1. Cartoon Face animation creator

    cartoon face animation creator

    Indubitably it is one of the best cartoons yourself app available on iOS. It has amazing artistic skills which will leave others speechless. You can make best-cartoon caricature from any phone. It takes less than a second to morph the picture. Covering various kinds of emotions, this app guarantees to have many likes and comments on the picture. It has a friendly user interface which makes this app remarkable. You can skip your regular food but not this app because it shares happiness and smiles. It is easy to use. And one can rely on this app for best cartoon.

    2. Phone To Cartoon Yourself Edit

    photo to cartoon yourself edit iphone

    Best thing of this app is that it requires no net connection. It is available offline and one can transform photos into 12 different cartoon drawings giving a professional look. The text can also be modified in a funny way. It requires Requires iOS 8.0 or later. And this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The drawback is that it asks for reviews now and then. Advertisements are too annoying. It produces high-quality images and crashes less which makes it one of the best app to make a cartoon.

    3. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

    clip2comic & caricature maker

    It is the most downloaded apps of iOS which makes it worthy. Besides being an app that makes pictures look like cartoons, this app also lets you turn videos into high-resolution cartoons, caricatures, and sketches. One can shape, resize and bloat a picture also because of this app. No one should miss this feature as it will make u laugh. It has a rating of 4.8. After upgrading to the premium, one can Remove Watermark, unlock HD export and color effect package also gets activated. One can also order with the app integrated service available.

    4. My Cartoon

    my cartoon app iphone

    My Cartoon is on the list of Best cartoon yourself app. It is an app that makes you look like a cartoon. It has good options to make cartoons so one can easily turn their photo to beautiful realistic cartoon. It has got 6-7 types of form of the cartoon which are Normal Cartoon Classic Cartoon, Vibrant Cartoon,  Doodle Cartoon, Scribble Cartoon, Old Paper Cartoon, Black and White Ink Cartoon, and Purple Cartoon. The app uses a complex algorithm to achieve REALISTIC and NEAR PERFECTION Cartoon which makes it different from other apps.

    5. My Sketch

    my sketch app iphone

    My sketch allows creating a sketch of a picture. How is it related to cartoon apps? Well, sketch effect gives enhanced cartoon effect. This app also allows one to adjust brightness and contrast to archive the best sketch. It has different types of sketch effects. It has over 11 million users. The drawback observed is that it hangs a lot and goes out of the screen. The Sketch can be saved into High Resolution. Sketch retain the real quality of the picture without destroying or damaging it. As it saves high-resolution images it can also be used for printing.

    6. Painnt- Art & Cartoon Filters

    paintt art & cartoon filters

    It is another tantalizing app that makes a simple picture as digital art. It has an array of 2000+ filters. Anyone can easily fall in love with this app. Just you need to close your eyes and download this amazing app on your iOS. From making realistic paintings to mind-boggling cartoons, Painnt provides all cartoon edit tools under a single umbrella. By purchasing subscription, one can save the images in HD and can hide the watermark. It has also classical arts that you will feel to frame and hang on your wall. So ain’t is one of the best cartoon yourself app.

    7. Cartoon Photo Editor Effects

    cartoon photo editor effects

    Last but not the least this app will make u wonder. This app has different effects. After purchasing the subscription pack, one can avail extra 146 effects. One must have iOS 10.3 or above it for using this app. It works in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is one of the apps which has a full rating. It has less user interface. It is easy to use and convenient. The pop-up advertisements are annoying. But after subscription, the advertisements stop. Cartoon Photo Editor Effect is an app worthy of every penny you spend on it.


    Best Cartoon Yourself App For Android

    8. Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor

    cartoon art pics photo editor

    Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor is first to animate yourself app in our list of cartoon yourself apps for Android. It is a multifunctional app which can turn any picture into artwork. To use this app, we need to install it. After installation, we need to upload the photo. Selecting the best filter and then we have to wait until it processes the image. Filters are divided into four categories which are as follows: Poetic, Mixed,  Dream and Rhyme. We can also adjust the intensity of the image as per our wish. It has a simple UI design. One can close the eyes and trust this app to make a cartoon of the picture.

    9. Photo Cartoon Camera- PaintLab

    photo cartoon camera paintlab

    This amazing app allows you to create pop art photo, art pics, cartoon pics, pencil sketch photo, a photo of painting style, a photo of cartoon movie style, perfect selfie picture and have the best beauty camera & selfie camera & Photo editor pro app for Android at the same time! The drawbacks are whenever you try to use any filter it says “Many people are using it. Try another filter” because of many active users. And advertisements are annoying. The filters are amazing which makes this app popular among the cartoon artists. One can easily share the amazing selfies in HD quality to friends and family.

    10. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

    momentcam cartoon & stickers

    Here comes the most awaited app MomentCam. It is one of the best cartoon yourself app because of funny caricatures and emoticons. One will need to download this app and then select a picture. After uploading the picture the user needs to select the background available in the app. Lastly, the user will have to customize the avatar completely and then it is available for sharing. If the high-speed net is unavailable, the user can download packages with themes on the android. This app is highly recommended for people who wanna make comics.

    11. ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Cam

    artista cartoon & sketch filter & artistic effects

    ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Filter & Artistic Effects is the cartoon yourself app for art filters, artists, cartoon effects, sketch styles and artwork on canvas by Lyrebird Studio. This app has more than 50 filters for experimental art. One can create cool artworks with amazing effects and various filters. One can convert their photos into marvelous paintings in the style of Da Vinci and Picasso. And if one mix several various effects, one can get images that are like children’s cartoons or sketchy black and white images drawn with a pencil. It is the best app available on playstore for making cartoons.

    12. Deep Art Effects

    deep art effects another cartoon yourself app on android

    The fourth in our list but top in many lists is our Cartoon App. It will please the users with a large selection of high-quality filters. With this photo editor, one can turn a normal picture into a beautiful cartoon image. Deep Art Effects is a combination of human, machine, and our concept of art. It is a method to see what comes out when anyone can create a classic piece. One needs a proper net connection to edit the picture in this app. This app is mindblowing because of the exclusive filters.

    13. Cartoon Photo

    cartoon photo cartoon picture photo to cartoon

    It is a famous cartoon yourself editor app. It is neither the best and nor the worst. But yes! It helps to create masterpieces. The app is safe and time effective. It also has user-friendly interface. It can generate sketch effects which have pencil like effect. The drawback observed is that the resolution of the image goes down while saving which causes an issue to the users. Overall the app is best for filters and effects. It also helps to create artistic images. One tap save is also available.

    14. Cartoon Photo Editor

    cartoon photo editor for android

    Last but not the least Cartoon Photo Editor app is one of the best. It is totally free and easily available on playstore. One can apply cool and amazing filters to new or existing photos. The user can easily feel the magic of this app. Though filters are less still they are best. No bugs are observed. But the app is infested with the advertisements which really irritate the users. The another issue observed in this app was after saving it gives a low resolution image which is really a big problem. Cartoon photo editor was the last in the list but still, it occupies a place in many hearts.

    Wrapping UP!

    Coming to the conclusion, we have seen different cartoon face apps and also listed them. We hope that this apps will let your imagination flow. And we will be able to see amazing pictures. We cannot judge any app based on the name and details because each of them have their own authenticity. But yes! We can use them and judge them to decide which app is really the best. So what are you waiting for? Move to the playstore and start downloading them!