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10 Best 3DS emulator for PC and Android

    We all love gaming and now with the coming of technology we have dramatically increased the resolution of many of our games that are coming out in recent times and companies are working hard to bring in a larger than life experience and add to the experience of gaming which allows us to choose from a basket of high-end resolution games and the list of such games are only increasing with the passage of technology.

    Right from the rudimentary platforms to the emerging new destination for gaming, developers are coming up with games with an experience which can be felt at large widely across the audience who are using any kind of platform and love the whole experience of gaming.

    The world of PC emulation has just come up as a recent addition to the gaming world which tells us a story about the world of emulation, but the way it is actually getting proliferated in recent times and the use of such emulators is only seeing a rise in recent times, which tells us about the fact that we are moving towards the 3D world in quite a rapid fashion with the passage of time.

    Now we have an array of games at our disposal which work only on high-end graphics and gives the users quite an experience which lefts the immersed and mesmerized by the same which leaves them waiting for more, the games which would give them a more cinematic feel and would actually suck the user into an experience as no one has ever experienced in totality.


    What are 3DS emulators and why do we need them?

    The world of emulation has just begun to grow, there is more to come as time passes by. With the coming of technology and the shift of the users towards using high-end graphics, we have now an array of games being emulated on 3D to give us a larger than life experience to the users and enjoy the whole gaming experience and it immerses the users into an experience which no one has to offer.

    The software which allows you to emulate the experience of gaming on 3D, which is a much larger scale and allows the users to be sucked into the whole experience while enjoying their favourite game which gets emulated in 3D, bringing in a more magnanimous feel attached to the same that clearly tells us about the experience.

    Now, we would shift our focus towards the best 3Ds emulators that are available for the users out of an array of 3Ds emulators which are available to us to choose from:


    1. Citra

    citra 3ds emulator

    Citra, one of the leading working Nintendo 3DS emulator which is available for the PC users and let you play your favourite 3DS games on Pc with ease and without any lag which might slow down the system. Citra allows the users to scale the 3D graphics which helps one to enhance the experience.

    This Open Source project is one of the best 3Ds emulator you would come across as you would be searching around for 3Ds emulator on the web. Launched as an experimental software just two years back, Citra has been able to rise up the ranks and is easily one of the best Nintendo 3Ds emulator that is available.

    Platform: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

    2. R4 3Ds Emulator

    R4 3Ds Emulator

    One of the leading names in the industry of 3Ds emulator, the emulator gives you access to most of the leading and popular games available for the users in the market and gives the users a convincing experience, making it one of the best 3Ds emulator for PC.

    It also allows one to play most of the Nintendo games without actually using a console. The emulator works by actually emulating the working of flash memory and it works with a cartridge which has to be inserted into the system that ensures that there are no hiccups while you are playing your favourite game on the PC.

    Platform: PC

    3. NO$GBA

    NO$GBA emulator 3ds

    Easily one of the best 3Ds emulator you would come across and is available for free download from open-source platforms. It not only plays games for you but comes in an unbundled package which comes with features like surfing the web on the go making it one of the few emulators who have multiple features. It is a freeware Nintendo DS emulator and one of the most successful ones.

    One of the best 3Ds emulator we have, it is capable of runs across many of the commercial and homebrew Nintendo DS games. It allows one to play high-end games with almost no glitches and is quite a useful tool for the game developers.

    Platform: PC

    4. DeSmuMe

    DeSmuMe emulator

    The emulator meanwhile, is another open source DS emulator which can be downloaded and used for free. The emulator has been coded in C++ and is the perfect solution to all your emulator woes if you are a Windows user.

    DeSmuMe allows the users to port out to other platforms, the platform is also the first Nintendo emulator project which has been specifically designed and launched for 32-Bit operating systems. There are a lot of releases and updates that comes with the promise of offering the users a smooth experience and the software is easily one of the best 3Ds emulator we have for use.

