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13 Best Astrology Sites for Real Horoscope

    Every company is gunning towards decreasing manpower and increasing the amount of work they get done by means of technology. At the same time, the human race also fears being replaced by robots that are equipped with artificial intelligence. So how will this battle end? We’ll know only in the end. The things we thought couldn’t be achieved with the help of technology years ago, are today being done only by automated systems. Whether one trusts such systems or not is up to every individual, but the systems do exist.

    Astrology and Horoscopes

    With the advancement in technology, even people have become a lot modern in the way they go about things. Some of us still carry on with the orthodox rituals, while some of us have moved on from all of that. Horoscope is one such thing which divides us into two sections. Some of us refuse to believe in them, while some of us are strong believers and rely on these beliefs while taking important decisions in our life. We used to refer our family pundits or priests to get a read on our horoscopes. Now we have some of the best free astrology sites that tell us all we need to know. It has thus become convenient for us since we can do it from the comfort of our home without having to trouble any other third person. Here is our list that contains the best astrology sites you can visit.

    1. Astrosage

    astrosage free horoscrope and astrology site Considered as one the best astrology sites, this website gives you free reports about your kundali or sun sign or moon sign. They also provide an option for you to talk to the Pundits. They also have an array of healing methods like Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, etc. The website also calculates your compatibility with your partner and can also advise the concerned people regarding their marriage. You can also make your birth chart (kundali) on this website. Depending on the date and time of the birth, the website also suggests names for the newborn. They also have a section on Chinese astrology.

    2. Astrodienst site You can view your daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, love horoscope on this site. They also give you information about how to understand astrology, which gives you further insight into what you’re reading. Their forums will also add to your knowledge if you’re looking to acquire some. The website, led by Liz Greene, gives you horoscope readings with respect to your sex life, love life, and financial situations. You can also find your Astro twins from this website. They also have a section on psychological horoscope, something which is rarely seen.

    3. Ganesha Speaks site for astrology They provide a service where you can call their expert personnel regarding any issues at any time of the day. This service is paid. They have over 90 astrologers who can help you with your problem and all the information you provide them remains between you and the astrologer. You can get daily, weekly or monthly reports based on your sun sign. They can give you remedies or predictions if you need any.

    4. Astrolis

    astrolis site Their homepage consists of the daily planet positions, the daily horoscope based on sun signs, and a section on the love life of each sun sign. They also have a tarot card reading section in which they allow a 3-card Tarot reading live. They also provide the Chinese Zodiac reading. You can also take advice on a forecast reading from the website about different aspects of your life like personal, financial, romantic, etc. Another section on the website gives you access to talk to Psychics live and get their psychic reading about yourself.

    5. Indastro horoscope site With the end of the year coming up, this website is offering you the horoscope reading about the upcoming 2019 year. You can have a live web chat with their experts for a detailed horoscope reading or a detailed life reading. Their experts can also guide you to chalk out a career path. They can also guide you on how you should invest in the stock market and what kind of strategy suits you best. Except for these things, they have also have posted many articles which give you a lot of information.

    6. site As long as free astrology sites go, this is one of the best astrology sites.  A very good looking interface of this site encourages you to browse it even further. Their homepage shows all the Zodiac signs with the dates in which they occur. They have a section which has many games you can play to get predictions about aspects like love, friendship, your name, etc. Many psychics are available on the website to talk to you live and resolve your problems. You can also get a horoscope reading about your love, career or food.

    7. Find Your Fate

    You can get their subscription to receive daily updates about your horoscopes on your email. They have a compatibility section in which you can know the affinity between two individuals depending on their Zodiac signs and other features. You can also get your palm reading done on this website. They also have a numerology section which might help you to choose the right path in your life.

    8. Cafe Astrology

    The website is dedicated to giving its audience free, informative and diverse articles. To add to that, they have an online shop which gives you many options for getting all kinds of reports about your life. For example, future forecast reports, astrology profile reports, compatibility reports are just a few of them. Choosing which one you want is easier since they have provided full samples of all kinds of the report which will help you to understand which one is going to cater to your need best.

    9. Astrosofa

    Horoscopes, Astrology reports, tarot readings are all available on this website. The Darlings of Fortune section on the website tells you about those whose date of births might have luck on a given week of the month. They also give you the daily, weekly, monthly, marriage horoscopes. Along with giving you a tarot card reading, they have also provided a lot of information about the history of tarots, tarot decks and other such things for curious minds.

    10. Truthstar

    Free horoscopes are just one of the many amazing things this website has to offer. They have a page dedicated to each of the sun signs with information relevant to people of the particular sun sign. The numerology section talks about you birthdate and also helps you in interpreting dreams. What’s more is that they also advise you about your vastu, i.e., they recommend you about how your house and the rooms should be arranged. They also lend the same kind of advice about factories. This is one feature that most of the other sites don’t offer, which makes it a better website than others.

    11. Astroid

    The homepage contains many blog links and prediction content in both Hindi and English language. By giving them your basic information, like date and time of birth, you can get either a free kundali or a ten-year report with remedies about concerns you might face. They have a webpage dedicated solely to giving information about Rudraksha and Gemstones. Also, they have provided the best remedies for wealth on their homepage. They have different products you can buy which are designated for different situations.

    12. Ask Oracle

    The homepage has a huge 2019 Horoscope link which gives you the horoscope information for the upcoming year. Live psychics are available to lend you advice and address your concerns if any. The love and dating section contains many blogs and articles which will help you explore yourself and help you understand what you are seeking. Their love compatibility section will give you in-depth information about the relationship between people from two different or the same sun signs.

    13. Mystic Medusa

    Once a member on this website, you get to download a lot of complimentary stuff like Mystic Medusa’s House Witchery or Mystic Medusa’s Dream Witchery. They come in mp3 formats. The blog is kind of an FAQ that contains those questions that on the minds of most people. Apart from the freebies and the blog, the Mystic shop has three products – Consult Mystic, Mega Mystic, and Audio Mystic – to assist you out in case you need further help. You can also get a single card or 12 card tarot reading.

    Wrapping it UP!!!

    The category of people that believe in all these things are still pretty much orthodox, and they like to have the human touch to these things rather than resorting to the help of machines. But after all these websites are run managed by the people that understand astrology. They’re the same people that we meet in person and share our concerns with. These websites have given them a new way to spread their knowledge and help more people at once. Gone are those days when one had to wait to take an appointment of a Pundit. Instead, one can sit at home and get all the details they need. There’s barely anything that the pundits provide you with that these websites don’t. They have improved and evolved according to the need of the people. They have learned the needs people have, and the understood what kind of help they seek and accordingly the best astrology websites in the world have improved. Many of these websites claim to be scarily accurate. So get on your computer and visit any of these amazing websites to get a clear idea of your career and your personal life.