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10 Best Atari 7800 Emulators

    Atari is a name that has been for long been associated with gaming consoles and has been a name that has been for long been associated as the pioneers in the gaming industry and promises to offer one a classical gaming experience and allows one to enjoy gaming in one of the most realistic environments possible and ensures that as a user you leave with a great experience indeed.

    We have an array of gaming consoles that are available to us as users and there are a number of consoles which have flooded the market in recent times making you spoilt for choice and leaves you in a rather state where you can’t really decide which of the emulators actually correspond to your tastes and preferences. Many of these emulators come with tons of games to choose from and allow you to enjoy from both the classic and the popular games that are available on the consoles.

    Atari has come up with a number of emulators in recent time, starting from 2600 to the 7800, Atari Gaming Corporation has been a pioneer and one of the leaders in the gaming industry and over the passage of time the console industry has seen a sea rise and there is a growing demand pertaining to the efforts being put in by the leaders of the industry such as Nintendo and now Atari.


    What are Atari 7800 emulators and why do we need them?

    Emulators, as the name suggests, allows the users to emulate an experience which takes you through the whole journey of sorts and let one believe that the experience is actually quite real and there are no ifs and buts which are associated with it.

    Atari 7800 is one of the leading emulators that you would come across which created quite a stir in the market and it was seen as one of the few home video consoles that were available to the users during the time when consoles as a concept where just seeing the light of the say. Well, the consoles have been like a part of childhood for many of us and is a perfect inducer of the sense of nostalgia which comes into as we enjoy some of these classic games and actually have a great time reliving those lost days.

    Atari 7800 emulator was one of the few emulators that offered the users backward compatibility without any kind of addition which were required in most of the other emulators while you were using. The console made a name for itself in the market with this market and created a ripple among the consumers who wanted to have that perfect essence of a console and enjoy themselves.

    Just like many of the emulators, we also have an array of emulators to choose from for Atari 7800. Let us look into some of these emulators which are available at the disposal of the user:


    1. MAME

    mame emulator for atari

    The best Atari 7800 emulator by far that promises you to give that perfect experience. The emulator comes with an array of features to work around with which gives the users the perfect visual treatment and the required flexibility to actually work with and have quite an experience as you go on delving into this emulator. The best part is the variety of games that it has to offer.

    Ranked as the best emulator for Atari 7800, the emulator is sure to offer you an enhanced experience which is one of a kind, the emulator also easily one of the most powerful and stable emulators which have made its name over a span of time.

    Platform: Windows

    2. A7800

    One of the few emulators that are present across platforms and it has to ability to even run games which require high-end graphics with ease and is one of those emulators which are actually quite easily accessible to the users and gives the users an effective experience.

    The best Atari 7800 emulator if you are looking towards playing high-end games and it allows the users to actually have an experience which is unlike no other and it leaves you mesmerized with the multiple options that it comes with and allows one to toggle around the emulator with ease.

    Platform: Windows | Mac

    3. ProSystem

    prosystem emulator

    Another name that you would come across and it is one of the few emulators in the market which has actually been able to cement its place amongst the best Atari 7800 emulator which is available at the disposal of the user for free. The emulator has quite a number of features to work which ensures a smooth and effective experience.

    Rated as one of the highest performing emulators amongst a host of many others who are coming up with an array of innovations to establish themselves in the market. This emulator allows the users of the emulator to enjoy a lag free experience and it comes with support for an array of games, both popular and classic ones.

    Platform: Windows | Mac

    4. EMU7800

    EMU7800 emulator for atari

    Available for only Windows users, the EMU7800 emulator is one of those few emulators which are available to us which offers the users a curated experience created as per the needs and preference of the consumer. It is indeed a very capable emulator which can run even the high-end games with ease, which gives the users a convenient experience.

    The emulator is easily one of the best Atari 7800 emulator doing the rounds of the market which you would come across and is one of the most reliable and trusted emulators which is available at the disposal of the users and it is making quite a name for itself in the market with time and has been able to slowly cement its place amongst the top players.

    Platform: Windows

    5. BizHawk

    BizHawk is an open-source emulator which lets you toggle across the various environmental and is one of those few emulators which allows the users to actually multi-task and it comes with the assurance that there wouldn’t be any kind of performance related issues which might just creep in.

    The best Atari 7800 emulator that you would come across if you love multi-tasking and if you love to try out various forms of the environment which ensures that you remain interested in the experience and remain to cling onto the same.

    Platform: Windows

    6. PSP7800

    A specific version has been launched which would actually tend to the needs of those who love using PlayStation as their choice of console and actually tend to enjoy playing their favourite games on the same.

    PlayStation has been like a go to many of the young generations and many of us would flock to buy a PlayStation and actually desire to have one just for the experience it has to offer to the users. For those who love PlayStation PSP7800 is by far the best emulator for Atari 7800.

    Platform: PSP

    7. Game Collector

    Game Collector is available as an app on the Google Play Store that allows one to download with ease and it ensures that you can have the experience of an Atari 7800 on your Android-driven devices without any hiccups.

    With multiple games and an array of features being offered to the users, the app is indeed making quite a wave in the industry of Atari 7800 emulators and is emerging to be the best Atari 7800 emulator that we have for the Android users.

    Platform: Android

    8. 2600.emu

    2600.emu is another name that is doing the rounds in recent times and is one of the leading names that you would come across if you are an Android user and you are on a lookout for that perfect emulator experience that would leave you wanting for more in the times to come.

    A name that is slowly rising through the ranks with the passage of time, might not be at the top of your list but it remains a name which packs a punch and is indeed quite simple to use and work with.

    Platform: Android

    9. MD. Emu

    Being an Android user, now you have access to another emulator that perfectly encapsulates the experience of the Atari 7800 console on your device and is sure to leave you in the quest for more in the times to come.

    A name that comes to our mind when we talk about the best emulator for Atari 7800 that are available to the users. The app is taking giant strides and is slowly developing itself in a perfect emulator which would give the users an enhanced experience.

    Platform: Android

    10. A7800 DS

    The upgraded version of the A7800 version mentioned here, this emulator now has actually come in with major improvements and it offers the users an array of options to choose from and be able to carve out an experience of their choice.

    Available across all platforms, it is one of those few emulators which actually allows us to spread our wings from one virtual environment to the other as one goes on experimenting from one game to the other.

    Platform: Windows |Mac


    Wrapping it up!!

    Since childhood days we have had this fascination towards consoles and we have made many of these consoles a part of our lives. Atari 7800 is a special name and has stayed with us for quite some time now since the time it came into the market and created a storm. The elegant and sleek design coupled with enhanced features and option is unlike any other of the consoles available to us.

    Well, consoles are quite costly and sometimes it might be time-consuming to actually get a hang of the console controls. Well, now with the technology of emulation coming in recent times and it is seeing quite a rise with time. We have an array of Atari 7800 emulators available at our disposal, here we looked at some of the best Atari 7800 emulator available to the users at their disposal across platforms.