    Platform: PC (Windows , Mac)

    5. NDS! Boy New

    NDS Emulator - For Android 6

    One of the leading emulators for the users of Android and those who wish to have a smooth experience and enjoy that perfect gaming experience like no other and offers the users quite some flexibility to tweak around with the features it comes with.

    It is easily one of the best 3Ds emulator for android and it is compatible across the versions of Android and it promises to offer the users a smooth and a convenient experience where there are no lags associated with the same.


    Platform: Android

    6. Pretendo NDS Emulator

    Pretendo NDS Emulator

    Pretendo NDS Emulator is another Nintendo DS emulator for Android which is slowly making its way up the ranks in the 3Ds emulators that are available to us, making it one of the best 3Ds emulator we have for use at our disposal.

    It also allows the users to play some of the best and classic Nintendo DS on our Android devices and have a perfect trip down nostalgia while playing the game. The controls are very simple to work with and it also comes with a number of customizable features to work with.

    Platform: Android

    7. DraStic DS Emulator

    DraStic DS Emulator

    DraStic DS Emulator is another 3Ds emulator for the Android user which allows the users to work around with an array of games that are available for 3Ds emulation and it promises to give the users an experience like no other, and it is slowly emerging to be one of the best 3Ds emulator which is available to use at our disposal. 

    It is one of those few simple and trusted application which comes attached with the charm of best games of Nintendo which has become rather like nostalgia for us. You can choose from an array of different games available to the users and it allows the users to actually switch from one screen to another with ease and it comes with a number of customizations.

    Platform: Android

    8. 3DMOO

    3DMOO emulator for pc

    3DMOO is another trusted name among the 3Ds emulator which are available to be open-source from the web and is available for free to use. Coming from an experienced team of DS developer team after the launch of Citra, one expects that it would be one of a kind which makes it one of the best 3Ds emulator we have for use.

    Though not available for download directly but the application can be obtained from many of the open-source websites that are available to us and can be easily accessed through the web. Might not be one of the best 3Ds emulator as it is still in a stage of development but promises to give you the best experience in the times to come.

    Platform: PC

    9. Tron DS

    Tron DS emulator

    One of less popular emulator available for the user, the TronDS still packs a punch with the stability and the multiple features it has to offer to offer. It is a simple software and it promises to give the users a great user experience, making it one of the best 3Ds emulator we have for the user.

    It offers the users an adaptive experience and one can actually work with ease on such an application as it allows one to toggle across screens and being in a developmental stage the application can have a few issues at the start.

    Platform: PC

    10. Neon DS

    Neon DS emualtor for windows pc

    NeonDs is another of the Nintendo Emulator and is easily one of the best 3Ds emulator that one would come across considering the compatibility across versions of Windows and it promises to give you experience no other.

    The application works well and is quite smooth and allows one to get a taste of some of the best commercial games that one would come across in the time to come. The emulator comes with an open interface and allows one to have a great experience while playing a game.

    Platform: PC


    Wrapping it up!!

    Gaming has been one of our hobbies for quite some time now. We love all our games and now we as users are moving towards using high-end graphics which allows the users have a smooth experience and it also allows the users to experience gaming like no other and have an enhanced experience at the same time which enables the users to tap into an experience like no other.

    With the growth of technology, we now have games which are actually run across right from the smallest platforms to the popular ones and it gives the users quite an experience as they fell that they are being sucked into an all-new experience which adds a new outlook to the gaming experience and gives the users access to some of the best games on high resolution.

    With the growth of technology and the gaming industry seeing a sea- rise overtimes and the proliferation would continue for quite some time to come. The developer is now coming up with the technique which would be able to give the users a larger than life experience and the users would actually be drawn into an experience of such a kind and have quite an experience and feel that they are the ones in real-time playing the game with the characters on screen.

    We have 3Ds emulators which are supposed to give us a 3D feel and touch to our games which might otherwise seem quite boring and unappealing to us. We now have a myriad of 3Ds emulators which are available to choose from for various platforms starting from PC to Android. We looked at some of the best 3Ds emulators one would come across.